Thursday, January 28, 2010

Running....week 3

It just dawned on me that I forgot to post week 3.  I updated my friends and even Scrapshare but nothing here. 

Here is the schedule.

Warm up 5 minutes
run 90 seconds
walk 90 seconds
run 3 minutes
walk 3 minutes
Repeat sequence twice

As far as my running goes......its been a little different.  I have one friend looking at knee surgury. No I did not injure her....its a reaccuring injury from last year and after taking to long of an exercise break the running aggrivated it.  Ky, is having some issues to with her knees.  No major problems but she is taking some anti-inflammatories and doc said she is good to go soon!  I have been trucking along getting some more intense runs in by myself.  Just me and my ipod.  I am harder on myself, which is why running alone is very beneficial.  I made myself do much longer distances, times and intervals.  I am furious with myself more than ever that I took so much time off.  Oh well I know it will come back.  Until it does you will find me huffing and puffing along, dodging cars(because it is definetly a hazard around here) and doing my time.  Well except for today.  Today I took off......can you save sore legs?  Tomorrow though....ON IT!  (as the Spartans say)

By the way....I want this clock...Its from but the link is not working for me.  Anywho.  Great clock right?  Don't we all just struggle with mind clutter?  Mind clutter that keeps us from our goals.  Its good to be reminded that the world will NOT end.   

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