Monday, July 06, 2009

Atlanta Trip- Day 1 World of Coke/Centennial Park/Braves Game

Okay, so I am actually home long enough to blog about our trip. It was a great time for all of us. We headed to Atlanta Thursday morning. First stop was the Coca Cola Factory. Or according to K.K. the Cola Cola Factory. Conversation went like this:

K- "Whats do they have there , mommy?"
Me- "Well K, They have Cola Cola!"
K-"Okay, lets go"
Me-" Do you know what Cola is?"
K- "No"
Me- "Hmmm, you know that stuff I don't let you drink?"
Me- " Well they have that there, its where they make Coke"
K-"Well why are we going if you don't ever let us drink it?"
Me- "Hmmmm, good question"

I have said it before, she is a thinker! Actually World of Coke was absolutely great. We all have a great time. There was something for everyone. I even let them drink Coke! I know alot of you are thinking what is the big deal right? Especially those down here in the south. Well, not all people think its appropriate to put coke in a baby bottle. Some of us actually believe that caffeine is bad for children. I know you are shaking your head on this. But its true. Kids don't need caffeine. I read a whole article on it and everything!

As I was saying the place was great! Lots of great memorabilla, a 4D movie, pictures with the polar bear, walk through area to see how they bottle, and a taste testing room. Go, you will not regret it.

The taste testing area was alot of fun. There you could try different drinks from all over the world. DH and I were quite dissapointed that they did not have Coca Light! We were really anxious to have some. We drank this all over Italy and loved it! At the end of the tour you go through this little factory line grab your own keepsake bottle to take home. The kids thought this was very cool.

We were all excited when we left the world of coke(maybe it was the caffeine). Ryley said he could not wait to go back. Kendal was excited about her baseball bat. She has taken to collecting bats....mainly because Rye collects baseballs. Fine with me, we are all about some baseball at our house! Sadly the Coke gift shop had just sold out of the baseballs for Rye. So thankfully we were able to get out of there with only buying the bat. Who needs that purse made out of coke can pull tabs......although very cool to look at!

Anyway we headed to our cooler, ate sandwiches, grabbed a Mtn. Dew(come on laugh, we just left world of coke), and went to wander around Centennial Park. I had not been in this area for about 12 years. It was very cool to see all the changes to the area. The park, memorials, water fountains were beautiful! My kids were crying about their bathing suits when they saw the olympic ring fountain. It was very cool, reminded me of something we have in AZ. I told them to get out there in their clothes, but NO , they wanted their bathing suits. Well no way was I hiking back to get them in the car. Sorry . What is with my kids not wanting to get their clothes wet? They could have gotten fresh clothes on when we got back. So they settled for ice cream.

Next stop, Braves game. After a quick change at the hotel, we headed to Turner Field. YEAH! Seriously, you need to get the excitement here. I LOVE BASESBALL! I love Turner Field too, and I was very excited to take the kids there. They have seen professional baseball before but they have never been to Turner Field. I really do have this plan to take my kids to as many major baseball parks as I can. We got there early enough to walk around, explore the park, buy baseballs and Kendal another bat. The kids pressed their pennies. If you ever are looking for a collection for the entire family I highly recommend this. I am talking about the penny pressing machines. They are everywhere, if you look! You can even buy books to put them in. We take pennies (and quarters) everywhere just in case. For the past 5 years or so, the kids have filled their book with pennies from all over the country and even world. DH and I found one at the Collesium in Italy!

So we got to our seats in time for the opening ceremonies. Being the week of the 4th they had members of the armed forces pull this flag out on the field.

K said "Why is there a big whale on the field?" Now go back and look at the picture again. Click on it to make it bigger if you need. At this point I was laughin so hard all I could tell her was "I don't know!" Um yes, Why was there a big whale on the field? This kid......I keep her around because she makes me laugh!
A couple innings in we go exploring again. Again , this is why we don't do caffeine for the kids! Turns out we found some pretty cool things. We went to the top where they have the big coke bottle and cow. The coke bottle is made out of all things baseball. Hats, glove, bats, helmets, etc. It is extremely cool and was being retired that very night! It had served its purpose for so many years and the park was getting a new updated one. I assume it will be take to the World of Coke for display. We ran through the misters, climbed on the big adirondack chairs(I mean extremely oversized), the kids ran the baseline, and we enjoyed an excellent view of the game.

I felt like Gilda! All I needed was my hair in pigtails and my blankie

We also found these baseballs. One for every team. Of course R wanted his taken with the Dodgers(life long fan that he is), No one noticed K sneaking into the pic. She was trying to pick it up on her back. Weight of the World and all that. Can't you just see her grunting!
The rest of the night pretty much looked like this....

It was a great game. The Braves had a great comeback in the end. There were some excellent plays and homeruns. Lots of exciting moments, lots of jumping out of our seats and yelling! A couple good argument. Everything I need in a game! Then they turned the lights out and ended the night like this!

The End. I will skip the part where we sat in traffic for a hour and a half to get back to the hotel. Or that we made it all the way to the Varsity and they were closed. Hmpf! Oh well, next trip!

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