Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today's word is ornament

I started the day out at K's school making ornaments. It was pretty organized, but when is Mr. H not organized. Had a great time, and she came home with a bag full. Don't you just love all those handprints and crooked reindeer. I do.....I love them.

Went to West. Civ. final....uh...well its a good thing I had a A on everything else because the test was gruesome!!! Its all good though. Cause I am still going to come out good with the grades. Been at home all day cleaning, packing, yada yada. Sat down to make some totally cool ornaments for teacher's gifts. Well my idea fell through...grrr......I hate it when I have a "crafty idea" in my head and it just doesnt come out right. Well. I had to pull some tricks out to make them look good. Being the crafty diva that I am. They came out all right. Here is what I came out with.

Made a few more.......not for teachers .......excuse my flash! Kinda turned out cool though.

there, I am spent. All the craft stuff is packed away. No more scrapbooking or altering for awhile! Ready to get this move behind me. So headed south tomorrow. Good, because I need it!

I miss me some of this.......