Thursday, January 21, 2010

and tonights entertainment.........

He has been telling my I am going to shoot about as much as he tells me I am going to get on a horse. Well sure. I did shoot. 3 different kinds of guns in fact. Missed the coke bottle everytime. I like the little black pistol(40)the best. But I am deaf guys. Deaf. Like it though. Just works out all types of frustration. Maybe this is not so good. Kids had to get involved. I decided to just shoot my camera. Good family fun...right? Then we had pizza but not before we voted on what type(his idea) and worked out all the ipods. Loaded up 5 deep in the truck only to continue to hear fussing from the back seat and the ongoings of two boys trying to give wet willies. I got them back though. Turns out they don't want me to lick them.

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