Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Im a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World

Now that you are singing the song in your head. K got out the barbies today, set up a little pool party in the back yard. Barbie has to cool off too, you know.

This reminds me of my childhood. I remember setting up little places in the yard. Barbie houses, yards, whatever. Yes we did it in the house alot but we did it in the yard too. Which was always cool. I remember playing Barbies constantly. Kendal always says " I don't know what to do with them". I don't really have a answer for her. It was just always us using our imaginations. Maybe she is still a bit too young. I remember starting as young as her but Barbies lasted into middle school. Maybe it is not having a sister to play with. I have passed most of that Barbie "stuff" onto her, plus added to her collection. I was looking through it all today and realized alot should more or less be thrown away. Matted hair and sticky bodies. Some of those dolls are over 25 years old. Ah, I sound like my mother. She passed her barbies onto us too. So we are talking about a 3 generation collection here. Oy.
Here is one of my old dolls. Matted hair and all. Look carefully , I believe you can see a piece of rubberband that I used to pull back her hair.(20 years ago)Its just stayed in there disintegrating over time. Gross!

Here is K.......see the hair resemblance.

This is what Ryley thought about it.......

He did say...."Check out the girl at the pool! Kendal, cover her up! " I guess she was trying not to have tan lines. (Putting his head down in his book.....the whole thing just embarrasses him!)

This is K's attempt at being Barbie. Oh , the future. DH , you having a heart attack yet?......And no I absolutely did not put her up to it. I was simply there filling up water balloons. Well she popped them and moved on.

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