Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blog Challenge:Life Songs

It is so amazing how a song can remind you of a special time, place, or person. A few notes and you are transported. I heard some elevator music not to long ago that was a old New Kids on the Block ballad. I had to laugh thinking how "hot" they were and now it was elevator music. I was transported to my best friends backyard. We would blast the New Kids on the radio and sing along while practicing the moves! Later in High School it was rap for me. I hardly ever listen to rap anymore but there is this great radio in Phoenix that does "Old School" at noon. I find myself tuning in sometimes just for a laugh. My husband always laughs at the fact I know all the words by memory still. These days I listen mostly to country or classic rock. There are so many songs that take me back to different people in my life. Steelers Wheel always will remind me of my best friend Stacey. "Stuck in the middle with you" is our song! There is even a dance we do everytime we hear it.

Through all the different types of music I have changed to, there is one singer who always has remained. I was introduced to this singer so many years ago. The first song I heard of his was "Cheeseburger in Paradise". You must know who I am talking about. Jimmy Buffett! I love him. He is timeless. My love affair with his music will last a life time. My husband shares my affection for him as well. We he comes to town, you will find us standing in line to get concert tickets. Before Chris and I had children we would fall asleep everynight listening to Ballads from his box set. One song became our song. Survive. You see, Chris is in the military. He is a full time National Guard. Which means there is no other civilian job. He works everyday as a soldier. So as long as I have known him there has been weeks and months that we have spent apart. And it is always hard. It never seems to get easier. 7 years later he is looking at his first overseas deployment. January 6 he left for Ft. Bragg, NC and from there he will be on to Afghanistan. It happened so fast that neither us could catch our breath. I decided to move to Alabama with our 2 children. While no one wants to move home with mom and dad again it will be good to have the help and company. The kids will enjoy it as well. But I miss him.I do not know how to get through the next 15 months with out him. I put on a brave face and I go through the motions of the day. But I feel like my heart is breaking. But I do know that I will Survive. We will Survive. I have not listened to this song since he left. But maybe it is time. Perhaps tonight I will fall asleep listening to our song and maybe I can dream about sipping champagne and breaking into smiles.

"Survive, stay alive, till I see you again, Survive......"