Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Stuff

Hello everyone!  Thank Goodness it is Friday.  I am so ready for a weekend, perhaps not this one, but a weekend none the less.  This week we seem to have to do a bunch of birthday party get togethers.  There will be 4 boys in the house tonight for a sleepover and K has a little girl party to go to.  Tomorrow night we are going out with friends for some much needed "without kids" time.  We have had a 3 kids for several weeks again and I realize how much I need the break sometimes.   Here is Friday fill in for the week.  Appropriate.

1. On vacation, I like to just sit on the beach!

2. Now there is tar in my  ocean.

3. One of my favorite vacation spots is the Gulf.

4. I love to sit outside on the deck durning a full moon.

5. Up, up and away .........

6. Bananas are my dogs favorite.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to.......I am not looking forward to anything, tomorrow my plans include a birthday cookout and night out with friends and Sunday, I want to go furniture shopping with J.
On that note.....go buy these
Lulu Buffett is selling these.  Online and at her store/restaurant in Gulf Shores,AL.  I am planning on picking mine up next week in person. No I never got tickets but going anyway to the JB concert.  JB is supposed to have a special one made up for the concert for sale as well. 

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is it Thursday Already?

Thats good because I am looking forward to the weekend but I really need to finish my living room.  I have two coats of colors on the walls, and 2 coats of kilz on the wainscoting and fire  place.  It is now time to do the white gloss.  I must be getting old because my hands hurt, my neck hurts and my butt and thighs hurt from going up and down the chair. 

Sad thing is...I am very unsure of my decorating abilities......or maybe its just the color green.  I like it, now its like "What do I do with it?"  I am sure I will feel differnt when I get furniture and pictures up.  At least I hope so. 

By the way, my intereview is up over at Say Anything today.  Thanks Dee!

I have approximately 6 days to get my Pell Grant stuff in and send my application to college for the fall.  Procrastinators stand tall.  I got you all beat.  I suck at this stuff. 

Also, I still have done nothing about my internet, which works better in the kitchen apparently but still shady. 

Of course yesterday I willed it to work good while I hounded ticketmaster for Jimmy Buffett Tickets.  Tickets were free for the concert at the beach in Gulf Shores.  Well they were sold out in minutes and were on Ebay for up to 1000$ within the hour. 

Makes you proud to be an American doensnt it?

Jimmy Buffett was trying to do something good.  Drive business into the gulf to help the economy down there.  He was to give a free concert on the beach.  35000 tickets.  All free.  Then people bought them up and are now making a profit off of his good will.  I am appalled.  I am ticked off.  I still plan on going but damn I hope JB has something to say about all this.  Apparently Ebay did get wind of it and took all auctions down.  Still the damage is done.  I still hope to go , they say you can get on the beach and still here the music.  I am going to go get my tshirts from the concert and Lulu's.  I am devestated by the oil spill in the Gulf and I believe that it will never be the same.  How it breaks my heart for my children.  How it breaks my heart , because I longed to retire there someday.  There has got to be some action, but it feels so hopeless.

Before I get all political and start badmouthing and pointing fingers though I will digress.  I am determined to get painting and finish this living room.  I think I will take a week off before tackling K.K.'s room or the kitchen. 


Monday, June 21, 2010

The Weekend, The week ahead......and damn I am good at this mom thing.

Well first I will tell you why I am AWESOME at this mom thing.  K came in this morning with a fallen head and slumped shoulders......."Mommy , the tooth fairy didn't come...... DAMN!  How could I forget?  This happened with Rye once and I told him I think he is too old.  K is only 6!  Totally kicking myself, and scrambled up some BS and told her that I would email the tooth fairy and make sure he knew we had moved.  What else could I say?  What can I say......I am sure to win a parenting award someday. 

Okay so this weekend.  It came , it went, got absolutely nothing accomplished.  Saturday....we had every intention to do yard work and house work all day.  Well we were invited to two different birthday parties and a night out to eat with friends.  Okay fine.....we will make and appearance and the bday parties then head out to eat(which is all we really cared to do in the first place). Well it was one of those days.  The kids woke up on the  wrong side of the bed.  Everyone was fussing, fighting, and whining.  No yard work happened because we had put it off because of having to be places and no one had gone to pick up the lawnmower.  J and I managed to hang a few pictures and continue to be undecided about painting.  By the time 2 rolled around we were so exhausted with the kids that I declared that no one was going to bday parties!  I am of the mind that they do not get to do fun stuff if they act like holy terrors at home.  Not Fair to J and I.  He absolutely agreed.  The boys went of to play and K the instigator of the whole rotton day layed down and promptly slept all afternoon.  I wonder???  Could not have been the fact that they stayed up half the night watching TV????? Sneaky little boogers.   Hated to imput a summer night curfew but we did.   No more of that!  Later that evening after everyone had a little rest we got dressed and went out to eat with friends.  We went to a place called Bobby's Fish Camp.  Its down on the Tombigbee River.  You can get there by boat or road.  The only other time I have been was by boat.  This is a family restaurant to our friends Ky and Miller.  We were celebrating Miller's 29th bday.  It was a great night!

It was a beautiful evening after a big thunderstorm.

We had a good time with good friends and good food. 
Miller's mom brought cake.  Pound cake with Carmel frosting......I believe made by the Mennonites. 
Hello amazing.  Loved it, once again. 
Even the kids acted good.  We all made plans to do something again next weekend sans kids. 

We all slept in a little. Me not so much.  Still not used to the bright room and roosters.  J used to have a total black bachelor pad.  Now everything is bright and cheery and windows and Roosters!!!
Love it, but I cant sleep yet.

So I got up, got my reader all caught up and made breakfast.  Kids got up and helped cook up a Father's Day breakfast all while dancing around the kitchen to Elvis.  Once J got up we ate and made plans for the day.  He headed out to get lawnmower and I cleaned house.  A few hours later....No lawnmower.  It was broken when he went to get it.  House got cleaned.  So we spent the day trying to figure out what to do the rest of the day.  Do you know what I mean?  We both had energy just did not know where to put it.  There are many things we want to do around the house but do not know where to start.  This is not a fixer upper by any means we just want to change stuff to our style.  We are both A personalities with great aspirations but somehow never follow through.  Make sense?  I suggested we start in the living room.  Its a blank slate except for a entertainment center.  We are buying chairs and couches but want to paint first. 

I really want to show you before pictures......
but I am going to wait.  I have one wall painted and so far I like the color.  Wild Asparagus.  There is so much to do.  Painting wood , fireplace, walls, then finding some decor.  J and I definetly mesh well with all of this and he came up with a brilliant idea using  water paddles............
I will show you later!

So thats what I am doing this week.  Painting, kiltzing, glossing.......then we have a busy weekend of girl parties, cookouts, and a band at the Yacht Basin(? think thats what its called) with great friends.

Forgot to mention!  I have awful service right now at the house.  Yes we moved even further out....I think.  Going to have to change internet service and soon!  So if you left me a message or followed me on Friday....I am getting around slowly!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Follow

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Hi All,
I have been a poor blogger this week and I have many reasons for that.  For one, this move wiped me out and I am tired and feel there is nothing to type about. Second, internet service is bad here.  Somedays I have it and somedays I don't.  Today is a good day obviously and I must call and get this worked out.  Also, its been one of those weeks that has flown by unpacking and tying up loose ends, running errands, and taking care of business.  You know all the stuff that goes with matter how short a distance it is.  I still have alot to do but I do believe this move will force me to get on with it.  Like order new checks and change my address with the bank....something I have not done since I moved in with J... 6 months ago.  He teases that if I do that then I would really be making a commitment. Ah hem.........I am a commitment phobe.  I can't help it.  I suck at relationships.  Okay ha ha.......let him have his laugh. 

So I am sitting around today waiting for Dish to show up and give us TV.......they said between 8 and 12 so I am expecting them about 1. Thats fine because I had nothing better to do with my day.  Actually I think I will be organizing the office.  Always the last room to do and the one I have avoided like the plague.  All this scrapbook stuff .....for a hobby in which I never particiapate in....but always think I will do it again.  Its ridiculous.  Also its filing and office and school stuff.  Yuck.

Well its only can wait a little while. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tag along and some updates......

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 Tuesday Tag-Along

Checking in today.  Roosters are still crowing.......I swear I am going to get my 22 down and start target practice!  J woke up today cussing.  I swear he said the F word 10 times before he got out the door.  Something about the F-ing chickens............ I yelled at him as he walked out.....Try staying here all day!! Really its not that bad......I keep the radio on, and for the most part if I am busy around the house I don't hear it.  Its only when I come to my nice, big calming bedroom that its like all I can hear.  Well most of the house is unpacked.  All I have left is my closet, the office, and hang pictures.  I worked all day yesterday on two kids rooms.  We got rid of 2 HUGE boxes of clothes.  I can't believe how much was hiding in the boy's drawers and closet. Its all gone now.  I have another huge box of blankets, sheets, curtains, and toys to take somewhere........but since when does Salvation Army only take clothes?  Could be just this particular store but wow.  Riddle me this?  Why is it no matter how much you clean out........there always seems like there is still too much.  I swear I can clean out a closet of clothes and it still never seems to make a dent.  I don't get that.  Moving really points that out.  Today as I put my closet together, I swear I am going to keep only the 10%  that I actually wear.  I swear it.  Even if I have to try on every piece. 

Its not all bad though.  I love J crawling into bed every night and saying how much he loves the house. The bedroom is our favorite room.  Could be because its on the opposite side of the house as the kids, or it could be because it is the size of an apartment I once had.  really. Second favorite    I love cooking in the new kitchen, there is so much room and the kids sit at the island and talk to me and eat.  We may never get them to eat at the table again. 

Okay well back to the unpacking..........and I am getting cotton balls for my ears.  Damn Roosters!

Oh and totally forgot to mention.....I am really loving the new blogger design!  Since I am up with all the crowing I have been playing around with new templates and backgrounds.  Its nice to change things up......and 3 collums.  Woo hoo!

Monday, June 14, 2010

In the zone

Totally in the zone with this move.....thats why so MIA.  We are all in the house, its just cleaning, unpacking, and organizing now. 

Big downside to this house...............Roosters.  Damn roosters.  People next door have fighting roosters, I don't know how many....could be hundreds.  They never shut up.  I have been up since the first cock-a-doodle-doo at 5am.  Oh lord.  The other neighbor said it was almost a selling point for them and I see why.  He did say that after a month, you never notice them anymore.  Here is hoping. 

Oh my country living.........

Back to the clothes.  Who has all these?  And where did they fit in the old house?  No clue

Thursday, June 10, 2010

13 Random things on Thursday and some Thunks

1. VBS started out being a nice little 3 hour break this week.......Now it is interrupting my sleeping in, causing me more laundry with clothes and towels.  First Water day, now its Mud day! So glad I only have 2 days left in this week.  No in all seriousness its good for them.  They need some Jesus.  Little devils!  Rye even came in this morning(before my coffee) and asked if I knew a bible verse.  I looked at him kinda blurry eyed and said No.  What?  I am Catholic by proxy.......what are you talking about. 

by proxy definition: The ability to do or be something without actually physically doing it.

2. I cleaned house all week, but you can't tell.  Nope not a bit.
3. I have taken to drinking one of these every night.

Its a little sanity in a cup. Fresca, Rum, and Peaches.

4.  Why is it when 1 lightbulb in the house blows.....they all start blowing.  Weird.

5. I never got to my squash casserole or zucchini bread yesterday.....guess thats what I am doing today.

6. Its only 4 days until Trueblood Season 3 starts........J and I are absolutely beside ourselves. 

Got these off of FB.  They are Fabulous right?
7.  You all know which VILF right? Thats Vamp I'd like to F***(Flirt with sillies.. eh hem)
ERIC .....and you would too if you read the books.  All 10 of them. 

See what I mean? 
Then when you think he can not get better looking......

He cuts his hair.  Sheesh.  I love you.

Okay.  Enought about the Vamps in my life. 
Where was I?

8. My kids totally bought in to the OFF Day yesterday.  Sorta.  Then they got bored.  Before they got bored though, I caught them all playing together. 

Scooby Doo Monopoly

That was pretty Awesome.  I think they made it about 45 minutes before any fights broke out. 

9.  Supposedly I am going to start packing today because J is signing papers today, he thinks this move will be a breeze.  I think he has never moved before. His way of moving would be to just go , leave everything behind, buy new.  I think he is ridiculous.

10. I guess we will be doing it all this weekend....but by golly.....I am going to the boat races. Truth is I have become such a minimalist that the move will not be bad...but still going to be work.

11. I have the best greyhound in the world.  She is so lazy.  Lying on the porch with me now.  She will not take a step off the porch unless I do....and even then she does not leave my side.  I can't even get her to run.  We took her out into the pasture the other day.  Unleashed her.  She just layed down in the grass and rolled around.  She ran out just a little to explore, came right back and layed back down.  I think I know why she was not a successful racer.

12. I made sweet tea yesterday.  *crickets*   I know and it did not turn out that bad according to the taste testers.  Not me, I rarely care for the stuff. 

13. Watched the CMA's last night, which I never do.  It was really cheesy which reminds me why I don't watch awards show but I did enjoy the performances. 

Driver's Ed. Demon #1 is taking it right now. Did you pass your driver's test the first time you took it? Yep, I sure did. 

You are sitting outside on your deck in your comfy lawn chair, feet are up and the temp outside is perfect. There are no bugs to bite you and ruin the night... it's peaceful and all you can hear is the birds singing and an occasional cricket. Whats in your hand? Fresca and Rum with floating peaches.

How many graduation parties and weddings do you have to attend this summer? Ok.. how many are you invited too.  Well I have been to one Wedding party already.  Apparently I am going to a Wedding this weekend.  Gag me.  I HATE Weddings!  Hopefully no more if I can help it.

Someone once said that the grass isn't greener on the other side... are you jealous of your neighbor's lawn? Not so much.  Maybe if mine was mowed though. 

Bud is walking along a beach barefooted and steps on a piece of glass buried deep in the sand. His foot is bleeding... does he cry, swear or stomp around on his other foot? He hops around.....cussing

I'm gonna take you fishing... are you going to be a whiney baby and not bait your own hook and when you catch a fish am I gonna have to take it off the hook for you? Yes, why yes I am .  I dont want to touch worms and or take hooks out of fish mouths.

From a Facebook friend: When asked what would you bring with you to a deserted island, why doesn't anyone answer "a boat"? I would and a compass.........assuming of course that would help.

Hamburger buns - sesame seeds or not? Not.....I don't really care so much about the buns

From Demon #1: Whats your favorite flavor of water? Hmmmm....are we talking like the packets you put in water like Crystal Light......If yes, then Grape is the bomb!  The bomb people.

Eclipse is coming out this month... are you going to see it? Hell to the YEAH!!!  In fact J made my day when he said hey why don't you get online and make sure we get tickets to opening night.  What??  Hold the phone......J and I have never been to a movie together!!!!!  Did you read that?  Never!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I am calling a OFF day!

We have been going nonstop for a week.
 We are Sunkissed, Bug bitten, Water logged, and Sun drained.
I swear I have 7 bug bites around my belly button....HOW???  I don't know but the shit itches.  I am so sun kissed my forehead has sun spots.  This happens every year and I keep block on but its still there.  HATE IT.  The kids are all TAN and Red Eyed, Scratched up, Scarred, and bug bitten. Last night I dug out 4 splinters out of K's foot and attempted to get rid of about 9 ant bites.  Its been awful.  We could take stock in repellant and its still bad.  Remember folks.........Country living here!!!! Deep Woods, Pastures, and Lots of Nature.  

 My house is a mess, laundry is piling up..........I can't keep up.
We all fall into bed completely exhausted by 8 every night.

 I am officially calling today an OFF day!!!!!
If you have paid attention to any of my previous posts you will see all we have been up too. Its been fun, but its time to reel it in , recoup, and reorganize.  I swear the beach towels are going to be walking on their own soon!

The kids are at VBS until noon, then we are going to get a few groceries, come home, clean up from all the summer festivities, and veg out.  I know they need it.  I need it.  We are moving soon and we have got to start packing and  organizing.  Thank god we are just moving a few miles away, but still! 

I am going to make a squash casserole and zucchini bread today.  All from the garden. 
I will catch up on laundry
Hopefully sweep and mop the floor....I could do this twice a day.
Give the dog a bath.....sorry Miles
Attempt to pack at least 1 box.

I might even take a nap!  Don't tell J.....but he kept me up last night with all his moaning with his hurt back.  I know he was hurt, but sheesh neither one of us got any sleep.  I think we were all to tired to sleep.  K came into bed last night and said she was scared.  I told her I was too tired to do scared tonight and go back to bed.  She did and never heard another word out of her.  We all need naps! 

Redneck Water sports

Apparently I don't get it.  I don't get that you can not simply slip and slide.  Its not enough.  My kids will never look back.
You have to use ponds, huge hills........think bigger mom!

This is how they do it in this neck of the woods. 

My children will never simply run and slide across the lawn.  It would simply be too boring.

or simply float in a raft

Not when it can be dragged by the 4 wheeler.

I see I still have much to learn how they do it in L.A. (lower Alabama)

Of course , you will not catch me in there.  I might get in a lake.....but the pond???

Nope, One word.....Water Moccasins.  They kill  them all the time, and apparently hang out in all 5 ponds and the surrounding trees.  Why is this our entertainment spot???

Oh, how I cringed when the kids took off running.  My only thought was ...."everyone has been playing out here so they are scared off right now"  Right, Right?????  I have to make up comforting thoughts such as these living here. 

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Shutterlove Tuesday

The Trendy Treehouse

                                                   This week's theme is Stuffed Animals

K sleeping with XO.....her ugly doll. She is so dirty, ugly, and loved.

Post it Note Tuesday-VBS, Rum, and Smores

The first smore of the summer!

Cant you just taste it?

Roasting marsmallows is an artform

Closed eyes and everything....ummm so good!

and then trampoline dodgeball....
I love this picture with all their glowing eyes

Gotta run, VBS is almost out! The monkies will be home.....think i am going to get them to work in the garden...teach them about the fruits of labor and stuff.