Saturday, February 06, 2010

Its a simple life

I had a few things to blog about this week.  Moments of clarity that I really could have expanded on........but I did not write them down and they are gone.  Darn it.  Because!!!  I am so bored.  Its a combination of things really.  All of this rain.  I am sick to death of wet shoes and the bottom of my pants being soaked, my hair in a pony tail and mud everywhere!!!  There is nothing much to do but stay inside.  So with all this rain I have not been working out and as much as I could do a video inside I loathe the thought.  Schoolwork is pretty much caught up except for this paper I am procrastinating on.  Procrastination is an art.   In fact it has been so quiet around here I found myself sitting in front of the oven watching cookies bake.  Have you ever done this?  I believe it may have lowered my blood pressure to almost stopping.   

I know, I know......I am pathetic.  I am itching to get out of town. You know me.....go go go.  Mardi Gras is next weekend.  Kylene and i are headed to Mobile for a great time and we both need it!!!!  We sat out on the front porch last night enjoying some Chardonnay and talking about the trip.  I tell you there are days I would not make it here in the deep south if I did not have her!  She is definetly my saving grace and I am glad to be hers too.  Believe me there are days I don't know what I am doing or how my life got here. I have to believe that there is a purpose under the sun(errr....rain) that puts us in the path of others.  Its the only way I can explain all the crazy mishaps that have occured throughout my wild existence.  I definetly believe she is part of my plan....even if it is to help keep each others sanity. 

So no big plans this weekend.  Kids are all here, the weather is not great.  Windy, Wet, Cold.....but the sun is shining. The boys are back and forth consumed with basketball or video games.   I let K stay at Kylene's so at least two little girls are having a fun time.  I have some scheduled fun time with her this afternoon in the way of making Valentines.   Here is my public service announcement.  MAKE YOUR OWN VALENTINES!!  Please do not go and buy prepackaged , perforated, pathetic valentines from Walmart.  Stop the insanity!  Sorry.  Yes, In a pinch I have bought them too but seriously people we need to get back to the lost art of Valentines.  Construction paper, lace, glitter.  Go forth and craft!  I am actually excited about it. 

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