Monday, April 05, 2010

Only in for a quick update

Its official.
This week will be crazy. 
J and I got in last night from Gulf Shores
Great time!
We got all the kids back and are up and going this morning.
J back to work and me and K.......are headed to Atlanta!
Opening Day Baseball baby!
Cubbies and Braves
So we are off in about an hour.
K is so excited and we are going to have a awesome girl day!

One thing to tell you is I am sore....why?
because I got some new ink!  Actually I got a cover-up job.
See its not really a long story.
I was 18, intoxicated, and I got a tatoo
I have regretted that ugly moon ever since.  I have other tats but this one I loathe!
So while in GS......J and I went in and I talked to a guy who does cover-ups.
He said sit down and let me draw on you with a sharpie.  Okay.
Well what he drew was georgeous and I immediately accepted and got the ink. 

Its always a good thing when the artist takes a picture for himself.  He really did an amazing coverup.  You can not tell there was a moon there at all!

J got his cross colored in....and it looks so good!

Okay, thats all!  I need coffee and got to through my face on before heading out!  So much more to update....but later!

Go Cubs!



Souns like you've had a good time and why not.
Loved your blog. most interesting to read.

The Bumbles said...

Oofah - that was quite a drubbing. Hope you basked in the joy of the ballpark regardless - yay for baseball!