Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Happenings

Spent yesterday morning dyeing eggs, cooking food and cleaning house for what seems to be the annual Easter cookout and Egg Hunt with friends. I love it! Love that I have been here long enough to start making traditions. Last year we did it at Beth's, this year mine, next Jess will host. We even joked about the same eggs we used last time. It was absolutely freezing though. But later in the afternoon the sun peeked through and we set out to hide about 150 eggs! The kids were pretty excited, although we had to give Ryley some rules. Anything from the waist up! I am just happy he still got into it! Sometimes I wonder "Is this the last year" that he will want to do this? It took all of them quite a while to find everything. In fact I am sure we will find some as time goes on. We just hid so many. Guess we should have counted! Afterwards, we watched the kids stuff their faces with candy. The fireballs and sour faces were a hit! Especially for Rye. The men failed miserably at creating a fire. It got cold and we all turned in!

I don't have anything planned for today. Thought about going to church, but I have been fighting a major sore throat, ear ache, and cold. So going to skip it, clean up the house, finish the laundry and prepare for the week. DH will be gone all week to military training so I got to be on top of things when I start the week. I don't need to feel overwhelmed, especially if this head cold stays with me!

Here are some pics of the day, check facebook for more!

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