Wednesday, April 14, 2010

L is for.....

Lord love a duck, little league is going to make me lose it and if that does not work losing weight with the Insanity videos will. 

First let me just tell you about the Insanity videos.  Its day 3.  I feel lousy.  I can not move.  My eyebrows hurt.  I have the kind of pain that hurts to sit down to pee.....can I get an amen.  Im holding on to the wall trying to go as slow as possible.  Anyway....hears hoping tomorrow is better.  On a positive note I think I have lost some weight this week.....of course it could be because I could not lift fork to mouth.  Maybe.

Next subject is little league.  I love baseball you guys.  I love watching my kids play. H is not in to it.  He does not like it and I have no idea why he played.  His sport is football!   R....this is his sport.  He LOVES it.  He wants it.  He is new here and had some nerves getting started but he is fitting right in.  R has played 3rd base for awhile now but the coach here has put him on second.  Well with second comes a whole new set of rules.  Tag the base, tag the player.......its all been a little confusing for him.  He is getting it though. Im proud.  Games started this past week and while he has been making some amazing catches and great plays, his hitting has been ......lacking.  I mean he has a hole in his swing, and the poor guy is taking it hard.  Slaming bats and hats hard.  It does not help that his coach is the type the yells, puts the kids down, and quite frankly has them all pent up they can't play.  Loser.  Sorry...that was rude, but mama bear is coming out in me.  

So we are sitting at the game last night.  J and I are laid back in lounge chairs and K is playing in the dirt....lovely.  I am so frustrated because the ump is blind or stupid and there are kids running the scoreboard.  I am losing it.  I am not the kind of parents who screams and hollers.....I just silently curse under my breath.  J is totally making fun of me.  He said "I thought you were not the kind of parent who gets all intense".  I told him I was not but I don't sit here and  not say anything.  Besides he was the only one who could here what I was saying.  I just think that with this age group we could at least get a decent scoreboard runner.  I mean if my kid is taking the game serious and getting yelled at by coaches.....then lets get all aspects of the game working right.    

Well game 2....H's game.  It is a school night so lets get this going people.  Nope.  We started at 8pm.  
30 minutes  Late. 
H's poor team has lost control and were losing 15 to 1.  We had only gone through 4 innings and its 930.  On a school night.  These kids were tired.  No one could even throw the ball anymore. In the last inning the poor pitcher walked 8 players.  H was picking grass in the outfield and the scoreboard said 56 to 1.  Obviously the geniuses running the board.  Looks like next week we will be traveling out of town for  a game....going to be an even later night. 

This just all seems so unorganized to me or maybe I am in a bad mood from the soreness.   



A wonderful blog for letter "L".
Enjoyed reading.

Take care.

Beth said...

Wonderful L post! Sorry to hear that being "shredded" is so painful but anything that sounds like going through a cheese grater does sound kinda rough! Hope tomorrow is a better day! And that the scale rewards your hard work!

Grammy said...

Sad, Bry! I can see the whole scene at the ball field...poor kids and mamas and daddies. And you, sore muscles. Poor baby...
Hope you are better soon.