Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mardi Gras 2010

By Saturday morning the snow was well on its way to being melted. Except for a few lasting snowmen.....I was not about to miss my Mardi Gras! So J and I loaded up the kids and took off to Mobile. We ate at Wentzels.....ooohhhhh yummy oysters rockerfeller(my absolute favorite) and headed over to meet up with Ky and Miller and family. Then we headed downtown to get ready for the MOT Parade. 

The kids and I were Mardi Gras newbies(virgins) but no longer. 

They patiently waited as the parade past by. We were off to the side of it, but we had a great spot for when it was coming back around.  We had a fenced in yard at the law office of Ky's family. 
And soon, the kids were loaded down with bling, cups, frisbies, footballs, glowballs.......and of course moonpies!

And look, i even got J to smile.......

Didn't last long......(Don't let anyone know you are having a good time sweetie)

Nope....Don't you smile! 

So all in all....I had a great time!  I can not wait to go back next year and I really would like to experience more of it. 


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