Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is it possible to run until you become well?

I am testing this theory. It is a given that the more you run the less you get sick. Once you are sick, can you run until you are well again. I say this because I am so sick, and sick of being sick. I could stay in bed, get absolutely nothing done but then I can not quiet the voices in my head. The ones that tell me to move it! Get out there and run. SHUTUP! We are our own worst enemy. At least I am. I can not quiet the voices no matter how much easter candy I stuff at them! Anyway , so quit bitching. I did stadiums last night after work, ran 4 miles this morning, and I might just do stadiums again tonight. Ryley likes chasing after me. He may make a pretty good runner if he keeps it up. Talked about the Cotton Row today. Its my third year and I must improve my time. I will not be sick this year during it. Which just may prove my theory wrong. I have been sick every year and ran every bit of it! Hacking and puking along the way, but still it got done. This year I will continue to run(and if this keeps up the same way) but I am going to break my time. Got to , Got to , Got to! Anyway that was more of a vent then anything. Moving on. Hectic week but I think I got things in order. Paper packet created and made for Dance Clinics on Saturday. I pretty much know what I will teach as well. Classes all prepared for pancake day performances. MOst of my classes are finished with their recital songs. Except for that blasted Hip Hop, but I will get it tonight. Oh yeah, I got roped into volunteering for a Junior Achievement thing at R's school. So I will be teaching Friday to his class. Joy. Not. Um, what else. Nothing, Need to get to work on all of the above. Time to choreograph in the kitchen! Where else?


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