Monday, June 29, 2009

A Weekend for the records....Where is the scrapbook!

I am completely and happily exhausted! This weekend was incredible.

"Hey pretty girl, If you are ready for a HOT, and STEAMY time, meet me Saturday morning in Rainsville, AL at 8am! You will know me because I will be the one in black and green. "

Said the note left on my car Friday night. Well that was Juliet. The date was a Freedom Festival 5K race. Misti and I met her out there at early AM to race(3 pack of Hoho's)

I love racing with these girls
Me and my "date" at the start line...Yeah, its all fun and games until the shots are fired!

This is what I looked like after the race. Ah hem...... What is that look on her face?

Misti is such a show off.......Ha! Kidding, I let her win

All of us at the finish line.

This is a great innagural race for them. The church organization did a great job! They had a great set up. Food, massages, awards. The goodie bags were awesome. Probably the best I have ever recieved. All the proceeds went to the Mission Trip for the church. Great experience!

Oh yeah, and I PR'd ! 27:45

And so after this is what we did.....
It was flippin blazing! You could not really lay out at all! We were in the water alot! Great day though. Very nice way to relax after the race

Then around 3pm we got a wild hair to go do another race. We were checking out the races online during a little "break" from the sun. We found a Twilight 5K in Anniston on Fort McClellan. We were so game and the kids were too! Hooty Hoo! I love being completely spontaneous. I love that my family just kind of goes along with it too. Ha! You will never be bored with me, thats for sure!

Misti and her girls before the race!

Ryley and K at the race.

All of us before the 1K Fun run

Haley's Twilight Run was for Cystic Fibrosis

Ryley with a race time of 4:56 and Kendal with a race time of 7:02

Kendal is such a great runner, but she was so tired!

The boys going hard!

Come on K, stay with me.....

The girls taking off!

So what I love about taking my kids to these events:
1. They learn to work hard for something and what dedication achieves.
2. They learn that they can help out with different causes
3. They learn to be thankful for what they have and how healthy they are.

This is just a few of the lessons they learn. I love seeing the smiles on their faces. I love listening to their cheers. I love how they encourage each other and even me!

We all enjoyed popsicles after the race! So far we agree this is hands down the best thing to have at a race! Spread the Word! I think I am going to make a t-shirt that says. "Will run for popsicles!"

Chris and Kendal one door prizes. Chris got a gift certificate to Walmart. K got a months free karate lessons. Totally excited about this.

We all did very well. Chris, Misti, and I ran the race together. Even coming across the finish line at the same time. 28:47. Not bad for the second race of the day. Misti and I tied for 3rd in our age group.

After the race we headed to Mickey D's to refuel! It was so late and we all were exhausted! The kids were passed out before we got out of the parking lot!

The next day we slept in until about 10am!

Then headed out to do this....

We love Loouie

Chattanooga Lookouts Game. I love that we bought the kids package for the Summer. We totally get to enjoy the Sunday Home games. I love being at the ball park, which I am sure I have mentioned before. It was so blazing hot out though. The game was good especially the 8th inning comeback! Oh and the popsicles......We seem to being having a love affair with them lately!

But here is my PSA announcement for the day: Parents please, please do not let your kids stand in the bleachers and yell "Home run, Home run, Home run, Home run Stike out, Strike out, strike out!" Constantly. This is more of a song, that is sung for about 15 minutes without stopping.

If these had my kids I would have snatched them up so fast. Everyone! I mean everyone was getting annoyed. Parents take control!

Anywho......we headed to the Marina to find a place to picnic. The sun was setting over the water

The kids were so having a blast doing this. I think we should all do this more. It would have been very easy to find a restaurant and go out to eat. The coolest thing is that the kids thought this was better than any place we could have taken them to eat. They did not care about the PB and J, they cared about the view and us all spending time together.

After we packed it all up we went over to the playground. It was a great park right on the edge of the water.

Then we noticed a ton of people all gathered on this hill. With Cardboard. Land Surfing! Holy Flying Cardboard Batman, this was the coolest thing ever. I would love to shake the hand of the person who creatively came up with this! The smiles on my kids faces and ours was priceless!!! They did not stop. Slide down, Run back up , go again.

Yes, we had to get in on some action! Probably should have rethought the dresses!

A great way to end a fabulous weekend. We all had so much fun. I am still reeling. I am looking forward to the 4th. We have a great week planned. Headed to Atlanta for some Braves fun and even a little Freedom Fest at Stone Mountain. I am ecstatic about this since I have never been to Stone Mountain.
Ta Ta for now!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

I love the fact that your enjoyment of life is being spread to your kids. That's so important, and I love seeing a whole family have so much fun together! I wish this was the lead story on the evening news. How much better life would be for everyone if we saw things like this... people enjoying life and counting their blessings!


Sheila :-)

Cori said...

Looks like you've been having a great time this summer, Bry. Too bad I won't be in Atlanta for the 4th. Next time you're in my neck of the woods, give me a call :-)