Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I was reading over at The Happiness Project.......and found this really interesting. 

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Tips on cheering yourself  up everyday.  Here are my favorite ones of the list she provided.
1. Live as well as you dare.
3. Amusing books
5. Be as busy as you can.
6. See as much as you can of those friends who respect and like you.

17. Don’t be too severe upon yourself, or underrate yourself, but do yourself justice.

Read all the rest for yourself.  Very interesting that these were written over 200  years ago. 

I think I will add my own. 

Here are things that cheer me up. I will keep this list for things I can do on a daily basis.

1. A good grade on a test that I studied hard for.
2. A good bottle of wine. 
3. A good song on the radio that I can sing at the top of my lungs.....added bonus is when my kids chime in.
4. My house being clean and all the laundry washed AND put away. 
5. The sound of my percolator in the morning. 
6. Mika (how can you not be cheered by Mika?) If you do not know what Mika
and here

See are you not just cheered? I am.
7. Crawling in bed at the end of a long time to snuggle and watch tv....which directly leads me to #8
8.  Not sleeping alone anymore.
9. A night where my kids don't fuss and wine and cry.....One can only wish.
10. This quote........When love is not madness it is not love
11. A new book.....especially with Vampires.
12.  Playing magic tricks or in this case ribbon tricks with the kids.......This is J's completely cracks me up

13. J coming home and telling me to get in the truck and check out the new tires......
14. Hanging with Kylene in the morning with coffee......
15. The sound of J coming home.......and on that note......gotta go!


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