Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blog Challenge:First

When is the first time you...

fell in love ? 10th grade or so I thought. It was my first boyfriend and we were together a really long time. Then I moved away, and we got back together when I moved home and I believed I loved him. But know that I am married, I believe that I never really knew the true meaning and feeling of love until my husband.

lost someone close to you? When I was 13, I lost my grandmother.

drank alcohol? Middle school, (shaking my head at the memory)

got kissed? Middle school(spin the bottle)

went to the hospital? In 4th grade, I broke my arm and had reconstructive surgury, stayed for a week.

got your heart broken? After high school, boyfriend and I broke up after a year and half.

lost a pet? young child(mayber 1st grade)We lost our family dog Katie

smoked a cigarette? high school

broke a bone? 3rd grade-arm

got a job?summer between 10th and 11th grade

got cheated on? Don't remember

rode the city bus? Phoenix, AZ 10th grade

went to a concert? First concert was Michael Bolton not sure when that was

Met someone famous?

dyed your hair? 16

got your own cell phone? In my early 20's

snuck out the house? 15

drove a car?15

got your own digital camera? 24

how old are you now? 27