Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our first beauty Pageant

I am totally attempting to catch up on posts from the past here you go.

She was beautiful
She did such a good job.
She came in last.
Only 3 in her age group and she came in last.  Oh wait she got "prettiest hair"

Okay before you think I have gone all pageant mom on you....I have not.  But!
Well it was supposed to be 4th of July CASUAL.  No pageant dresses.  There was a lot of confusion here with the director and changes at the last minute.  I did not have any idea that casual meant....costumes.  Some kids were wearing costumes.  Mostly the ones that won.

But I digress. 
Next year we will know.

The fact is she did great.  She got up there and did great for her first time.
She had fun and absolutely did not care.
Thats all that matters.
Once it was all over she said
"of course I got prettiest hair.....everyone loves my hair"
True child , true.

I think it would be fun to do again....different venue. Not sure if she will want to and I don't care to push it. 
We will see. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Forced Run....

This is how my day begins.....

5AM.....alarm clock goes off.  Do I set the alarm?, Do I need the alarm?.......No.  I am just the person who hits snooze about  a dozen times.  J needs the alarm.  J sets the alarm.  J does not hear the alarm. I hit the snooze, I get up let the dog out, feed her, come back to bed.....about the time that J is rolling out of bed.  Last night we (or rather I) were having a repeat conversation about how asinine this process was.

Asinine definition: Utterly Stupid

If he would get up when the alarm goes off, I would not get woken up, the dog would not get woken up.....and this whole process of me being up at the break of dawn could stop.  Then again I mentioned....simply mentioned .......tha since I am up anyway I should really be out running. Especially since its cool this time of day and I am a total loser for slacking. 

So this morning.......alarm goes off, I hit snooze several times, get up and open the door for the dog......She refuses to go out.  I slam the door and stop(childlessly) back to bed.  J gets up opens the door for the dog......and she gladly goes out for him, and he proceeds to get ready for work.  As he leaves he comes over, pulls the covers off and says get up and go for a run since you are up anyway.  I stand up and yell in his face " I would not be up if you would get up with your alarm". 

Okay I admit I was really rude.  I am a light sleeper........but I am not a morning person.

So I stomped to the armoire, grabbed sports bra and socks, got dressed, leashed the dog and headed out.  I get 5 steps off of the driveway and Miley stops.  I pull leash and get nothing.  Obviously she is not a morning person either.  I stomp back to the house and put her in bed with R.  I swear I am not going to let this run beat me.  I am up for godsake!  I hit the road.  I feel pretty good.  Walking and doing intervals of jogging.  A few miles later I am feeling better, my head is clear.....and I am feeling very glad I got J's push this morning. 

When I got back there was a sweet note waiting for me at the door.


Back in bed now.  Which is awesome.  Soon this will end.  Soon school will start.  Soon my classes will begin.  But for now....For now there is no agenda.

Hello Blog World!

I have seriously missed blogging and well the internet in general.  I have not had service for a month.  A MONTH!  I thought when we moved I would have better service.  Never dreamed it would get worse!  I still do not have great service but its something.  I am not sure how long I will hold out before putting a phone line in the house.  So what have I done with my time?  Well I have managed to paint the kitchen , living room, K.K.'s room, A porch swing, 2 porch rockers, and 2 back porch chairs, and a bookshelf. I got completely registered for fall classes and all grants and paperwork in for the year.  I spent 2 weeks without any kids.......which was nice at first, then boring, then really quiet, then down right depressing.  I went to my parents to get them.  J and H went with me.....which was interesting to say the least. All school shopping is finished except for paper towels and kleenex.  I completely planned a family trip and train ride to New Orleans.....only to have the trip cancelled as we are about to board the train.  Hurricane Bonnie.....grrrrr.... Spent a weekend in Gulf Shores with all the kids.

So thats what I have been up to. Sounds like alot when I type it out.....but really I feel like I have to much time on my hands.  I need ......Need to start school, get the kids back in school....get back to a routine.

For now I am very happy to be back online.