Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our first beauty Pageant

I am totally attempting to catch up on posts from the past here you go.

She was beautiful
She did such a good job.
She came in last.
Only 3 in her age group and she came in last.  Oh wait she got "prettiest hair"

Okay before you think I have gone all pageant mom on you....I have not.  But!
Well it was supposed to be 4th of July CASUAL.  No pageant dresses.  There was a lot of confusion here with the director and changes at the last minute.  I did not have any idea that casual meant....costumes.  Some kids were wearing costumes.  Mostly the ones that won.

But I digress. 
Next year we will know.

The fact is she did great.  She got up there and did great for her first time.
She had fun and absolutely did not care.
Thats all that matters.
Once it was all over she said
"of course I got prettiest hair.....everyone loves my hair"
True child , true.

I think it would be fun to do again....different venue. Not sure if she will want to and I don't care to push it. 
We will see. 


Anonymous said...

She does have beautiful hair and beautiful everything. The lay of the land is all you need to know. Next year will be different but if she had fun, well, I'd call that a summer success:-)

Anonymous said...

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