Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The No Good, Very bad, "I got stuck in a bike" ordeal...stick around there is pictures.

What you ask? 

I love my daughter.  Really I do. 

but I love her. 

We had a wonderful evening.  Kids were riding their bikes. 

Life was good.  K asked to have her training wheels taken off.  Sure thing.  We live in the county

training wheels were no help anyway.  She was doing fabulous.  We watched her for awhile and then as the 8 oclock hour approached and the sun went down......I went in to do laundry.  The boys came too. 

J stayed outside to let K have a few more runs  on the bike.

everything was grand..

The boys and I were talking and folding at the kitchen table

When someone came and pounded on the outside of the house.

My first thought was......

Its the country after all! Snakes are a high possibility.
and sure enough........
as I ran to the front door, out to the porch, and on to the front yard.....
I see baby girl laying on her side with bike on top. 
 and I thought...

and so I ran up, ready to rescue my daughter from what was surely a skinned knee when the reality hit. 
Because J was running around trying to find a flashlight, K was screaming, and I could not access what had happened.

 K's leg was lodged horribly between the body of the bike, the kickstand, and the pedal.  It was around her calf and ankle area. 

It would not move!!!!!!  It was tight and she was in pain!!!!

There were a few things we knew
  1. We had to stand her up to relieve some pressure.
  2. We could not tell if the leg was broke.
  3. The pedal would not move up or down on her leg
  4. We needed back up.
First things first, we stood her up to relieve the pressure. Accessed the damage.  Do not think it is broke, but definetly swelling.  Called the neighborhood. 

So here is the scenario....
I am on side of bike, holding K up.  She is standing on one leg, straddling back tire.  She can not actually sit on seat because of the way her foot is angled. 


Yes, I know she was hurting but blood curddling screams do not help anything.  I am almost bent at the waiste with her arms around me for support and we are both sweating on the hot May night.
J's has two uncles, and two cousins show up.  We have crowbars, wrenchs, tools sets, and a saw. 

and would you believe nothing was working.  We have been working for about 15 minutes now.  Here is some pics so you can get a visual.

Yes, she was in bathing suit.  Yes, it was hot, sweaty and humid out.....thus the bad pics. 

Here is the view from my angle......

So here is a bad closeup but let me give you the stats:
  1. The pedal will not go down.......because thats how you break.  So it would not budge. 
  2. The pedal will not go up because she has begun to swell and it will not go past her calf.
  3. The space between the back of the pedal and the bike is tiny. 
  4. Taking the kickstand off did not help any.
  5. Deflating back tire....nothing
  6. 5 men pulling the pedal away from bike....nothing. 
  7. There is no way to take pedal off......

Time to bring out the big guns......

A saw

to saw the pedal off.....only its not a hollow bar....its solid. 
And it took:
3 men taking turns sawing for 30 minutes.....
1 person guarding K's leg from was to close for comfort
1 bottle of water because the sparks started burning her

then finally 

after a hour had past and all these people working

we freed K from the bike. 

They never did saw it off but were able to get some leverage with the saw and crowbar......

Thank goodness for J's aunt who helped me calm her and hold her.  She is also a nurse and we carried her in to check her out.  Bruises, a little burned, and some swelling.......not broken, no major damage.  

The men all sat around smoking their ciggs and talking about how well the bike was made........

I was gratefull......thankyou to all the people who came out to help last night.  I am a little worse for the wear.....a few more gray hairs.......but definetly a memory of how we started the 


Tiffany Harkleroad said...

Holy cow, this post made me anxious, and I dont even have kids yet. Hope the summer is less crazy but still memorable!

I am Harriet said...

Wow- good thing you got a picture of it.
Have a great Tuesday!

~Bry~ said...

I was anxious all night, I could barely sleep. Not a good sign for the summer! Ha maybe its all down hill from here. I was glad to get a pic for sure....even though I felt a little bad because she was screaming the whole time.

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Whoah. I was reading faster and faster as I was scrolling down to make sure she was ok. Thank goodness she's ok! Geez, young girls get themselves into silly messes sometimes. When I was 12 I wrode a bicycle with no brakes down hill on a very windy Greek island narrow road. My friend showed me how to stop the bike by putting my foot on the front tire. But stupid me decided, without even practicing, to ride the bike bare foot. Yes, you can imagine what happened down a long windy road? HUGE accident. Hospital, blood, but I survived ;)

Dee said...

First, the funny side....I love how all bloggers instinct is - get the camera! LOL I do it myself. :D

That looks so painful, poor dear. I'm glad it wasn't worse.

Beth said...

Wow! So glad she didn't break anything. I bet she slept well last night! I think I was already following you. Definitely been here before. Thanks for the TTA follow. :)

We live in a Zoo! said...

How in the world did she even get her leg there!!!

Beth said...

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Happy Tuesday!

Erica said...

Oh my! Your poor daughter! I'm glad she's okay. I was on the edge of my seat with trying not to laugh and worrying about how she was!

JENNIFER ♥ said...

following from tag-along tuesday! :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

OMG. That was an incredible story. Next question is, will she want to ride a bike again. Yikes

Jessica Warrick said...

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-MissC* said...

HOLY CRAP WOMAN!!! OMG! I was in suspense the whole time! lol I will credit your great writing and also the leftover energy fro finally watching the Grey's season finale on my DVR. But still!!
Give baby girl tons of hugs from this reader!!

Amanda T said...

Hey There :)

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jayayceeblog said...

Well, that was quite an ordeal. So glad her leg wasn't broken. Nice to have all that help around!!!

Debi said...

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