Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It all comes back to the coffee......

Its been a rough week though.  Monday just sucked and was Monday all day long if you know what I mean.  I mentioned that I would like to go to bed and get up and start the day over.  Well a friend told me you never start a Monday over, a Saturday maybe......never a Monday.  Okay thats true.  Yet, I hate feeling like I lost a day. Here it is and I have no one to blame but myself.  
  • No creamer for coffee.....So I did not make any.  I don't do mornings without coffee.  I just don't.
  • Why no creamer?  Well I never actually managed to make it to the grocery store over the weekend.
  • Studied all morning for a test.  Litterally had to prop my eyelids open and down asprin to stay awake.....because of lack of coffee....and a headache.....again......lack of coffee.
  • Took said test did well but passed out by 10 am.  This is not something I
  • I was asleep for about 45 up to go to grocery store and looked at my phone.  There was 7 missed calls and 4 texts.  How is it I don't get a dang text or call all day and the second I close my eyes........It blows up!
  • Phone call......Where are you???? ........uh home.......What the heck are you doing?........Well I was studying and I must have dozed off.........Well get up to the school and take K.K. clothes!........uh ok.  Really that was what the blow up was all about.  There was a small mishap when a couple of kindergardeners were told to wait to go to the bathroom..........I don't think you should ever tell them to wait!!!
  • Run clothes to school, run by Kylene's house to bitch.........Everyone needs a good bitch session....Don't you think?
  • Look at clock......there is no way I can make it to grocery store, shop , get them home and unpacked before picking up kids!  Damn.  Okay....well study until its time to pick them up.  How bad could it be to take them with me?
  • I was wrong.  Pick kids up from school.  Go to grocery store.  I swear 2 hours later I emerged with a basket full of groceries.....Heck of alot more boxes of cereal them I needed.  1 to many toothpastes tubes(because they all want their kind), and still managed to forget a few things on my list. 
  • I managed to make it home, unload the truck, put up groceries, and start dinner by 7pm. 
  • Exhausted I went to bed...............
Tuesday was definetly better in the fact that at least I started my day with coffee, but because of my procrastination and piss poor time management skills......I had to start and end the day with Psychology. I studied over a hundred pages yesterday and by 7:30......I was ready to take the test.  I came out with a 92 but still I never want to do that again.  Yesterday was bad in the fact that J's family had a medical emergency which I am not going to disclose on.  So the whole family was at the hospitol.  So it was a stressful, wait by the telephone kind of day.  By the end of the day I was exhausted and so was J.  I am pulling for Wednesday.  Wednesday has got to be better.  Of course I am so exhausted I just want to fall into bed.  There are no creative juices in my head and I might barely muster up enough energy to sweep the kitchen floor today.  Might. 

See........I totally ramble.....I am getting more coffee.......

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