Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Its Jan. 5th.......

Well lets see I last left you in a few days before the school year ended and Christmas was well on its way. It did in deed arrive and go without a care. Or a real feeling of the Christmas Spirit. Its a crying shame. I spent the two days before the holiday at my parents. I know, I know.....don't get all crazy on me. You must know what it took for me to do all that. But the nieces were in town and I had to see my girls. All in all it was really relaxing. And I found myself feeling strangly different.....not sure what it was...oh yeah divorce. Anywho. I managed to make it through the holiday this year without drinking myself into a drunken stupor or pretending (or actually ) falling asleep until it was promptly the 26th of December. No. not this year. I ate dinner, took pictures, drank coffee, socialized and even enjoyed myself. I mean I didn't cook or anything. Lets not push it on this whole holiday thing. Not so much a sugar cookie did I make! Not that we needed to, mom made approximately no less than 46 batches of cookies, none the same. Then there was the mint chocolate bark. I would like to thank the security at Phoenix Sky Harbor for not confiscating this on the plane. (I totally will interupt this blog to say that the two darling boys that I live with just informed me they were going to feed the horses.....weird.....but I will explain later)Anyway,we all wished Kendal a Merry Birthday and had a Happy Christmas Eve. We opened gifts with the cousins.....they still don't get why K gets more. She just does'nt get them any other time of year.....You are the lucky one K.....She just does not know it! I wisked the kids home after wishes the Olives a Happy Holiday and got them promptly in bed because the big man was apparently in Ireland and headed our way! My little ones did not wait and were fast asleep. Tough thing though.....this was the first year for me to play santa alone.(well other than the year Chris was overseas). But it was okay. I had plenty to wrap and had fun listening to depressing(eh hem) Christmas songs on the old playlist. I made it to bed just long enough to close my eyes and then have two little persons waking me up. I glanced at the clock.....6 am....Not going work. Its to early. I tried to convince them but at this rate they were already pulling things out of the stocking and I better get up and make some coffee before they get any further. We opened gifts and began to play! I spent my morning unpackaging toys(damn packaging) and wondered why this santa did not get a hint and do this the night before. Zhu Zhu's were a hit....i think this was the highlight of my year. And they really do mean do not put near hair. Your hair really will get tangled very tightly in the wheel if you do so. Ouch , sorry K. Then we started playing Wii Sing it. This is fun. The best thing K could have gotten. Except she can not read. But she knows most of the songs so that was ok. Well, I took down the tree promptly by 8am. I think that is a record. Packed a few more boxes, played some more with the kids and packed up the car. Chris showed got the W/D and the kids and all their stuff. It was his chance to have them for a week. Which was really stinking hard but I had work to do. I loaded up my car and headed south. I made it by 3pm and spent the evening relaxing with my love. Well after a few gift openings. Like this shiny new laptop I am typing on. Be still my heart. I love it. Also not to be forgotten i totally love my new North Face jacket and stemless wineglasses.. Thank you Thank you J.....You totally spoil me. Especially since you broke the rules.....Anyway we had a relaxing night. Except for the whole deer got shot and Bry had to watch it get gutted and skinned. If you ever get the chance to watch this....pass. Trust me. Its horrific! yet you can't seem to stop watching. Anyway. It changed me.....not so much in a good way. Grown men drowning whiskey to keep the freezing cold at bay, covered in blood and this deer just a hanging there. Well you can count me out babe. Im good.....good for life. least I did not have nightmares and 5am rolled around awful fast and we were on the road again. Back to FP. This time I had company. 3 strapping boys to help me move my stuff and the whole way I dreaded what they would think when they walked in! Did I pack good enough. Is J going to lose his shit and just say forget it? Well needless to say we made it through and I was just the butt of a few jokes. The guys had everything loaded up in just a few hours...3...and we were on our way.....gulp....home. We pulled in , I believe I drank a beer and the rest is history. Why because I passed out from exhaustion. The next day we unloaded the truck, I was the butt of even more jokes , but it was cool because we had friends around to help unload and put together bunk beds. And I had girls on my side....Yes we have to have the kitchen table, we can't eat on the couch everynight! I won this battle. Bachelors! sheesh! I had the house completely unpacked and everything in its place easily by Tuesday. Well not easily but you get the drift. Lets see this brings me to New Years. Good times, good friends, and good drink flowed at the Lewis Camphouse. Downside of the night was that J had to work the next day and he left around 11 ish. Hello what about my New Year's kiss!!! So not fair. Well you know you get over things. And its not like I have ever really had one. Anyway, moving on into the new year, kids came home, loved their rooms and we are all settled in. Well sort of. I am not the domestic goddess that I thought. I don't cook well, and I still hate laundry, and its hard to kill the 12 hours that J is gone working. But I will figure it out. I have internet now and thats something! I missed you cyber world. School started today. The kids were crazy nervous but so was I. Kylene and I discussed them all day wondering how it went. We both me them at the school! It was good and they seem fine with it all. Kids adjust so easily. Why can't adults? Why does it seem to take us so long to get adjusted! I have to admit it is taking me time to adjust. I definetly have alot of time on my hands. Soon that will be filled with school too. 5 classes this semester. What was I thinking. Definetly a full load. Then there is all the laundry, kids , cleaning, and cooking. So you this think this city girl is going to make it here in the wild? I guess we will see. Maybe I can channel Pioneer girl. I mean she did and loves her life. I do love those sunsets behind the house, and watching the horses, and the quiet.....oh the quiet. Then there is the home cooking and Sunday's being.....Sunday's. you know. Thats weird. Think Im going to like it. I even started working out again with Ky. What was I thinking taking so much time off. My jeans are not happy about it and neither am I! Okay , well enough on all this I can't do it....Its you guys! I better go, the man will be home soon and its cold! I better not burn dinner again! Okay laugh along with me. I will get it.....eventually!

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