Sunday, April 18, 2010

O is for.......Outrageous

Good Sunday morning......I am catching up today.  Yesterday I did not so much as look at my laptop and that is a great feeling.  I love going unplugged.....for a day.  We have had a pretty busy weekend.  Baseball started our Friday night out.  Rye had a late game and he had a rough time again.  The guy is going to get it.  I know it.  The first time he hits will be on. He did have an extremely bad call and the crowd was roaring over it.  Don't blame the ump he was too busy turning around flirting in the stands or tossing his hair.  Ass. This is after he called J's nephew out after he got tagged on home.  Oh....he got tagged because a kid slapped him in the face with his glove.  Causing said sweet newphew to fall to the ground in pain.  Ass of an umpire.  The boys got through the game.  There were some positives, the coach decided to put Rye on 3rd for this game and he caught a line drive to get out of the inning.  We all really tried to focus on that with him.....but he was not having it.  He wants his hit. 
On a side ex came to the game and I am so glad he got to see a ball game of Ryes.  He does not get to see much because of the distance.  The kids left with him for the weekend and J and I left feeling kinda down.  His son left too to go on a family trip.  I asked J..."does it ever feel less like a sucker punch when the kids leave."  He said it gets better but never goes away.  Its crazy they are only gone 2 weekends out of the month.....but I always feel a little sad when they go. 

Saturday was a georgeous day to wake up to.  J had some errands to run and I was feeling an actual run.  I called up my friend Ky and we set out.  We did a little walk/running but it felt great.  The insanity videos definetly have me in better shape and running felt amazing yesterday......then it got blazing hot.  Its inching closer to 90's here everyday.  Later on that afternoon J and I headed over to the crawfish festival and bike rally.  We milled around a bit and hung out at the sheriff station.  Why?  I don't know....friends of J's.  Odd.  I think J picked up on my boredom and we headed over to the Bike Rally.  I was told " I should see it once, but once you do you never have to see it again."  Okay.  Intriguing. We pulled in, paid an Outrageous entry fee and then went in to devirginize me on the whole Bike Rally scene.  First of all I love them. Always have....and to hear J talk about getting one..  Yes sir!  Well we walked around a bit.....its still during the day so its pretty tame.
  Outrageous things I saw........

Warning...these outrageous things contain some material that may not be appropritate for young children and people who are offended easily.......and small dogs.

1. I saw a girl naked.  I am not kidding you guys.  Naked.  She was walking around with no clothes on holding her man's hand who thankfully had on all of his clothes. 
These things are like a train don't want to look.....but you cant pull your eyes away.
And by the way.....she was a "true" blonde........

2.  Girls riding on the back of Bikes.....topless.  Girls of all sizes, breasts, bodies, and ....ahem..nipples......not ashamed....
Oh to be so free!

3.  I saw a bunch of guys in a keg throwing contest.  What else do you do at a bike rally?

4. I saw chaps.......with nothing underneath and I saw chaps with just panties underneath.....panties that said hot booty......I wish that were true.

5.  I saw girls walking around shirtless....and their whole frontside was painted.......One girl had spongebob painted.  That was pretty cool. 

6. We met this guy who offered us a matress if we got drunk enough later and needed a place to crash......genuinely nice guy.....but I have no words.

7. I was offered beads.......You know what that means.  I was not showing mine to anyone....there was enough out there for free.  Mardi Gras.....hmpf......its got nothing on this place.

8. I saw a group of people messing around in the big open events area.....I turned my head......J said..."I guess you saw that", I said "what".......that girl was giving him a blowjob.  Wow.......
Apparently this is par for the course and J said it was still pretty gets really wild at night. Gulp

9. I saw a girl that looked like she belonged at Woodstock.  Baggy bathing suit hanging down so low you could see crack and painting and tatoo's all over.  Hair long and flowing.  I think thats pretty cool.......except for the whole butt crack thing. 

10.  I definetly saw some asses I wish I had......P90X asses....and I saw some boobes I am glad I don't have.  I have come to the conclusion I am pretty normal looking.......even if they do fall to the side when I lay down. 

So that was during the day.  We went home, changed into jeans, got some plans for the night......then headed back to meet up with some friends of J's.  We spent the next hour or so walking around the camps.  See the rally was rows and rows of campers.  Everyone camps out there all weekend.  Then there is an events stage, band, and vendors area.  Its more fun to hang around the camp area because everyone is sitting around fires, talking, drinking, smoking, apparently having sex.........

So a group of us walked around....talked to folks, drank some jello shots.....people are so nice there.  So willing to share.
I saw more of what  was seen in the daytime.
But here are some outrageous things from the night!

1. Girls in Catholic school girl.  I though J was going to die.......he begged me to get one of those skirts.....Men.

2.  I saw girls naked.......but since it was a little chilly they put on a fish net shirt.  If you could call it that. 

3. More chaps with asses and koochies(I am sorry, there has got to be a better word) hanging out....but because it was night....they added flashing bunny ears.  Its all about assessories. 

4.  Stripper poles....

I will give you a minute

Yeah, not kidding.  Apparently you can fasten a stripper pole to any camper these days.  Costs extra but think about what you could do with it. 

Yep.....stripper poles with strippers....and a big crowd watching.  We were in that crowd....don't know why.
J inched up closer ......I guess he thought I needed a better view. 
I will say this.....she had to at least be 45.... Well done girl. 
Then a guy got up there to strip and why is it everyone wants to walk away when that happens.  Hello! 

  Strippers gone wild....coming to a Campsite near you!

Well I have seen it all....and it was pretty awesome! 
 I am getting to old to roll into the house in the wee hours of the morning.  Nah! 
Never to old for that. 

I can say I took some pictures.  4 exactly. I am pretty lame.  Sorry....I could not bring myself to work the camera when outrageous things appeared before me.  So here is what I got.  The rest you will just have to use your imagination. 

Thats right ladies.....Sho Yo Tits

Me and J (those beads were given to me....I did not Sho My Tits!)

Over and Out!


Kiera said...

WOW you saw a lot! hhaa.

are you doing insanity?! go you! we (kind of not really) just finished p90x. how do you like insanity?

Gina F said...

Girl, you sure had a wild crazy weekend. "WHAT FUN" (ROCK ON!!!)

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arlee bird said...

Now where was this and when will it be happening again? I just wanted to check to see if this what you said was all true. I wasn't really going to look or anything like that.

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Jan said...

Oh my.