Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Weekend

Well I don't feel like writing long paragaraphs.....but this weekend rocked my socks off. I did so much and had so much fun. I am relaxed, happy, and just in a great mood.


Had a going away party at K's school for Jimmy. This was the worst part of my weekend. I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Juliet. I will miss you Juliet. Your friendship snuck up on me and it means so much. I know that no matter how many miles between us we will always find away!!!! KISSES and HUGS!!!!

Friday night.

Dropped kids with Chris(his weekend) and went to Paint the Town in Gadsden. OMG, this was the best time! We brought wine and cheese and sat down in a uber crowded room to paint! 1.5 bottles, great music, and some paint and this is what Misti and I created....

This is just the best time and getting really popular. My friend Ky went to one in Tuscaloosa the other day as well! We can not wait to go back!

The rest of Friday night was spent drinking wine, dancing in my living room to great music.

Saturday morning

I awoke to Misti telling me to move faster(love ya girl) but this was a little hard considering the wine from the night before! Ha but we had places to be!


Dance Company

Pole Dancing Class

*There are a few pics....think I will keep to hem!

Thats probably all I should elaborate on. Let me just say though. If you ever get the opportunity to do this. You should. Cause its Awesome! And great exercise!


We finished off a great morning with sushi in downtown Chatt. We sat outside and just relaxed and talked. It was great.

And we saw this guy....

And he made my day...

With his shirt.....(I cut his head off in the pic to protect the innocent)

Then we decided that we should walk the sushi off by walking through town and across the bridge to Coolidge park. We are working on a little Christmas gift situation too and needed some materials. Well and stop and get fudge. In my defense, I did not buy any....Just tasted hers. It was an unbelievable day. With not agenda. But, I had to get back because I had company coming to town. J came to FP. We have not seen each other in 2 weeks and I was so excited. A little nervous being it was the first time he had come here. Anyway, we had a great evening at the Northshore Grille in Chattanooga(yes, you read that right....I came back on same day) I love that town. It was a quick turn around trip though for him. But the holidays are coming and more time available.
Say goodbye to J
Text with Juliet on her way to Charlotte(I miss you already)
Go back to Chattanooga(yes) with Misti and her girls.
Spend day in Coolidge Park

I just spent the day walking around with the girls taking pics. I am working on them and will post some later. Think I got some great shots. It was so nice and warm out. We played in the water fountains, walked around, ate giant cupcakes, rode the carousel , and ended it all with a trip to Greenlife. Where I found many lovely things.......Such as Acqua Panna.....which is all we drank in Italy. Damn good water.

Sunday evening.
Ate dinner with the kids and Chris
Unpacked them and cleaned up house
Ready to start the next week....Its going to be a busy one

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