Thursday, March 27, 2008

Found this has meaning for me right now

There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept,

Things we don't want to know but have to learn,

and people we can't live without but have to let go. ~Author Unknown

And don't you just want to escape sometimes..........which reminds me of a blog challenge I never did. "Where do you go (mentally) to escape the day to day?, Whats your mental vacation?" Well I am the type of person who definetly likes to escape. I need quiet. I need nature. I need to hear my own heart beat. I have always been the type of person who would get up and go on a moments notice. Fly by the seat my pants, up for anything! Friend calls in the middle of the night...."hey lets go to the beach" Sure! I miss this spontainity! Before I had kids I could just get and the car and go. Oh and the stories I could tell! UCLA, Spring Break, Lake Havasu, thats all I am saying! Anyway! There has to be other ways now that grabbing my keys and going take a little more planning. Running definetly clears my head, but some days its not possible. Like today. R had surgery today, K screamed and threw a fit and would not go to school, and DH is in the air as we speak flying back to the US. And all I want to do is run away. I am so exhausted. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally. And the only place I can think to be is where I can hear waves crashing, smell salt in the air, feel grains of sands under my feet. I need a beach fix. So bad. So I guess that is where I go for my Mental Vacation.....back to the beach.......reminds me of a some lyrics from one of my favorite Jimmy Buffett song.......

I want to go back to the island,
Where the shrimp boats tie up to the pilin'.
Give me oysters and beer for dinner every day of the year,
And I'll feel fine, I'll feel fine.

'Cause I want to be there,
I want to go back down and lie beside the sea there.
With a tin cup for a chalice
Fill it up with good red wine,
And I'm-a chewin' on a honeysuckle vine.

Yeah, now the sun goes slidin' 'cross the water;
Sailboats, they go searchin' for the breeze.
Salt air it ain't thin,It can stick right to your skin,
And make you feel fine.It makes you feel fine

Yes, and now you heard my strange proposal;
Get that Packard up and let's move.
I want to be there before the dayTries to steal away and leave us behind;
I've made up my mind;

and here is a pic I took about a year ago.

So for now, I will look at pictures, listen to my JB albums and plan my next beach trip. But soon, very soon, I am just going to grab my keys and go! I mean a mental vacation can only hold you for so long!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I am to tired to do any more tonight....

I will update later. i am tired and going to bed but here is a survey.

Who were your last 3 texts from?Jess, Beth, Chris
Where was your default picture taken? In my apartment
Your current relationship status? alone......
What is your current mood?very tired
What color shirt are you wearing?pink
Who has the ability to hurt you most? people I care about
If you could go back in time and change something, would you? I could say yes, but every thing you go through makes you who you are.
Where was the last place, out of town, that you went to?Huntsville
Something you like a lot? sex
Do you have a fondness for gnomes? Only ones that are hidden in the woods with clues
Who can you tell EVERYTHING to? A few friends
When was the last time you cried? Its been awhile
Where are you right now? in my apartment
If you could have one super power what would it be?Let me fly!
what is your fav color?Blue
What is one thing that annoys you on TV? Shows like the Bachelor
Do you still like kiddy movies? Not really , but I sit through them
What are you eating or drinking at the moment? Smartwater
Do you speak any other language? not so much, but I am trying to learn some Italian
What's your favorite smell?The beach, saltwater
Describe your life in one word? Complicated
Have any tattoos?yes
What are you looking forward to the most? Having someone to share the day to day stuff
What are you thinking about right now?crawling in bed
What should you be doing right now?crawling in bed
Who was the last person that made you upset/angry?myself
What are you listening to?the fan
Do you like working in the yard?love it
Do you act differently around the person you like? I think we all try to be the best version of ourselves around the people we like.
What is your natural hair color?Brown/blonde(can't remember)
What's your favorite place in the world? sitting in the sand , toes getting wet, and the sun setting. And yes it could be any beach
What is the holiday closest to your b-day?Labor Day
What is your dream car? I really just want that XTerra already!
Has anyone sang or played for you personally?I don't think so
Have you broken a bone or had stitches? too many to count
Anyone on your mind right now?Yes

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I know you have been missing me!

And since I am in rare form today(or so I have been told, it must be the pig tails!) Here is a survey! But first let me post a pic I took at the mall yesterday. I am thinking of getting some letters like this for my place. What do you think? And do you think that Dillards is trying to send its patrons a message? We hear you!!!! So yes I went to the mall yesterday with 4 kids, Beth, and Jess.......I am still asking myself why? I feel the need everynow and then to remind myself how insane this can be. It only happens about twice a year. But it is a good reminder none the less. We all go out. Carts, drinks, popcorn, diaper bags, sippy cups, binkys, blankets, snacks, diapers, shall I go on? We take our kids out into the mall or Target? All the moms attempt to get some shopping down. Never really happens. Yesterday we started at Target. 30 minutes into the adventure the kids are screaming, moms are crying and I want to lose it! But before I can lose it , apparently a Target employee lost it for us. She thought she was talking to herself. She thought no one heard her. She thought wrong. Beth just happened to be behind the T employee, when she says"Good Grief, I wish they would shut up!" Snort! They being us and our screaming kids. Honestly , I do not know what all the complaining was about, we were not being that loud! A 1-two year old in full wail, 2- 4 year olds playing ring around the roses and hurdling themselves in the floor, a 7 year old begging his mom to leave......I mean there is no need to get all huffy! Well Beth proceeds to tell us all what happened, Jess proceeds to call the manager, and I proceed to take my children and walk away(Did I mention I am non confrontational?)This only proceeds to cause more wailing mostly from my kids because we are leaving their friends. So I bribe them (like every good mom should) and we meet up after all has settled down.....Ready to check out! We check out , load up, make it across the parking lot to Chik fil le (how do you spell that?) and collaspe around chicken nuggets and fries. I was good, I ate a salad.....I refuse to count the calories from my daughters fries(can't let those go to waste!). Then with our bellys full and the thoughts of the last hour have left us, we proceed to go to the mall for more torture. What did we need here? I can't remember. But we did get to see the Easter Bunny. My kids hid behind me(thats the usual MO), Z got a sucker , and E actually got up in his lap and took a pic. Brave girl. Bunny kinda scared me. To skinny..... Anyway we made it to several stores successfully , then saw the Bow guy. Thats what I choose to call him. He is at the mall twice a year. You must get your bows from the bow guy, they are the best! Every little girl needs 40 dollars worth of bows from the Bow guy! We finally decided to let the kiddos play at the play area while we took turns doing other shopping. This is where my picture of the decorative :) wall letters come in. What can I say, I am easily amused. 4 worn out kids , a small nose bleed, 3 milkshakes(because it brings all the boys to the yard), and two Camel Mocha Venti Frappachinos (with a extra shot of caffeine) later, We were back in the car! And on our way home. 2 kids passed out , the other 2 played gameboy. It was good. Maybe in another 6 months I will take inventory again and decide I need some more crazy, but as for now we are all stocked up here!
Any who, on to other business. Running. Saturday, I successfully beat myself up doing 6 miles. IN THE SNOW! I mean it was actively hitting my face. There again I need to add that this was before the shopping trip and the inventory in crazy was running low. I felt I needed a challenge. Cause 6 miles is not challenge enough. I spent the rest of the weekend on the couch with extra pillows, ibuprofen and ice packets. I am definetly feeling better now and that serious injury I was convinced I had has faded away to just tight muscles. Oh well, I can always try again on Saturday when I convince myself I can do 8 miles. Actually the truth is I can do it.....I really understand what it means to be mentally ready.......Just like I will mentally be ready to do 5 in the morning..........
Other news. Baseball season is starting for R. Yeah! I felt like I did not have enough to do, so I would add us another activity to the week......But truthfully I am excited for him. He will actually play on a team with less than 20 players and compete against more than 1 other team. There is a whole story here but I will spare you. Anyway....It will be good. And I can only hope that he gets on the same team with a kid named Rue, We had soccer with this kid.....REally its for my entertainment. Its not the kids fault. It was his dad. Every game, on the sidelines, screaming and turning purple "Get the ball Rue!, Get the ball!" It took me a full 8 games before I understood what was being said. I swear by the end of soccer season it was a family event to see how many times "Get the ball Rue" was said. I catch myself even today saying it. So maybe if we are really lucky will get to be teamates again and, Instead it will be "Hit the ball Rue, Hit the ball"!! Thats just good entertainment right there(did you hear my southern accent just now?)
Anyway, I said all that to post this......just another survey
1. List one fact about the last person you kissed. She was very short, with curly blonde hair
2. What was your first thought when you looked in the mirror this morning? Could those dark circles get any worse?
3. Do you believe there's always room in your heart for your first love? umm, hmmm, Once you have loved , there is always a small part there
4. Have you ever worn the opposite sexs underwear?boxers, yes
5. Where is the next place you will travel to? Italy in November
6. Do you want to get married & have kids one day?sure....wait already did that
7. Do you curse a lot? Hell no
8. Have you ever kissed in a pool? absolutely and thats not all
9. Do you have long hair or short hair? longish
10. Do you like ice cream? Yes, have you tried the birthday cake ice cream?
11. Whats your favorite color? blue
12. What does the last text in your inbox say? c u at gym in the morning
13. Are you open about your sex life? very open to sex in my life....what was the question
14. Have you ever lied to protect someone's feelings?what a tangled web we weave
Seriously 15 and 16....just gone
17. Favorite magazine? Don't really read any
18. What are you wearing right now?sports bra, running shorts
19 and 20 , 21---who learned how to count?
22. Is there anybody that knows your deepest, darkest secret?Yep
23. Could you?would you in a train? could you would you in the rain? Train , rain, woods, beach, car, truck, what was the question again?
24. Who taught you to tie your shoes? uh?
25. Do you usually sing while showering? Not usually
26. What's the last thing that really grossed you out? I am not sure
27. What is the age of the oldest person you would date right now? If I were dating , I would say that 40 has to be my limit
28. Do you stick up for what you believe in? I try to, but I don't shove my opinions and feelings in other people's faces either.
29. Is there anybody you're really disappointed in right now? hmm
30. If you could go back in time would you? nah, you can't live in the past
31. Do you use your middle finger often?Everyday, but we need to be more specific with this question
32. Are you a really understanding person? I try to be
33? Hello?
34. How many people have you kissed in your entire life? oh thousands
35. Do you know anyone addicted to drugs? sure, prescription or otherwise

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Who gets up this early?

Its early.......I have been up since way to early am. I woke up when K slipped into my bed ...4:57am. Head has been spinning ever since. I can not stand when that happens. Which seems to be the MO lately. I sleep, dream , wake up and can not stop thinking. What am I doing today, I gotta run today.......3 miles today, the monkeys will be waking up soon, what the heck are they wearing to school, gotta mail this, got to go here, there and then what, I need to do this, that , and oh yeah, when is Chris coming home.............Ahhhh, Get out of my head! Why does no one tell you life gets so crazy right before a soldier comes home? And why can't I find excitement in it? It is supposed to be an exciting time right? Then why are me and the kids so...Blah! I hate feeling tense, stressed and crazy! See and thats why I gotta go run....Not just because its on the schedule.....but Why! Read the headliner, "because it clears my head and then I can go on"

Oh and for your entertainment, Here is a survey. Because thats what you do while drinking coffee and the Webkinz website does not seem to work this early either............What do they not think adults play?

1. Are you younger than 29? Yes, for a few more months
2. Ever kissed anyone with a name starting with J? I am sure I have, but no names come to mind
3. How many swim suits do you own? Maybe 3
4. Do you like the color green?Blue is better , but green is okay
5. What things would you NOT tolerate in a relationship? Hatefulness to each other, not being able to be myself, Trying to Change to please the other, laziness,(I could keep going)
6. Do you wear contact lenses or glasses? nope , lasik is a wonderful thing
7. When in your life have you been the happiest? Hmm, There should be a good answer for this.
8.Ever eaten soap? Is this really a quetstion?
9. What are you listening to right now?Silence
10. Is there a place you would like to visit soon? The beach would be nice
11. What's your favorite kind of drug? Love.......Snort! Well you asked a stupid question you get a stupid answer
12. Which would you rather be a pirate or a ninja? Who comes up with this stuff.....I guess I choose a pirate......Grrrrrrrrr
13. Have you ever fallen into a mud puddle? I don't think so, but I am up for anything
14. Do you like winter? There are great things about winter, Icicles, snow, crisp air, Christmas......But I am summer girl all the way! Less clothes, tan bodies, trips to the beach....
15. Does your screen name have numbers in it?no
16. Are you in a band?nope
17. Do you like parties? Depends, not kid parties so much
18. How long have you had your myspace for? Since 06 , I think
19. If you could own a monkey, would you? Uh NO
20. Do you own anything from American Eagle? A certain sweater comes to mind........No not at the moment
21. Do you listen to rap/hip-hop?yes, and so are you right now, if you have the speakers up
.22. What's the last thing you put in your mouth? UH...........just kidding.....Coffee
23. What was your first AIM name? ?????
24. Do you like fruit? Some yes, but I do not eat a bunch
25. Do you have a Nextel phone? no, just Tmobile, thats torture enough!
26. Have you ever given a random person your number? Yep
.28. Whats your favorite number and why? 25..... My birthday

WHERE IS 29!!!!

30. Would you make a good parenT? Not sure.......We will see what they think in another 10 years
31. Whats the last text in your phone inbox say?I will be there is a few
32. Do you have an addiction? Uh yes, Yes would be the answer.......I wish I could have it NOW
33. What's your favorite cuss word?WTF?
34. Do you like cops? Doesnt everyone like cops?
35. Have you ever flashed someone? Absolutely
36. Do you talk a lot? I think so
37. Do you get bored easily? Not really, just more restless, but it definetly not boredom
38. How many pillows do you sleep with?several
39. Do you like Smores?Sure
40. Do you like hugs and kisses? Yes, who doesnt
41. Do you act gangster?Negative Seriously....Who makes up these questions
45. When was the last time you went out of state? Before Christmas
46. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?no
47. What was the last thing you had to drink? Coffee

Monday, March 03, 2008

I got nothing

to write about that is....... I am tired. I am sick. And I am tired of being sick. Yet, be proud I ran most of my 3 miles today and did spin. It was a BEAUTIFUL day out, so thats the positive. Thats it , I told you I have nothing. Oh yeah, wait......I just remembered. I got two ideas for jobs today. Don't know how they will pan out or if I need them to, but still sometimes fate steps in you know? I don't even think I am going to mention them here yet...But just needed to say that things just happen in your life for a reason. Oh and this. I forgot to add this picture the other day. This was in the kids doctors office. I could not help but snap a pic with my phone. This completely cracked me up!!!!! (and NO! This is not one of the job opportunities)

And a really great quote! This one is from Grey's Anatomy. I am back to falling asleep to episodes since I got them back from Krysten. Who else here needs background noise?

"You can get over anything that happens to you.....You just have to survive it first"

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Good Weekend, Feeling relaxed and a Blah, Blah, Blah Survey

Well this weekend was very nice.....Some great girl time, caught up on some sleep, no kids......what more could you want! Today I went up and got the kids. Played some baseball with R, and then went to the park. I talked the kids into going down to the water. It was such a beautiful day! I love DeSoto. I could sit out on those rocks all day and listen to the water. But.....they lasted about 20 minutes and then wanted to get ice cream and play at the park. So we did. I will add some pics...Forgot my good camera though!! I really got to get in the habit of keeping it in my car! Well tommorrow starts another week, and after a week of sickness, I hope we are all getting better. Rye is still struggling but I hope it clears up soon. I did not get to run this past week so tommorrow, I will be stepping it up a bit. I am going to get to the gym early I hope. ........ I am going to post this survey and then go start my new book. Eat, Love , and Pray.....okay technically not new. Its been sitting on my shelf for a while. But it looks excellent. A womens year of self discovery in Italy, India, and Indonesia. Sounds great! Anyway....back to the blah survey. I am serious thats what its called!

1. last cigarette?? 1 really bad puff off of one at Hogwild. I choked. Because it has been since October since I quit! Yeah me(this totally helps with the whole running thing...go figure)
2. last beverage: 1 glass of Beringer right now
3. last phone call? Chris
4. last text message: See you at the gym in the morning
5. last CD played: A mix of music I have been into lately
6: last BUBBLE bath: About 2 hours ago
7: last time you cried :about a week ago on the phone with sis
8. last meal? The kids wanted Taco Bell.....I wishing I had not

SEVEN have you’s:
1. have you ever dated someone twice?: twice, three times, whatever
3. have you ever kissed someone & regreted it?: I am sure I have but I do not remember...You should never regret kisses.
4. have you ever fallen in love?yes
5. have you ever lost someone?: yes
6.have you ever slept until 2pm?: yes, quite recently.....Like Saturday
7. have you ever been drunk and thrown up? Yes, but not much. It only serves to make me feel stupid

SIX things you did in the past three days:
1.) slept all day
2.) shared an entire bag of M&M's
3.) sent Jewelry swaps out
4.) talked with friends
5.) played on webkins
6.) took the kids to the park

SIX people you can tell pretty much anything to ( I do not care for this question.....I list these in no particular order!!!!!!!)
1.) Jess
2.) Beth
4.) Stacey
5.) Kylene
6.) Chris

THREE favorite colors —
1.) blue
2.) blue
3.) Pink

list FOUR things you want to do before you die -
1.) Live at the Beach.....I mean litterally on it. House on sand. Windows open so I can hear waves crashing.
2.) Along with my trip to Italy.....I want to go to England, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Greece.......Shall I keep going?
3.) skydive
4.) Own a sailboat

This month have you…Laughed until you cried: nope

1. Your last kiss? tickled my ear......were we talking romantic kiss?
2. Gay Marriage? Its not my boat to float, but if it yours......Then float it
3. Lowering the drinking age?yes, absolutely, I wrote a paper on it in college. 18 is a legal adult. If you are legal in all other ways, and allowed to serve our country at this age, then by gosh, if you want to drink go right ahead. It should be 18
4. Straight, Gay, or Bi? Me, straight!
5. Who are the best huggers that you know? huggers, like people that hug me? My friends
6. Do you believe in love at first sight? Absolutely
7. Is there something you want to tell someone?yes
8. What brand of shirt are you wearing?Mossimo
9. Would you kiss anyone on your top friends?yes
10. What is your current annoyance? Everyone being sick!
11. How many kids do you want to have?2 is what I got
12. Do you want to change your name? no
13. Last time you saw your father? this afternoon
14. What did you do for your last birthday?? Danced all night at a bar in South Alabama, while drinking tequila
15.What time did you wake up today? 10
16. What were you doing at midnight last night? I had passed out watching a movie
17. Name something you CANNOT wait to do: Italy in November
18. What is your favorite thing in your room? hmmm, my bed
20. Where is your closest friend right now???? At home , I guess