Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday 13

Thursday 13

so here are my 13 websites/blogs that I check on a regular basis. I do feel as though I have done a post like this before....Maybe...not sure. But things like this change. These are not all new, not all funny, but all give me something just about everyday.....oh yeah, I linked them all(know its kinda hard to tell on my page for some reason) So go check them out

1. 1000 Awesome Things

You know what is awesome......getting to enjoy coffee this morning while "the man" took the kids to school, because he said I do it everyday. His work is rained out so looks like I might get to spend some extra time with him today......Now thats Awesome!

2. Facebook........Now if you need a link to that you have been under a rock. I have really been pondering FB lately though. I really can't stand for everyone to be all up in my business. Now I know you are thinking "Why write a blog?" Well its different, writing is a creative outlet for me and like my title states it clears my head. But when your mom calls up and completely lets you have it because she sees that K was in town for a birthday party (on her dad's weekend), and she did not get to see her. Well that is the kinda of drama I could live without. So I put FB here, but depending on the day, you never know what you are going to get.

3. Indexed......Okay check this blog out. I adore it. Its new to me. I stumbled on it the other week and now check it daily because .....well just because. I love anything witty and this blog has it. Read as many as you can to get the hang of it.

4. PostSecret .....So not everyday. More like Sunday or Monday. Great site.....

5. Beautiful Mess--I don't knit. I don't even paint anymore. In fact my creativeness has become non existent lately especially with school. But this girl is awesome. I love her blog and see what she is doing. Wish I could bottle up some of her energy!

6. lelove- Beautiful pictures, quotes, and stories.......Don't we all just need to be turned on at some point during our day?

7. Cake Wrecks- Pictures funny, Commentary funnier

8. My parents were Awesome These pictures could actually make you think your parents were normal. ha! I wonder what my kids are going to say about pictures of me. Loves it!

9. Location 180 This one is new for me as well. I love inspiring people and living on the edge. I look forward to every post. I keep asking myself, because of him.....What is my Thailand?

10. No particular site to link here- But I am scavenging the net for as much info as I can get on Scottland and Ireland. Thats my next trip and I am planning it for Summer 11.

11. Stumbleupon Getting to know this site. I love reading blogs so this is a great way to find good ones that I am interested in.

12. Happiness Project Like the blog....still need to order that book

13. Last but not least would be my school. Everyday. It definetly gives me something.....


MommyBa said...

Facebook is a given. I've bookmarked some of the sites you mentioned and will be checking on them too.

happy Thursday!

I am Harriet said...

I haven't been to some of those in awhile. FB- I hit several times a week.

Have a great Thursday!

Irishcoda said...

Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing those links. I have a list of links, too, to random Blogger blogs I follow. :)