Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Now that I have finished my 30 before 30 list I am ready to do my New Years Resolution.

1. Continue the running/workout schedule that I have been pretty good about in 2007.
2. Learn to not obsess about things like the house being perfect at all time. I spend to much time doing unimportant things instead of the things I enjoy(you following me?)
3. Work on my 30 before 30 list. This kinda goes without saying but there are specific things I want to cross off in 2008. School, Fitness Certification, some of the trips are things that need to be taken care of in 08!
4. Find a babysitter and begin regular dates with Chris. Yes this was also listed before but needs to be repeated. The biggest part of this is finding a babysitter. Something I have always found very difficult. Could this mean I need to be more involved? Yes!
5. Get a new Car! I have payed off this one, drove it and drove it some more. I want a new one! Like an XTerra!
6. Do not light up!- That means do not slip back into smoking. Its not worth it, I have come to far!
7. Blog more. I want to do more creative writing, and push myself. I enjoy it and do not understand why I have such trouble doing it. I am going to keep a list of ideas and topics to inspire me in writing.
8. The little things. I want to be aware of them. Write them down. Journal them. My kids do special things all the time, my family has special moments. I want to remember them!
9. Continue paying off my debt. I am almost there and I love the feeling. If I can keep with it, This could be done by May!
10. Cook-Sounds simple, but I have let myself believe it is a chore and I do not enjoy it. I used to enjoy it. I want to find away to get back to it.

30 Things before I turn 30

Now I have been thinking about this list for a long time. I don't feel like I have enough time to get it all done, but maybe just writing out the goals will help me work towards them. So with only 20 months to go before I turn 30, here is my list. I hope to cross each one off, write about it here, and if I am not able to get something done I hope to have a plan in place to help me achieve it as soon as possible. Oh and these are in no particular order, just how they came out of my head.

1. Go abroad-There are plans for this in fall of 08. DH and I are planning a trip to Italy!
2. Learn the basics for said country-again, I have set the wheels in motion for this, but now its time to actually read the books and listen to the tapes.
3. Go back to school and work on finishing up my general studies- I am shooting for Fall here.
4. Catch up on all things scrapbooking-This means all previous years, specialty albums, childhood albums, etc. I want to be working on current years only. I am so tired of the worry that these other things will never get done.
5. Continue my running-This sounds like more of a new years resolution, but really it should be a life long decision to remain active and in shape.
6. Run a marathon- This is my goal, I have run a 10k, I want to do a 1/2 in 2008, and the plan is to do the AZ Rock in Roll Marathon in January 2009.
7. Work on group fitness certification-This is seperate from going back to school. This is a field certification that can be obtained with a little studying and testing. Then I can go and teach in a gym. I would like to do group fitness/spinning/possibly yoga
8. Take my husband to Half Moon Bay, CA- He has never seen this beautiful place and I wish to take him there and drive down Hwy 1, hopefully in the fall. Stop at the little pumpkin festivals along the way, taking our time and enjoying all that this route has to offer.
9. Go to San Franciso-This could technically be done on the same trip as Half Moon Bay, but who knows, I love California so much I may want to break up the trips.
10. Visit Big Sky Country- Maybe even ski! We will see. I have a friend who lives up there and so does Chris. So It would be great to go to this area that I have never seen and be around friends as well.
11. Buy a mountain Bike- There are alot of races and fun things to explore if I could get into this hobby.
12. Go Kayacking- I live in AZ for goodness sake, there is so much to see and explore. By water, land or air!
13. Learn what it takes to be the house that is the kid friendly house-You know what I mean, I want the kids and their friends to want to be at my house. There are multiple reasons for this. For one, I am always in contact with my kids and know what they are into, and I wish to build a relationship with my kids that is close and open.
14. Get a dog- I do not have any pets, my cat is now living with my parents(long story) but I wish to have a dog. I want a small one, Chris a big one. So we are comprimising and getting a small dog. LOL. Actually I told him that when we knew his schedule better and would stay in a house longer than a few months then yes he could get a bigger dog. But for now , I have my name on the list for a morkie(Maltese/Yorkie).
15. Set up a fish tank..........again. Chris wants salt water which I am okay with, but here again....we need to stay in one place for awhile!
16. Do a fun/run/walk/ with the kids for a good cause
17. Sky Dive- Not by myself. No thanks, with someone attached to me and I think Chris will join
18. Continue paying off Debt- including student loans
19. Spend a anniversary together with my husband-This has not happened for us in 6 years! We have only been married 7!
20. Get into the habit of a girls night out-Seriously Laura, when I get home, seriously!!! I miss you--Oh and side note to this, we are going to get tickets to see Wicked and hopefully Mama Mia again!
21. Go on regular dates with my husband- No we have never done this. I need a babysitter!
22. Get in the car and drive somewhere for the weekend-no plans, no direction, just go!
23. Attend a SS retreat
24. Better yet, host a SS retreat-There is a ton of us in AZ and CA....its doable!
25. See Jimmy Buffett in concert....again-Now I know technically I have already done this..3 times but it just gets better and better and I hope in the next 2 years I can do it again!
26.Wine taste in California- I would love to go and stay at a vineyard and do this!
27. Ride a motorcycle- Yes I have done this, but it has been a really long time. Chris wants one so maybe it will be his I am riding!
28. Get another tattoo-I want one on the wrist or neck and I want it to be celtic in design with Chris name entwined in it.
29. Go back to Mexico- Hopefully with someone that knows it better!- Ivan and Krysten I am counting on you guys for this. I would love to see all those things I saw pictures of!
30. Vegas Baby!-- for more than 24 hours. This is the key factor. I got no sleep last time because we tried to squeeze it all in in such a short time frame. Also included in this trip is a shocking show(more shocking than Wayne Newton!) Chris and I are thinking of that Vampire Kiss show....I wonder if it is still playing.

Okay , there they are! Here is to crossing these off !

Sunday, December 30, 2007

More charms I have been working on

These are all my charms I have been working on for different jewelry swaps. I really wanted to branch out and start really altering things. I am quite proud of the bingo charm. The others were more simple and had set themes. Two of these charms are wine charms. I am excited to be doing a swap like this. Mainly because I am always in need of these little wine charms. The charm with the shells is for a Margarita swap. I love this charm but I may think twice before working with shells again!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Chris' Christmas Greeting

I am adding it here. I wanted to take it off myspace but needed to save it somewhere. I was so lucky to find these soldier greetings online because there was no way I would see it on the tv. Chris cracks me up in this video , he was so nervous. But I am very lucky to have it.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Info about me(Thanks Krysten)

Four Things You May or May Not Know About Me

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1.Store Manager at Movie Gallery in Alabama
2. Waitress- Macoroni Grill in Montgomery, AL
3. 1-800-Fly(something), booking flights -Tampa, FL
4. Education Coordinator for Joanns Fabric Store-Phoenix, AZ

Four movies I would watch over and over:

1. Pride and Prejudice(does not matter which version)
2. Office Space
3. Christmas VAcation (it does not have to be Christmas)
4. Ella Enchanted

Four places I have lived:

1. Tampa, FL
2. Phoenix, AZ
3. Prescott, AZ
4. Troy, AL

Four TV Shows that I watch:

1. Gray's Anatomy
2. Moonlight
3. Blood Ties
4. American Idol

Four places I have been:

1. Outer BAnks, NC
2. Casa de Fruta, Half moon Bay, CA
3. Rocky Point , Mexico
4. Treasure Island, FL

People who email me regularly:

1. Chris
2. Laura
3. Tavia
4. Kylene

Four of my favorite foods:

1. pecan divinity
2. grilled zucchinni marinated in queen creek olive oil
3. R&R pizza with Ranch!(right laura)
4. Coffee....okay technically not food, but Love, Love, Love coffee

Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Arizona
2. California
3. the beach
4. With Chris.....I don't care where!

Things I am looking forward to this year
1. Chris coming home from deployment
2. Moving home to Arizona
3. Going to Italy in November
4. Going to Vegas with Chris

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Passing the time

One thing I have been doing to pass the time is embarking on a new hobby! I have gotten into the world of jewelry charm swapping. Don't know what this is, just Google. It is awesome. I was involved in the very first one done on Scrapshare and now have 4 more going! The first one is a Christmas Charm Bracelet. 25 unique charms made by ladies on SS. I can't wait to get working on my others. They are due after the 1st of the year. This time I even doing wine charms. Now I have never been able to get myself involved in swapping online(scrapbooking) but this....well I am hooked. And hey, its makes those days go by fast!

99 Bottles of Beer on the wall .....I mean until DH comes home!

I just took the 100 day tag off of our "Countdown until Daddy comes home" wall hanging. I can't believe what an impact it had on me. I have been so BAH HUMBUG this entire holiday season. I still have a week and a half to go. I have always loved Christmas, but it holds nothing for me this year. I just want it to come and go. My daugter turns 4 on Christmas Eve and my son recently turned 7. Where did this year go. I think back on it and it all feels so surreal. Like I watching a movie. I don't know how my life will be when he returns but I hope I can wake up from this way of living. I don't want everything to pass by and not live each day the way I should. I know I have to find away to exist when he is gone. It not going to be the last time I have to endure something like this. I am glad that I can now see a light at the end of this tunnel. Double Digits. He will be here before I know it. I can not wait to have our family back together.