Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things on my mind

I follow this blog: kerismith

She is an extraordinary person....Author, illustrator, guerilla artist

I love her way of looking at things, her creativity, her ability to step out of the box. Simply Amazing. We should all strive to be more that way. Please check her out and read. I start thinking just by reading a few posts by her.

In an effort to be more creative,get back to being the artist I once was, think outside the box, and simple observe more of the world around me. I am trying this : Here

Some of my favorite ideas from the list:
~make a map of everywhere you went in one day
~write a haiku- challenging ....but I like that
~draw the same object every day for a week

Too many to list....If you have any interest in art, try the list yourself. Or maybe you think I have to much time on my hands? Who cares.....this stuff gets me.

Today I totally did something too. Almost like drawing your dinner. I just sat down and made a pencil drawing while enjoying my coffee and oatmeal. Kendal did too. What fun. I like seeing what comes out of my head. Its amazing to see what came out of hers and the story behind it.

Me and K eating and drawing this morning. She is more of a "fill both sides of the paper" kind of girl. I am more of a "put it all on one side even if it makes no sense" kind of girl.

Our drawings. The bottom is Kendal's side A. "K" of course for Kendal! And her pop tart. I guess she really did draw her food.

Kendal's side B. Here is the story: There was this snowman, right in the middle of a baseball game. These kids were out there playing baseball and a big tornado came. The end.

Mine.....A little left of sanity. I know. Actually I started out with a side view of a face. K said the face was creepy like a witch. I said well we could make it the man in the moon. She liked that, but she just could not understand the arrow. I said "baby, there is a lot I don't understand!" Seemed to be a good enough explanation for her.

I wonder what we will come up with tomorrow and maybe Rye will join us.

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