Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Saturday Night Fabulous

So we went to this little soiree Saturday Night.  It was a pre-wedding party my friend was throwing.  It was a cocktail party and Ky put on a show.  It was beautiful!  Everything was lit up, beautifully decorated, and the band was great.  J and I had a great time and a great night.  The party was earlier in the evening, then J and I went out afterwords for more music and drinks, and then finished the evening with good friends, a pool, and still more drinks.  Hey, You got to watch the sun rise every now and then.  Thank goodness we had all of Sunday to sleep....and Monday! We are getting to old for this.  Here are some more pics of the night. 

So yes, J wore his hat to the party and yes he was the only one wearing one, but no one cared. He said "Hey, I look better with the hat on then off!" Poor guy! I think he looked great......I would have looked better if the humidity had not been so bad. It was horrible after afternoon showers! See.....

Humidity had won!

Ky and me

Then J got the camera and I don't know what he was trying to take a pic of........
Oh, Now I know.......Give me that Damn it!!!

Thats ok....I got him back....Here are the guys talking about the glory days on the football field! Ha!

See you take awkward pics of me, I take awkward pics of you....

Great and Fabulous night and I needed it.  I think I forgot that we were a couple and not just mom and a dad and chef and maid and...........oy!  We got to go out more often!

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