Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve

Merry Birthday to K.K

So....Let me catch up this has been my week or so

Very quickly too

Here goes

Finished school and that blasted research paper

Took exams

Finished most of the shopping and Packing

School parties and withdrawed kids from school

Drove down to south alabama

Christmas with Josh's family

Stayed a few days

Drove home

Finish Packing my entire house

Finished last minute shopping

Finished all wrapping

Spent Christmas Eve Eve-haha at mom's house

Tave Jason Phoebe and Lila are here

Okay, I think that catches me up. Today is Christmas EVe and K's birthday so not much time. But I am heading up to the parent's house to have a good day!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today's word is ornament

I started the day out at K's school making ornaments. It was pretty organized, but when is Mr. H not organized. Had a great time, and she came home with a bag full. Don't you just love all those handprints and crooked reindeer. I do.....I love them.

Went to West. Civ. final....uh...well its a good thing I had a A on everything else because the test was gruesome!!! Its all good though. Cause I am still going to come out good with the grades. Been at home all day cleaning, packing, yada yada. Sat down to make some totally cool ornaments for teacher's gifts. Well my idea fell through...grrr......I hate it when I have a "crafty idea" in my head and it just doesnt come out right. Well. I had to pull some tricks out to make them look good. Being the crafty diva that I am. They came out all right. Here is what I came out with.

Made a few more.......not for teachers .......excuse my flash! Kinda turned out cool though.

there, I am spent. All the craft stuff is packed away. No more scrapbooking or altering for awhile! Ready to get this move behind me. So headed south tomorrow. Good, because I need it!

I miss me some of this.......

I had to do it......2009 Christmas Survey.....

1. Does your family send out Christmas cards? I used to make cards. I used to be crafty. I wonder what happened to crafty.
2. How soon do you start shopping? Depends. I start thinking about in October and really start in November. This year, its been really put on the back burner. So much other stuff going around.
3. Who do you shop for?Mostly my kids, nieces
4. Do you put up a Christmas tree?yes
5. If so, is it fake or real?Lately its been fake, but I am really a fan of real. Love the smell. Hate the sap
6. Do you like tinsel?Tinsel reminds me of the 70's. I always see it in pictures but never really put it on my tree.
7. Do you use homeade or storebought ornaments?A little of both.
8. Do you put Christmas lights outside your house?usually
9. Do you put lights on the tree?yes, thats what makes it a Christmas tree
10. How about popcorn and cranberries? I have strung popcorn on the tree. Kids love it!
11. Is there a wreath hanging on your doo?Not this year
Christmas Eve
12. Do you celebrate it?Not really. Its K's birthday and I want her to feel special that day
13. Do you hang up your stocking?just the kids
14. Does your family read "Twas the night before Christmas?"Usually
15. Christmas MovieChristmas Vacation
16. Character from any Christmas MovieThe talking snowman in the cartoon Rudolf
17. Christmas Song Have yourself a merry little Christmas, Coldplay has an excellent version!
18. Christmas MemoryMy son waking up to a train set when he was 2. "Choo Choo Daddy, Choo Choo" He said repeatedly. Never forget that.
This or That
19. Give or Receive? BOTH! LOL
20. Eggnog or Cider? No and NO
21. Red or Green?Red
22. Ham or Turkey?Turkey
23. Star or Angel?star
24. White Lights or Colored Lights?both
25. Blinking Lights or Still Lights?both
26. Were you Naughty or Nice this year?Naughty.....always Naughty....but I hear Naughty is the new nice!
27. What do you want for Christmas this year?hmmm.....this is a complicated question
28. When do you open your gifts?Christmas morning
29. What's the best gift you've ever gotten?
30. What's the worst gift you've ever gotten?A picture of the virgin mary from my MIL who is not Catholic. I wonder if she was trying to tell me something.
31. Who gives you the most gifts?NOt what its about
32. Have you ever had a secret Santa?yes
33. Do you like wrapping gifts?yes
34. Do you put change in those red buckets?sure
35. Do you burn a yule log?nope
36. Can you name all the reindeer?yes
37. Do you bake cookies?yes
38. Have you ever seen your mommy kissing Santa Clause?ewwwww
39. Have you ever gotten a kiss under the mistletoe?no
40. Do you go caroling?hello no
41. Do you drive around and look at the Christmas lights?yes
42. Have you ever left Santa cookies?In this house its beer and birthday cake
43. Have you ever sat on Santa's lap?yes
44. Who do you celebrate Christmas with?My kids.....but this year, I have a date to lay under the tree on Christmas night and look up at the lights. I can't wait.
45. Where do you celebrate Christmas?home
46. Have you ever had a white Christmas?cant remember
47. What part of Christmas do you look most foward to?read #44....I love this
48. Have you ever had your picture taken with Santa?yes
49. Does your family always take a picture at Christmas?sure
50. Have you ever heard the song "Thank God For Kids" by The Oakridge Boys?nope

Then there is this song...............

I know I am posting alot of song lyrics right now.....but this is how I operate. To music. This one is like a check list for me right now.
Hey, maybe I'll dye my hair
Maybe I'll move somewhere
Maybe I'll get a car
Maybe I'll drive so far
They'll all lose track
Me, I'll bounce right back
Maybe I'll sleep real late
Maybe I'll lose some weight
Maybe I'll clear my junk
Maybe I'll just get drunk on apple wine
Me, I'll be just Fine and Dandy
Lord it's like a hard candy christmas
I'm barely getting through tomorrow
But still I won't let Sorrow bring me way down
I'll be fine and dandy
Lord it's like a hard candy christmas
I'm barely getting through tomorrow
But still I won't let Sorrow get me way down
Hey, maybe I'll learn to sew
Maybe I'll just lie low
Maybe I'll hit the bars
Maybe I'll count the stars until dawn
Me, I will go on
Maybe I'll settle down
Maybe I'll just leave town
Maybe I'll have some fun
Maybe I'll meet someone
And make him mine
Me, I'll be just Fine and dandy
Lord it's like a hard candy christmas
I'm barely getting throung tomorrow
But still I won't let Sorrow bring me way down
'Cause I'll be fine (I'll be fine) Oh, I'll be fine
Yes, I know thats true.....I'll be fine

Wednesday, December 16, 2009



I can't believe that this was posted
I can't believe how it makes me feel
I can't post it here.
You just have to read it for yourself.
So....I read that.
Feeling rather melancholy tonight. Got the Christmas music going. I have packing, wrapping, cleaning, and studying to do. My head's somewhere else. Its moved on. Things are winding down here and I am feeling anxious. No more classes, nothing more to do. Just last minute things around here. I've always moved on. It's my way. This time it's hard. Not sure how to say goodbye and I am avoiding it as much as possible. There is nothing left here for me. Yes, I will miss things, people......but you got move on. It will be okay.......Just breathe. While I'm at it, I will post this song. Its Joanie Rivers and I love it.
It's coming on Christmas
They're cutting down trees
They're putting up reindeer
And singing songs of joy and peace
Oh I wish I had a river
I could skate away on
But it don't snow here
It stays pretty green
I'm going to make a lot of money
Then I'm going to quit this crazy scene
I wish I had a river
I could skate away on
I wish I had a river so long
I would teach my feet to fly
Oh I wish I had a river
I could skate away on
I made my baby cry
He tried hard to help me
You know, he put me at ease
And he loved me so naughty
Made me weak in the knees
Oh I wish I had a river
I could skate away on
I'm so hard to handle
I'm selfish and I'm sad
Now I've gone and lost the best baby
That I ever had
Oh I wish I had a river
I could skate away on
I wish I had a river so long
I would teach my feet to fly
Oh I wish I had a river
I could skate away on
I made my baby say goodbye
It's coming on Christmas
They're cutting down trees
They're putting up reindeer
And singing songs of joy and peace
I wish I had a river
I could skate away on
I hear you too.

Odd things interest me......but


Check out this website......

Today's word is.....spindrift

noun. Windblown sea spray. Also called spoondrift.

I want some of this......yes, this thought gives me a mental vacation. Wonder if Jimmy could work this word into one of his songs. I just like saying it. And the meaning....well yeah. Don't you love it.

I'll even provide you with a photo....for your mental vacation. Here is one from Isle of Capri in Italy! Yeah, Italy! I miss you.

"mi manchi moltissimo"

See the spindrift behind me !!! Bellissimo!!!

Well this is me before the spindrift flies up....wait for it, wait for it

Oh, and if you need a definition for "mental vacation", you are 1. ridiculous or 2. not a parrothead.

Here is your definition.

The term Parrothead was coined during a Jimmy Buffett concert at the ... theme of being a Parrothead is one of relaxation and being on a permanent mental vacation, even while working.

Mental vacation- A mild cerebral hiatus from consciously entertaining expectations from the perilous and numbing things that infiltrate our lives (e.g. bill collectors, crappy jobs, stale relationships, etc). It can last as long as one desires, and, depending on one's skill, can go completely unnoticed(Urban dictionary)

On a side note-- I am totally finished with my research paper and only have one more final exam to go.......Yeah! I would like to celebrate by feeling spindrift on my face as I walk down the shore. (See, I used it in a sentence, that English class was not totally useless :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

For you

I had to put this here. Just know.....ok, just know...always on my mind.....
If this is for you smile......if not, move along.....because I am not explaining anything!


I went to the Hunter Art Museum in Chattanooga yesterday. It was for an Art assignment mostly turned out to be a relaxing and inspiring morning. I have forgotten how awesome it is to walk around a museum like that. I got all the materials I needed for my paper and LOVED looking at the Christmas trees that decked the halls!

please excuse the pics there was no flash! and those ladies at the museum watch you like a hawk!

Like this one.......

I should have put golden peacock feathers in my tree......

Or a butterfly.....I heart you!!!

Or lightbulbs!!! genious....who needs ornaments!

Really this is just me and a really cool mirror!
windex please

Really , I had a great time.........and I fell in love with a few pieces.

This one.....beautiful!

Ralph Blalock- Landscape with Moon

And while it could have a better hem.....its BEAUTIFUL

And I really like this horse.....I just do
I saw this piece and started walking faster......I recognized the artist from a freaking distance!!!! Beautiful work by Dale Chihuly.....Oh my gosh, I could eat you up....

And on a side note, this could mean I actually retained some information from this Art class Im taking....Go me!

Sidney Goodman - Girl with a Sheet was like a photograph! I fell into pieces over it....I just stood there and stared...

Tony Scherman
I love it....Creepy.......but I'm into that sort of thing.....

not technically art....but if I ever have a stair banister......please god let me have one like this!

And this chandelier.........stunnning

So that was my morning.....I did not even take my cell phone in. How relaxing.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lady Antebellum lyrics.....I likes

I run from hateI run from prejudiceI run from pessimistsBut I run too lateI run my lifeOr is it running meRun from my pastI run too fastOr too slow it seemsWhen lies become the truthThat’s when I run to youThis world keeps spinning fasterInto a new disaster so I run to youI run to you babyAnd when it all starts coming undoneBaby you’re the only one I run toI run to youWe run on fumesYour life and mineLike the sands of timeSlippin’ right on throughAnd our love’s the only truthThat’s why I run to you

Yeah.......I definetly likes.....

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My horoscope today

This could be a lucky day in the romance department for you, Virgo, but you need to experiment, reach out, or otherwise get out of the comfort zone that's binding you to the same old limits. You need to take a chance today, because luck is on your side. Even with money your luck is better than average, but put your focus on relationships today. You need to stop reviewing your list of reasons why you can't succeed.

Lao Tzu said that "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Believe it.

This was my horoscope on Facebook today.......
Get out of my comfort zone.....ummmm.....check
binding me to the same old limits......check
experiment, reach out......check
Stop reviewing your list of reasons why you can't succeed.......check

Okay, okay....I hear ya! Thats what Im doing! :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Going to just share a few things here


I heart this man......

quite alot actually......

I am looking forward to this.

Looking forward to spending more time with her. :)

Going to miss this......but there are ideas.

Going to miss her

and her

and this.......

Told you I was a piece of work!

I'll explain later

Recipe for snowflakes

Ive been asked how you make the snowflakes. Its really easy. Thanks and credits to the master crafter that she is....Laura.

1. Lay out wax paper
2. Place q-tips in design you want.
3. At all the junctions pour Elmer's white glue(and I mean make a puddle) Buy the big bottle!
4. Sprinkle glitter.
5. Let 2 days. Peel off and flip over. This helped mine dry more.
6. Hang from ceiling or decorate tree. Whateva you want!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Posted....or going postal

This is addicting!

Im kinda in love right now

my dining room has been turned into a winter wonderland. Makes me quite happy. Friday it looked like this......

had a little of this

and this......

Saturday morning we had some of this.......

and now it looks like this......

I smile everytime I walk into the kitchen. Pictures do not do it justice. Its amazing. Oh and watch your head....

My Parents Were Awesome(the website)

My Parents Were Awesome

This website absolutely cracks me up!!!!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

and I quote

"When it comes to matters of the heart,
games are what children play "
~Pioneer Woman


There is this door.
It is swung wide open.
I hear the voice on the otherside calling.
Beckoning for me to walk through.
What keeps me from taking the first step?
What am I worried about?
What is there to be concerned about?
Is it what people will think?
I have never cared about that before!
Why now?
How do we stray from who we once were?
How did I forget to throw caution to the wind?
This is not me!
I don't want to be scared anymore.
I don't want to wonder "what if".
I want to go.
I don't care what happens next.
I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
Enough is enough.
I want me back!
And this is me!
I want to walk through that door!
I don't want my life planned out for me.
I want more.
And I am going to get it!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Here it is!

Christmas Photo Shoot 2009!!!
Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Working on ideas for Christmas Photo Shoot

Here is just a preview! I have got some fun new ideas! Last years pics were very formal but I loved them. This year we are going fun and crazy. Really looking forward to getting out all the Christmas boxes and figuring out what we can get in.

Dont you just love her crazy facial expressions!!!!

And don't you just love Christmas lights!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Okay....over on another blog

The Dancing Mermaid....I heart you......was talking about "Embracing the Suck"......Okay...Ignore my previous post of heartache, anger, and general distaste for life....I am

Embracing the Suck!

I need a stress reliever

Well I know I just had a week off. A week away. A week of doing nothing(like my research paper). Should of though. I feel it now. My to-do list has about 36 numbers on it and I don't even write to-do lists. I swore those off last year....some of you may remember. Well I just write stuff down randomly now. You know the back of the mail, the back of my checkbook, the calendar, homework sheets. Its not really a good system. I do not recommend it. Try the to-do list maybe it will work for you. Not me.....Im not ever doing that again. So here is what my Monday back from Holiday was like. By the way, don't think I am going on Holiday again. Skipping Christmas.....yes sounds good. Bah Humbug

Alarm, kids, breakfast, we are late, get off the wii, coffee.....damn no creamer. drop kids off at I do not care that you want to be dropped off first. No painter , I did not forget you....I am coming to unlock the door......its just raining, and cold. Don't like it. Unlock door, check out roofing job.....nope they did not do it.....yeah yeah, I will take pics later.........when its not pouring. Walmart.....few groceries....ah yes coffee creamer! Home, unload more of the car, because I still have not done that! Coffee....with creamer......Facebook.......Internet I missed calls. Okay screw all of this I am watching a movie.....and falling asleep on couch. More coffee......toast. phone calls. English assignment. Post office....they really should check into hiring someone for the 50 people standing in line.....its the holidays for gods sake! Bah! Bank. Pictures of roof....can't believe they lied and said they did it! Ha! Phone calls. Pick up kids. Get them something to eat because I forgot snacks. Winterguard. Dance Studio. Lock up house after contractors left. Back to studio for forgotten jacket. Dinner. Home. Exhausted.
Now where is that post of things I am thankful for?
Please no one else call me today with bad news. Or needing something from me. Im out. Got nothing left for any of you!
And did I mention I am hating the Holidays! Nothing like being alone. The kids splitting their time between houses, I just feel very empty. Ugh. I don't even want to put up the tree. That would require more energy than I have. Yes, I know I have my kids. I get it. I am thankful. Well anyway. I am going to look forward to my date Christmas night laying on the floor with my head under the tree looking up at the lights. Yeah, that makes me smile. Okay holding on to that thought for now.
Well I need a good laugh. Or a good stiff drink. Maybe just sleep......
Here you go.....All this off of Stealing Sunday....I am to lazy to link it , just google friends!

1. When is your birthday? August 25
2. Where were you born? Huntsville, AL
3. Where do you live now? The gates of Hell.......just kidding...Nice quaint....totally fake and snooty Fort Payne, AL. Let me out, Let me out!
4. What is your heritage? Cherokee, Irish, Scottish, we really actually have heritage any more?
5. Tell us about a weakness. Crying, Crying is a weakness.....Just don't do it.....You regret it afterwards and your face is all puffy.
6. What's a goal that you'd like to achieve? I would like to achieve the goal of getting out of this town and moving on!
7. What is the most overused internet phrase?LOL
8. What was your first thought this morning? No......tell me that its not the alarm....Damn it!
9. When do you usually go to bed?Between the hours of 10 and 2......I kid you not , like every night which might be my problem with number 8
10. Do you smoke? If not, did you ever? Yes, started when I was 15. Quit off and on. Sad to say the vice has been back. Not totally. Just when I drink...and its going away again.
11. Do you like your current relationship status?By relationship status.....Do you mean Divorced or just getting out of a bad never going to move on relationship, or the disfunctional "distant" relationship, or the kinda crazy, love you but you make me crazy long distance relationship......Hmmm....thats a toughy! Think relationship status and me should never be in the same sentence!!!
12. Do you (or did you) get along with your parents? Nope......and Nope....Never have, Never do, Future does not look to bright either......But its all my fault.....REmember people....Relationship Status :"distant"
13. How often do you drink alcohol?Every chance I get it......Lol, that makes me sound like a Lush.....ok
14. Have you ever tried drugs (that weren't prescribed)? yes.....yeah lets leave that one alone
15. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? If yes, do tell. Well as a matter of fact I have. And the "relationship" I am in now......Well he remembers it quite fondly!
16. If given the choice, how would you like to die? I wouldnt....What?
17. What did you want to be when you grew up?A dancer
18. Have you ever been dumped?I am sure I have(cant really remember).....See thats because I am not the emotional one.....Keep up...."distant"
19. What's on your pizza?Meat lovers
20. Have you ever shoplifted? I swear I took some coffee creamer from a gas station!
21. What color is your watch? Black.....Think I am going to give it back to the person who gave it to me.....I just can't bring myself to wear the damn thing.
22. What do you think of when you hear “Australia”?Keith Urban
23. Would you strip for money?No.......Oh who am I kidding....Hell Yeah!
24. Do you go in a fast food place or just hit the drive thru?drive thru
25. What is your favorite number?25
26. Who’s the last person you talked to on the phone?the X
27. Any plans today? Not anymore....Bed
28. In how many states have you lived?3
29. Biggest annoyance right now? oh where do I begin
30. Last song listened to?don't remember
31. Can you say the alphabet backwards?No.....not even sober....I mean I am sober....But I swear thats what the cops want you to say.....not that I know
32. Do you have a maid service clean your house?no. damn it
33 Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time? is bare feet
34. Are you jealous of anyone?Of course
35. Is anyone jealous of you?Probably .......
36. Do you love anyone?Yes
37. Do any of your friends have children?yes
38. What do you usually do during the day?see beginning of post
39. Do you hate anyone that you know right now?Hate is a strong word....but yeah, it will do
40. Do you use the word hello daily?no.
41. What color is your car?black
42. What size wedding ring do you wear? I don't....and thats a good thing.
43. Are you thinking about someone right now?Just I am thinking of someone I would like in that bed ....yes
44. Have you ever been to Six Flags?Yes
50. How did you get your worst scar?reconstructive surgery on my left arm.....because I broke it 3 times in a 1.5 years. 2 totally wicked awesome long scars and a cross on the opposite side where the bone came out. I know, you can't all be cool like me.

I leave you with just this one thought the blogger world......
Run From The Bus! You don't have to get on...........Don't you ever just want to Run From the Bus!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thoughts at the end of a long week

Sitting here at the end of a very long week. It was great. Don't get me wrong. Lots to think about folks, lots to think about. But for all you out there in blogger, facebook, twitter and myspace, thought I would add my "thankfuls" before this weekend of Thanksgiving hooplah is over. (sorry, never been one of my favorite holidays) Forget the Turkey, eat chinese! So here we go, a little unconventional.....but anyways
Im thankful for my quiet apartment
I'm thankful for my little girl with blonde ringlets
I'm thankful for a boy who turned 9 years old
and I'm thankful that the fear of being his mom so many years ago seems to be subsiding.
I'm thankful for trees to climb in or watch my children climb in
I'm thankful for beautiful sunsets over green pastures
I'm thankful for a semester of classes almost behind me.....though I am not thankful for that ruddy English teacher(you make me ill)
I'm thankful for the past being the past...thats where it belongs
I'm thankful for mornings all snuggled up in bed
I'm thankful for my percolator(and also Folders)
I'm thankful for friends that become your family
I'm thankful for sweet notes passed back and forth and lipstick on mirrors
I'm thankful for hooters girls and hula hoops(it takes talent)
I'm thankful for my blackberry because it connects me to you
I'm thankful for families that welcome you in like you are their own
I'm thankful for the Wallflowers
I'm thankful for Cabernet Savoign
I'm thankful for Hooty Hoo
I'm thankful for new beginnings and fresh starts
I'm thankful this all will not matter in 5 years
I feel there are more........Im certain...Maybe I should do this more often. Clears my head.......ah yes, and then I can go on.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If you are ever in Chattanooga.......

Go here:

Your tastebuds will thank not your waist but your tastebuds yes. Sunday, I followed around these precious girls with my camera. I wish I had my babies with me but thats ok, I was able to concentrate more on these girls and get some great shots for their mom. We stopped for a treat. Not me.....I was good and said no. But I did have a bite! Who could resist?>

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Weekend

Well I don't feel like writing long paragaraphs.....but this weekend rocked my socks off. I did so much and had so much fun. I am relaxed, happy, and just in a great mood.


Had a going away party at K's school for Jimmy. This was the worst part of my weekend. I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Juliet. I will miss you Juliet. Your friendship snuck up on me and it means so much. I know that no matter how many miles between us we will always find away!!!! KISSES and HUGS!!!!

Friday night.

Dropped kids with Chris(his weekend) and went to Paint the Town in Gadsden. OMG, this was the best time! We brought wine and cheese and sat down in a uber crowded room to paint! 1.5 bottles, great music, and some paint and this is what Misti and I created....

This is just the best time and getting really popular. My friend Ky went to one in Tuscaloosa the other day as well! We can not wait to go back!

The rest of Friday night was spent drinking wine, dancing in my living room to great music.

Saturday morning

I awoke to Misti telling me to move faster(love ya girl) but this was a little hard considering the wine from the night before! Ha but we had places to be!


Dance Company

Pole Dancing Class

*There are a few pics....think I will keep to hem!

Thats probably all I should elaborate on. Let me just say though. If you ever get the opportunity to do this. You should. Cause its Awesome! And great exercise!


We finished off a great morning with sushi in downtown Chatt. We sat outside and just relaxed and talked. It was great.

And we saw this guy....

And he made my day...

With his shirt.....(I cut his head off in the pic to protect the innocent)

Then we decided that we should walk the sushi off by walking through town and across the bridge to Coolidge park. We are working on a little Christmas gift situation too and needed some materials. Well and stop and get fudge. In my defense, I did not buy any....Just tasted hers. It was an unbelievable day. With not agenda. But, I had to get back because I had company coming to town. J came to FP. We have not seen each other in 2 weeks and I was so excited. A little nervous being it was the first time he had come here. Anyway, we had a great evening at the Northshore Grille in Chattanooga(yes, you read that right....I came back on same day) I love that town. It was a quick turn around trip though for him. But the holidays are coming and more time available.
Say goodbye to J
Text with Juliet on her way to Charlotte(I miss you already)
Go back to Chattanooga(yes) with Misti and her girls.
Spend day in Coolidge Park

I just spent the day walking around with the girls taking pics. I am working on them and will post some later. Think I got some great shots. It was so nice and warm out. We played in the water fountains, walked around, ate giant cupcakes, rode the carousel , and ended it all with a trip to Greenlife. Where I found many lovely things.......Such as Acqua Panna.....which is all we drank in Italy. Damn good water.

Sunday evening.
Ate dinner with the kids and Chris
Unpacked them and cleaned up house
Ready to start the next week....Its going to be a busy one