Thursday, February 25, 2010

Checking in

Checking in on this midterm week. I am tired and ready for it all to be over with.  Looks like I am not going to be doing much this weekend.   I did have a good trip, a much needed trip.  I spent the day with Misti, taught my old ballet class(heaven), took my test(100 psychology questions at 8pm), and met Misti and MG at old tymers(seriously what was up with that guy drumming along to the song on the radio).  Just like old times. Well except the kitchen was closed and we ended up at wingstop.  So all is good.  One thing is for sure , I don't miss Fort Payne but I do miss some people and some things.  Now its just time to figure out how to have the best of both worlds.....(I am freaking Miley Cyrus apparently)

Okay , back to studying....and coffee(got a new percolator)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FP or Bust.........

Got some mixed emotions today.  I am headed to FP for my midterm.  What is it about that place that makes you not want to go back? Maybe its just me. Perhaps its the fact that I got out and I don't want to be reminded of all the things I associate with it.  Not my parents, not him, not the divorce.......none of it.  I have really been struggling with some things lately and I guess (and its a seriously bad time for this) I have been doing some grieving.  Grieving for life, the past, people.  See I realize that for the last 3 years I have not slowed down one bit.  I just kept going and never stopped long enough to check my feelings.  I always felt if I kept busy then none of those emotions that nip at your heart have a chance to take over.  So I stayed busy.......for 3 years.  I never stopped.  Not through the deployment, not through my grandfathers death, not through the move, not through the fussing, the fighting, the love, the hate, the divorce, through meeting other people, going back to work, starting school and feeling like it was all going to fast!  See I never stopped. Not until now.  Now I have stopped.  I have silence, sometimes uncomfortably so.  I have time alone and no where to go and thats exactly what I needed.  My mind is not so busy.   I lived a lifetime worth in the last 3 years.  I look at pictures of my children when we first moved here and my heart aches at where the time has gone.  Kendal is the age that Rye was when we moved to Alabama.  She was just barely out of diapers!  Anyway, I have rambled on and got caught up in emotions this morning but that seems to be happening so much lately.  I have more to write on the subject , but it will have to wait.  Have to get packed up and ready to leave this morning.  I will say this.  If I needed answers to any questions or reserves I had about moving here.....I think I am finding them.  The past makes me ache....but I feel a slow heal coming on.  Its going to take alot of time but I know that one day it will not hurt anymore.  One day it will just simply be the past and I can look back and not cry for all the things that I went through but be thankful for all the life I had and where I have come to. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shhhh......I am supposed to be studying..

I am in full midterm mode.  Okay thats a lie.  I am in full procrastination mode.  Really, I don't have that much to do.  I mean story, essay, power point, test, test, exam....and a handfull of other assignments.  I just cant get motivated.  My hearts not in it.  I wrote two damn good essays this week, each about 1000 words and then I think that my brain left the building.  I have the best intentions...really I do.  But its sunny. .....and like 60 degrees.....and I can hear J working outside .......and I should be running.  I get way to destracted by things.  Like watching the PBS movie of Emma this morning at 6 am. Because that is what time J left for work and that is when I wake up and can not go back to sleep.  PERFECT time to study.......wrong.....perfect time to watch a movie on my laptop in bed.  3 hours later, I am still in bed except this time I am exhausted because I got up so early.......  but it is way past time to be studying.  I did manage to get up, do some laundry, wash dishes, sweep the floor(read*procrastination*)......all before I made myself sit down read west. civ and take a test.  Which I made a 100 on.  That is my way though. Stress......Do everything else but study........sit down and finally apply myself.....and find a way to come out on top.  Don't get me wrong, I am not tooting my own horn here.  I just know that when I actually apply myself , I usually do a good job.  Would you like to be let in on my current online distraction????  Okay here it is SHIT MY DAD SAYS  ...You may need a twitter account, not sure.  I realized very quickly that I was a bad tweeter but I still have my account.  Yes, these tweets are funny and I can't wait for each post.....Oh and cake.  Cake is my distraction.  (CAKE!) 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday 13

Play along HERE

13 pictures from the big snow storm commentary. a quick learner and soon this was bigger than her!
So big in fact...J and I cold not lift it!

So we gave up.......

Then J destroyed it......before busting his ass

We went for a drive back his families land....and found this! 
Hello georgeous!

Then we had a huge 10 person snowball fight with family

And J is a sore loser......I kicked his butt....He was digging snow out of his ear for an hour!

Visibility got bad.......Rye swears he was going to lose a few fingers......

Yet....he was the one laying around in it!!!!
Then we all decided to take a hike.....straight downwards......Which is exactly where I landed a few times.
We had more snowball fights

We fed the  horses....

A day off....full of playing.....

The Culprit

Here it is.......This is the culprit.
The reason why I can not lose weight!
Vday candy!
I loathe you!
No I don't actually I can not resist you.....
But you are so evil!
This is getting ridiculous!
The Easter candy is out now......
Whats a self proclaimed candy addict supposed to do??????
Soon every color peeps will be calling my name as I walk through the grocery aisles....
Peep, Peep, Peep
I need Sugar Addicts Anoynomous!

Toothfairys are fickle......

I mean they are just not loyal.  They know that teeth are there.......unless they have selective hearing.  Yet they forget or just choose to not show up.  Sometimes they even leave the money and forget the teeth.....according to  Hou.  According to K, they leave the money and give the teeth to mom, because moms like to keep them. (?) According to Rye.....he is a nonbeliever.  The child once went a whole month with a tooth under his pillow and the tooth fairy NEVER came!!!  How crazy is that!!!  Especially since he gave Rye 20$ for his first lost tooth!  I told him it was all down hill from there.  Since Rye has decided to lose 6 teeth this month........that the tooth fairy must have went broke on his mouth and needed to share the love.  He doesnt even bother anymore putting them under the pillow.  He just brings them home and says "here mom" *gross*.   Oh.....I tell you.....Those toothfairy's are fickle.....I don't trust them. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Check out this song......

Love some Theory of a Deadman....Love this song!

In the tradition of 1000 Awesome Things........

 Singing along quietly to a song on the radio driving down the road......and realizing that he is singing quietly too......

Now thats AWESOME!

Turn the radio up
For that sweet sound
Hold me close
Never let me go.......
Keep this feeling alive

When I look in your eyes
I go crazy
Fever's high with the lights down low
Take me over the edge

Awesome!  Now go check out more awesome at this guys blog HERE

I am Books-a-Million...

Back in Auburn again today.  Last day of this course, and I seriously considered shutting the alarm clock off, kicking J out of bed and telling him "have a good day".  In fact when I was making my coffee.....the percolator broke.  Well technically its been broke but sometimes I can get it to work.  Not today though.  Nope, not at 4:45am when I really needed it.  Thanks. I grabbed the ibuprofen ......stated what a great day it was going to be and got in the truck.  I promptly fell asleep until almost Selma, where J must of not been able to put up with my snoring any longer and started poking a straw at my nose.  Boys.   Well, I dropped him off, and headed to Kroger where I was determined to buy a few things so I did not blow my diet today.  Cause you know much as we bitch about the cold weather....soon it will be swimsuit weather. And I would HATE to have to boycott summer because my lard ass is not fitting into a swimsuit.  I live way to close to the beach now.  Going to take advantage of it.  Thank you very much.  I plan on doing nothing else actually.  Pool, Lake, Beach.....repeat.  So now I am in the bookstore, where I found a comfy chair to sit and study my Psychology.  Only I am on the internet.  Can you say procrastinator?  Pro-crasti-nator.  I got two papers to write as well....If only they were as easy as writing on the blog.  Well Lator -gators......Psy is calling. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

K hearts Butter

J brought over Butter today for some exercise.  I think he has big ideas about K and horses.  He is really into getting her on them and teaching her.  Which is pretty cool because she is willing.  
I put her up for a few minutes with him.....

then she got on by herself.  He taught her how to get her to go(I am positive there is a word for that), how to stop her(Whoa), how to lead her left and right.  I was really impressed.  She doesnt have much authority yet.  No real umpf in her clicking and kicking, but she was getting it.
Maybe its because she knows Butter has a baby in her tummy. Kendal kept telling me....Mommy, Butter has my baby horse in her tummy.  She is already thinking of names for her horse.  We both hope its a girl....but i told her that horses should have two Blue Jeans(Hannah Montanah horse) or Sugar Baby(my horse when I was a kid).....We will keep thinking on names.   
She has no fear though.  Unlike the boys....who run in the opposite direction!  Hou's fear I know comes from getting bucked off....but not sure if Rye's fear comes from the story of Hou getting bucked off or what.  He has never been scared before!

My beautiful baby girl.....could someone please tell her not to grow up!  I can't stand it.  She is getting taller by the day and I want her to still be my baby!  Okay....emotional mommy moment over.

Look....J can keep his mouth shut....I actually got on and he did not have to tell me how to ride because I already knew.....MUCH to his surprise.  Look how cool I am in my running shoes, and guy harvy t.......Not exactly riding wear but he springs things on me!  He just brings horses up to the house and says "hey get on!"  Well okay but I was totally lounging! 

Well he was happy, he got both his girls on a horse.  Butter got some much needed exercise and soon she will not be ridable(is that a word?) Now J, go put Butter up....Its cold, wet  and she is Prego! 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mardi Gras 2010

By Saturday morning the snow was well on its way to being melted. Except for a few lasting snowmen.....I was not about to miss my Mardi Gras! So J and I loaded up the kids and took off to Mobile. We ate at Wentzels.....ooohhhhh yummy oysters rockerfeller(my absolute favorite) and headed over to meet up with Ky and Miller and family. Then we headed downtown to get ready for the MOT Parade. 

The kids and I were Mardi Gras newbies(virgins) but no longer. 

They patiently waited as the parade past by. We were off to the side of it, but we had a great spot for when it was coming back around.  We had a fenced in yard at the law office of Ky's family. 
And soon, the kids were loaded down with bling, cups, frisbies, footballs, glowballs.......and of course moonpies!

And look, i even got J to smile.......

Didn't last long......(Don't let anyone know you are having a good time sweetie)

Nope....Don't you smile! 

So all in all....I had a great time!  I can not wait to go back next year and I really would like to experience more of it. 


Pants on the Ground

Not sure why pics don't show up on these videos, but they do work I checked!

Here is K.....being K.....doing Pants on the Ground

Valentines Tradition

I am not sure where I bought them. Somewhere out west.........

But it would not be Valentine's without them. My kids ask for them every year.......

They are a pain in the ass to use. And half the time I burn them or they fall apart....

But every once in awhile.....I get one right(sorta).....

Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 12, 2010

Trying to Reason with a whole heck of lot of snow!

Good Morning.
Its snowing and it has been since about 4 am, with no stopping in site.  Forecast says until about 4 pm. 
We have all been up since 5:45, which is ridiculous. 
Have to teach the kids that you do not go outside with bare feet.
You would think they were raised in AZ or something.  That stuff is cold children.  Yes you have to put a jacket on.  No Rye you can not wear a cut off tshirt.  I don't care if you are hot.
Look , they even all posed for me........
But it didn't last long
They would rather have a snow fight
Me and Bear(the neighborhood) dog would rather watch from the porch.
Poor baby, the boys ganged up on her.

Then they gave up snow ball fights in favor of eating snow. Don't eat the yellow snow!!!!!

and making snow angels

and making art

Happy snow day everybody.....

I will leave you with this cool fact brought to you by the Weather Channel.  If it snows in Florida....this will be the first time all 50 states have snow......pretty cool.