Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happiness is a...........cow?

I am not kidding. A cow. My friend Ky got a nice surprise the other day. Her hubby called her and said....."Babe, I got a surprise for you".....I was there having our morning ritual of coffee and talk(sometimes a run). Well you know I had to stick around to see what the "surprise" was. Fifteen minutes later he pulled up and.....I kid you not.....there was a baby calf (calve?) in the back yard. A pretty white thing, scared and all alone in the world. Well except for the Miller family. His mom had parished in childbirth( oh the sacrifices of a mother) and this poor baby was going to die if someone did not take care of it. Taking care of in bottle feed. I quietly sat on the porch stairs and watched as this couple soothed this baby cow into drinking from the "worlds largest bottle" I have ever seen. Insert as many jokes as you want here....we sure did.(nipple, suck....shut up!) It took some coaxing but this baby got the hang of it and soon had a belly full. Thanks mostly to the sucess of Ky.....who took to it instantly(like any good mommy would) and named it Lucky. On St. Patricks day I swear I am buying it a green hat and taking pictures. Watch and see. So now the cow moos in the back yard and follows anyone around. He moos at the back door to be let in and apparently breaks in every now and then. Sneaky little cow.........Yes people I have definetly arrived. I live in L.A.(lower Alabama) and my best friend has a cow in her back yard. Wow, just wow. Laugh along, and make any jokes you want......You might be a redneck.......(kidding Ky, I love you and Lucky) This is just so.........uh precious
You see that Rye is not to sure about this boy...."Watch out for cow patties!" Uh....Kylene I just told the kids to watch out for cow patties in your back yard....*snicker* fine with him though and has decided he is going to camp out in the back yard just to be near Lucky......uh..... This is what K.K. thought. Lets play Ella. It did not even phase her that Ella had a cow running around in the back yard......

Then again, you know happiness could just be two little girls (mine and Ky's) in matching costumes.........

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