Saturday, April 26, 2008

Update Already!!!!

Okay, so I have been MIA lately. But I got on the net today(first time in weeks), I thought I could give a little update here. So here goes......


DH is home! He flew into Ft. Bragg at the end of March. He spent about a week there. I drove over one night. I nearly got a ticket! I say nearly because apparently the cop liked what he saw and let me off with a warning(okay and a cleavage shot!) "No officer, I had no idea I was going 96 in a 70" oops! Anywho.....We had our reunion in a strip club, first for me, but hey I am always open to new things. The guys who had been in the states less than 12 hours wanted to see ta-tas. Who could blame them? DH was designated driver for the night. I myself decided to drink too once I arrived. I think it was the pregnant lady striping that sent me over the edge. But hey its not my thing. So we had about 36 hours together , then I drove home(managed to escape the cops this time!). DH flew to AZ , finished up there, had a reunion with friends and family, then flew back across the states to Bham where I picked him up. He is settling back in slowly. The kids are enjoying him very much. Things are a little slower for the two of us, but it takes time.

Ryley and Kendal

Ryley had tonsil and adnoid surgury in March. It took him a little longer than I expected to recover, but he is doing great now. He is barely taking his asthma meds anymore. Ya HOO! He is back playing baseball and even training to do the Cotton Row Fun Run with us. Very exciting! He has about 15 days left of school and then he will be a second grader(where does the time go?). Also , popular boy that he is was named class favorite (two years running).

Kendal is still dancing away and enjoying school. She has been very clingy with daddy. Normal I know , but I hope it smooths out soon. I have almost got her sleeping in her bed....instead of "camping" out in the floor with sleeping bag and lamp.


Other than being MIA from the internet. I have been busy with all the above. So busy in fact, I dropped out of my 1/2 marathon....which happens to be today. Totally bummed. I just let myself down. Damn , One of these days I will be superwoman, but not yet! I did manage to talk a dance studio into letting me teach. Classes start in the summer. Its really hard for me to get the quote out of my head " I just want to dance!" Follow me(if not go watch Dazed and Confused) I have also got talked into clogging and apparently am going to be in the recital. Which should make for a interesting event, but hey like I said before.....I am usually up for anything! Just don't make me where a cowgirl skirt and hat. Yee Haw! Not! I have decided to stay here in Fort Payne, (you know since I took the teaching job). The kids are happy here, I am happy here and Chris is looking for a Guard job here. It seems to be going well but we shall see in a few weeks. Hmm, I am sure there are more things I am doing now....but it has escaped me. Hopefully I will not go so soon between posts and I will forget next time.

Oh yeah, I have a new baby actually two. An Xterra and a puppy. Totally excited about both. Mac Kingsley(the puppy, I have not named the truck yet) joined our family about 2 weeks ago. he is a Morkie. You get a Morkie when you cross a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese. Cute nothing of a dog(or hairball) Best puppy ever(but of course it should be when you pay this much) . And don't flame me for getting a designer dog(everyone is doing it).

Here is pics of all of the no particular order.

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