Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blogger Challenge: Laugh

This week, write about the last time you had a really good laugh. A belly laugh. A laugh that took your breath away. A laugh that starved you of oxygen and gave you a headache. A laugh where you tossed your head back and really let 'er rip.

If you can't recall a time when you've laughed that hard, then figure out WHY NOT, and write about that.

So, I have really been very bad at keeping up with this blogger challenge, let alone writing creatively on my own. Everything that has been going on in my life has been a challenge. Leaving Arizona, Chris going to Ft. Bragg, getting to spend a short time with him, and then him leaving for his overseas destination. All of it is taking a toll. Today, I checked the challenge and it made me realize how long it really had been since I laughed. Not a laugh at a movie, or giggle at something one of my kids did, but a all out laugh. It really has not been that long but it was under the circumstances of which it occured. You see I have great friends. They live all over but there are two that I especially hold dear to my heart. One I have known for a short time, one for a life time. The two are so different. Kylene and I reconnected over myspace. The last time we had seen each other was college, but once we reconnected it was like time had not passed. And though we have never been best friends, she is a good one. Through countless phone calls we got to know each other and she decided to drive from Arizona to Alabama with me when I moved in January. I was driving by myself after my husband's unit deployed. She decided to join me. I was so grateful. Stacey, the friend I have known so much longer and love so dearly decided to join us too. Stacey is what I call my best friend. Friends for life will always be us. We met in the 6th grade in the bathroom of all places. And the rest is well like they say history. Well these two friends of mine flew out to Arizona, held me while I waved goodbye to my husband, and dried my tears when the damn finally broke. Nothing can prepare you for that feeling of loss. Slowly we walked to my car, got in and began our own trek across country. It was during that trip that I felt so much emotion. The first day I was depressed , barely uttering a sound. The girls chatted and took turns driving. Neither one pressing me for any more. Over the next several hours, hotel rooms, and miles we all got to know each other better and learned about each other lives on a deeper level. There were arguments(mostly due to be overly tired), there were adventures(like the detour to Riverwalk in San Antonio), there were all out heart to heart cries. But there was also Laughs. Big ones that take you breath away. All out belly laughs. At the time we concluded they were only because of delirium. Turns out they were more. Those laughs help me overcome the grief and depression I would have felt if I had been alone. I never would have made it alone. I thank God for the two of them. I wish I could remember what some of those belly laughs were about, but the important thing was that they happened. I have the pictures to prove it!