Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What I meant to say....

Playing along today.....


situation:  After school, I am getting 1 of my 3 situated with baseball.  Other 2 kids are in the car.  I turn around and another kid(random...I don't know who) has jumped in the backseat. 

What I said: Okay, lets get out of the car now.  Bye (slight giggle)

What I meant to say:  Hey, Get your red head out of my car.  Who are you and where are your parents???? Why would you just randomly jump in my car?  WTF?  And is that dirt on your shoes.  Are you kidding me?? I just detailed my car?  GROWL

But I didn't. 


Situation: Baseball practice is over, kid starts crying as I pull out of parking lot.

I said: " Whats wrong baby....what happened?"
He said:  "Coach asked me if I needed glasses....because I sure is heck could not see the ball........and I think I am going to be put in the outfield"(the 3rd base king)......tears

What I said:  "Babe all posistions on the team are important.  You get out there and be the best at whatever posistion you play! Don't worry!  As for your  coach making the remark about glasses.....i will take care of it .  That should not have been said and I am sorry it hurt your feelings.  I will sit out at practice and listen and watch closely next game.  Okay?"

What I meant to say:  "Babe!  Don't you worry your pretty little head at all about that coach because your mommy will break ignorant on him if he ever talks to you like that again.  He has never seen or heard of a wrath as big as mine and he will wish he never signed up to coach little league again!...........I will make him pay.......because I am one pissed off momma.  And if he sticks you out in the outfield all damn year when you have worked so hard as a infielder for last few years.....I will have my say about that too! 

 But I digress.....


Shannon said...

love this one...the coach is in bigt trouble..go get em mama!

Chief said...

Little league sports... sigh...

Thank you so much for linking up! I know I am going AWOL but I gotta get some stuff worked out and then I will be back in full force! Don't forget about me!

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