Thursday, February 25, 2010

Checking in

Checking in on this midterm week. I am tired and ready for it all to be over with.  Looks like I am not going to be doing much this weekend.   I did have a good trip, a much needed trip.  I spent the day with Misti, taught my old ballet class(heaven), took my test(100 psychology questions at 8pm), and met Misti and MG at old tymers(seriously what was up with that guy drumming along to the song on the radio).  Just like old times. Well except the kitchen was closed and we ended up at wingstop.  So all is good.  One thing is for sure , I don't miss Fort Payne but I do miss some people and some things.  Now its just time to figure out how to have the best of both worlds.....(I am freaking Miley Cyrus apparently)

Okay , back to studying....and coffee(got a new percolator)

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Brea said...

Hi Bry,

Cool blog!

Oh how I wish I was still at school. Those were the days...