Friday, April 30, 2010

Stepping up on my Soapbox

I am going to step up on my soapbox. Which I rarely do here.  I don't like to talk politics and religion alot in my personal life or here.  Its just me.  I kinda like going about my business and letting others do the same.  It works for me.  I have my beliefs-----you have yours.  I respect yours, even if I don't agree with them.  I hope you do the same for me.  I think the world would work alot better if we all did this. 

So here I go.....

I was listening to the news this morning while taking the kids to school.  It was interesting to hear the dj's talk about this law that Arizona is passing. 

Here is the law:   Click me!

Basically here it is........ This is the United States.  Are you a legal citizen?  Do you have proof of your citizenship? 
Yes---Great, Welcome
No---- Get out! 

Seems pretty simple to me. 
If you would like to become a citizen of the United States......go through the proper channels, fill out the proper paperwork, wait your turn and when and if you are granted citizenship you may live here.  Got it?

Why oh why are we having protests over this?  When a U.S. citizen goes to another country are they not given limited access?  Are they not made to follow the rules of that country in which they are in? 

The answer is yes. 

So why are we so lenient in this country? Why do we do nothing about the thousands of illegals living in this country, working our jobs, not paying taxes, not adhering to laws,refusing to learn the language and causing taxpayers money?

I for one stand up and applaud the state of Arizona.  About Damn Time!

Is it not crazy that the ones that are protesting are the illegals?  This makes no sense and takes away alot of pride I have in this country for allowing this. 

Yes, you have Freedom of religion, of speech, of the press, to assemble, and to petition!  It is given in the 1st ammendment of the Constitution!
But guess what the first words of the Constitution are!!!!!!!


So Arizona is stepping up to the plate and I am glad.  I am from the great state of Arizona and I have seen the massive amounts of illegals living in that state.

 There are so many things wrong in this country and it is frustrating.  Apparently the illegals are frustrated as well and not going to stand for it!  Yeah, well how dare we!  I mean god forbid we make them follow the rules......don't get me started in how Americans can be treated in their country! Break the law there and you may not make it out!  But they are frustrated with us?

Stand up American, stand up people and fight for your country.  Fight for the future and the generations to come!

Soapbox over.....I am climbing down.

Okay, I am back
but just for a few ammendments to my earlier post.

Thought alot about what I said and thought alot about what a blogger friend commented on.

I do understand that there are protesters out there protesting the rights to humanity.  They are protesting the rights for people to live without being pushed into a profile because of the color of their skin.  I agree that this is wrong and there should definetly be some boundaries.  This country is made up of people from all walks of life, color , race, religion.  That is what makes us a unique, diverse country.  This is a good thing.  There should be some boundaries to this law.....with that being said I do believe we need to get strict. 

Friday Follows and Friday thoughts

Its Friday and officially the end of a very long week!..........and do you hear that?  shhhh.......
That is the sound of me being finished with all assignments for the semester!!!!!
Not sure how I managed but I did it!
Hooty Hoo!

Busy Weekend ahead.....
it looks like bad weather.

Tonight is the big Relay for Life......
and baseball game for R.  Which I know he is excited to play because he has been out sick so much. 

as for Relay....not sure what the plans or agenda is for that.
No one has told me anything. 
J is going to take the other two kiddos over there for opening ceremonies because his neice is the big honoree!
I know that at some point I am supposed to walk. 

but the rain is will be interesting to see how it turns out.

As for today.....I am going to celebrate having no more assignments by
Working out, tanning, and getting a pedicure. 
I am very excited. 

Today I am playing along with
Friday Follow

The Girl Creative


Welcome, Welcome

Hope you find something here that has you coming back for more!  Usually this blog is about all the random things in my life..

Me......a 30 year old mom who goes to school full time and lives with her boyfriend in the deep south........Completely lost because I am a city girl.....hailing from the desert....but trying hard to find the beach!


I am really excited about the official launch of my
Tomorrow May 1st, 2010

Be there.....with your running shoes..

Might just be running in the rain.....Hoorah...

So thats it.

I think we are all on the path to getting better. Knock on wood.
We are all back to riding bikes, playing baseball, and generally saving the world.
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I don't think its a train.
Cheers to my Lit teacher who totally rocks in the research paper assignment area.
even though I am not looking forward to driving up to North AL. for exams....I am looking forward to spending time with my bestest.  I officially miss my Mudbug. 
Its amazing what spending a few days with certain people can do for your soul. 


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday 13, throw up, theories........and cake.

Thursday 13

13 Random things to talk about today. 

1.  I was on the road from 7:30am until 5pm yesterday.  My car never felt so uncomfortable.  Actually I love my Terra......I just don't want to be in it for so long. 

2. Took K to the doctor.  Allergies.  Thank goodness.  Doctor said she is crying and throwing up  to get my attention at night......I should practice tough love.  Well how much tough love can you give a child who is in the fetal position and covered in sweat because her stomach hurts.  She throws up litterally every night.  Her weight is way down and this can not continue. Back on Acid Reflux meds and strict diet.  Tough love.......grrr.  I laid in bed last night and really thought about some of those things the doctor said and the more I thought about it the more angry I got.  I am not going to spank my child ever time she gets up.  I wrote a whole post about this if you are wondering what the heck I am talking about.......I got even less sleep last night.

3. I have a new theory about her sleeping patterns.  She has anxiety about sleeping, yes she does not want to be alone.  She feels scared.  Is this happening because everytime she lays down....acid starts rising.  She gets a sick feeling in her stomach.  She ends up running to the bathroom to hopefully make it to the toilet to throw up. I would feel anxiety about going to bed too.  I would not want to be left alone if this happened everynight.  If she mistaking the burning and aching in her tummy for fear?  I am really starting to rethink some things.  Spanking and making her cry more is not a solution to this.  Moms sometimes you know best! No I am not using this as an excuse for her behavior....hey sometimes she does not exactly what card to pull for me, but not always. 

4. Okay enough talk about throw up........sorry............ I have only 3, 1 page papers to write.  Hopefully to get done today.  Pretty tired from last night. 

5.  Missed posting yesterday but it just was not in the cards.  Yesterday was J's bday.  Nothing much happened.  He got home after 8 pm.  So the 5 of us pretty much had cake and ice cream and called it a night.  Bdays are just not as fun as they used to be right?

6. Yesterday was also my grandfathers bday.  He would have been 91 years old.  Miss you Papa......and man did he love cake.

7. The kids are addicted to Full House.  It started out by episodes that came on in the afternoon.  Then we ordered a few seasons for K to watch.  Its hilarious, they all walk around singing the theme song. 

8. I have a shiner today.  Somehow managed to get smacked in the eye last night.  J has flailing arms at night.  Drives me crazy because I swear I get elbowed.or smacked every night.  It is dangerous.  We need a bigger bed. 

9.  I am reading 2001 Things to do before you Dane Sherwood.  It really is just a bunch of lists, but I love how inspiring just thinking about it is.  I know there are tons of bucket lists and "have you done it lists" around the blog world,  they are great tools for inspirations.

If fact so much I am going to start my own meme about it.  Why not.  Lets see......I will call it.....okay I will work on a name for it.

10. I give up on the rest of the A to Z blog challenge.  I mostly made it.  X Y Z.......Really I got nothing.  The cool thing is, I found some great new blogs, lots of comments shared back and forth, and I wrote alot this month.  Not always deeply.....but hey I am usually.....mostly just surface level anyway. 

11.  Think its too early for cake?  Breakfast of champions.

12. I don't want to be around people who think they are better than everyone else.  I don't have time. And on a side note......why can I not delete my FB.  I hate it so freaking much. 

13. Last but not least.........Go check out my new blog

Trying to Reason with Running for 365 days! ~~~~~~~~>Here
I am super excited about it.  Schools ending and I feel some major kind of urge to get back to running. 

Of course I will still be blogging here.  I just started the new blog to keep track of my runs and find motivation and give inspiration. 

Well I will go for now.  I am positive my Google Reader is full and well it looks like I am going to sit here....maybe it cake....maybe..... and read for a little while before I get started on the papers.  

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trying to Reason with the letters V and W

V is for Vicious Cycle

I have gotten behind.  Its lack of sleep.  Its lack of progress on finals and research papers.  Had another rough night with K last night.  I swear the girl is going to have no enamel left on teeth! 

Its  a Vicious Cycle......
Put K to bed, she gets out a couple times, put K back to bed, she cries, she starts coughing, she says her tummy hurts, tell her to come down, and stop crying and she wouldnt get so sick, she starts crying harder, she starts coughing harder, she runs to bathroom to throw up.  Massive amounts of throw up.

This is why she is so skinny, this is why she is so fussy, this is why she will have no enamel.

I don't know what to do anymore.  I have tried everything.  I get her to sleep for a few hours and about the time I lay down and close my eyes......we start the vicious cycle over again. 

I am ready to talk to the doctor.  Can kids take sleeping pills?

Its anxiety actually.  I remember it so well as a child.  Fear of being alone at the dark.  I outgrew it.  I know that she will but how to get her past this stage without scarring? it became a crutch and interupted her sleep more
Music....same thing.
Night lights....she has them. but gets up in the middle of the night and turns on every light in the house.
We try to warn her.....15 minutes until bedtime K.K.
We have somewhat of a routine........its been very hard with baseball season.
She gets plenty of exercise...
We tuck her all in , give her lots of love, strategically place her favorite stuffies around her. 
 Ive tried reward go

Sad part is I feel awful, because I am getting so sleep deprived and I have started yelling.  Last night I yelled so hard.  It was 1am and I had had maybe a total of 10 hours in 3 days!!!  I am not kidding.  The night before this had gone on until 4am!   Last night I lost it and yelled.  I may have woke the whole house up.  It was at that point that I realized something has to change.  My parents did the same thing to me and my anxiety only got worse.  I do not have anxiety and panic attacks anymore.  Thank god!  I simply learned to not get all worked up....but it took me 20 years and a lifetime of watching my mother be riddled with anxiety to find ways to not let things bother me.  Rationality is huge.  Sadly some people simply can not rationalize past their problems. 

So how do I work K past this.  She does not have anxiety anywhere else.  She is outgoing, funny, loving, and a cool kid.  The world changes though when the sun goes down. 

I am starting research and planning on talking to doctor. 

We will get through this! 

as for W today's letter in the A to Z challenge...

Who- J
What- his birthday
When- oh tomorrow
Where- here of course......
Why- why oh why have I not figured out what to get him yet.........Remember he bought his own grill!  grrr.....

Really I need to go to town.... I want to get some grilling accessories and an apron.  I should have got him this one....

but I did not figure that its appropriate around the kids.  They can all read you know. 
Anyway....figured I could work on something but I am running out of time.  Wonder if I should grab kids from school and go shopping.  Its only an hour to the mall. We could technically get back in time...........cutting it close though.  Maybe I should go by myself in the morning. 

Also he wants a Peanut Butter Pie.....
Where in the heck did he come up with this. 
Actually there are mennonites that live not far from here and that is where he gets it.....
I need a recipe or a drive over there. 

I love being a procrastinator. 
I better get my butt in gear!

Tueday Tag-along

Tuesday Tag-Along
Playing along today with another blog hop.   This one is from TweePoppets......go check it out!

Add Trying to Reason
to read all you want to know about
A city girl living in the county just looking for the beach.
Life, love, school, kids and all the humorous in betweens!

I have 2 blogs now!
Which I said I would never do. 

but I am challenging myself
a running challenge for 365 days!
and blogging all about it. 


The official launch day is May 1st
if you are a runner or ever wanted to start running
Add me!

I am going to need all the encouragement I can get!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I will be back....

I can't think right now.  I am too sleep deprived.  K was up all night.  Crying, Sick........J and I had no sleep.  She is home with me today......I think she is sleeping.  Going to join her.  I am at non functioning stage.  Which is sad because its the WEEK OF FINALS!! Don't worry things are under control  and I can afford a few hours of snooze. 

I will be back with a V post and an announcement!!!!!  No I am not getting married and I am not pregnant.  Its not that kind of an announcement.  I will fill you in later.  Im kinda excited!

night night........

Saturday, April 24, 2010

U is for....

I love a Saturday morning........It is rare for us to ever have anything going on Saturday mornings so this has become my time to acutally get the recliner.  PJ's still on, coffee brewing, kicked back in the recliner with my laptop.  Good right? This morning I awoke to Steriod boy and 6:30.  I did not want them to wake J so I got up and told them to quiet down.  How is it they can get up so early on weekends but I have to practically douse them with water on school days.   They are back there watching episodes of Full House and playing video games.

This is this AM.....
Excuse the mess in the boys room.  Its kinda the gathering place.  H is gone to his mom's for the K moves in. 

  It is very dark and omnious the house is all it. 

So.....I need to write about the letter U.  I am going to write some random...."I don't understands".....hope you can relate.

I don't understand why children are up at the butt crack of dawn on the weekends...but sleep in on school days because they are tired.

I don't understand why men are so damn moody.....and when you call them out on it....they say "Im not, you are!"

I do understand that this is why I am not married. 

I don't understand peoples fascination with Farmville and fish world on Facebook.

I don't understand why its so hard for the kids to understand why they have to do chores.

I don't understand school systems that are unorganized and sometimes seem to be completely inept. 

I don't understand school systems that serve food no adult there would eat.  My kids are so taking their lunches....

I don't understand men who decide they have to run errands in torrential rain storms.

I don't understand how to "A" personalities ever work it out!

I don't understand why it is never the Cubs year and on that note I do not understand why the Cubs employ Theriot or Fukodome for that matter.  I don't understand why they do not call me for consalltation!

I don't understand why I have to continue to write research papers.  I can't tell you how many I have written.  I get the concept already.

I don't understand why if certain classes fill up so fast why more are not offered in that subject.  Makes not sense.

I don't understand school fundraising.  Cookies, candy, shirts, magazines,wrapping paper.........Just let me write a check at the beginning of the year and be done with it.  I don't want to be involved in selling crap and I don't like you telling my kids they can not go to a magic show if they do not sell 4 boxes of said crap.  I love when my kids say they could care less about the magic show and we just chunk the fundraiser in the trash. 

I don't understand nosey neighbors

I don't understand why I procrastinate.

I definetly do not understand why I have not made myself a cup of coffee yet. 

ahhhhh.....thats better.  First cup in a few days other than the gas station cup yesterday.  The flu or whatever I had  makes you not want anything.  I wish it had made me not want to eat.  I could of totally used a week of not eating.  Damn bathing suit season coming too fast.

Friday, April 23, 2010

new meme.....

Google Reader totally full tonight......some cool new blogs.  I love checking out all the meme's that everyone does.  It always leads me someplace interesting.  I got this off of Beth from A work in progress.....who is on the ball with some meme's today.  Anyway.....that got me to here.
which had this....

1. One song that always takes me back to my youth is well any of the New Kids on the Block songs......yeah hear that and I am singing in the back yard of my bff. We all take our turns belting out off tune and tone deaf versions of "Please don't go girl".....ahh....those are the days.  That and One Head Light by the Wallflowers.....Senior year.  Dark times those were.  But good song.  Bob Dylan's son had talent and I wonder why we don't see more of him. 
2. My first concert ever was Michael Bolton...Time, Love, and Tenderness........Don't hate.  I know I was cool.  ahem.  I went on to see Three Dog Night, Boston, Skynard, Bad Company, and Peter Frampton......I made up for it in Spades.  Michael well it was a bday present from my dad.....

3. If I could create my dream music festival I'd want these bands to be there: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, The Band, Greatful Dead, and Jimmy Buffett......

4. The best make-out/"boot knocking" song........Twisted and Nobody by Keith Sweat......yeah...Im dating myself here ...Senior Year.  Man these songs got me in TROUBLE.  You tube it.....

5. The best concert I've ever been to was any one of the Jimmy Buffett's I have been too. Its not just a concert...its an event of a lifetime. 

6. A memorable musical moment for me was going to a outdoor fair in the desert.  Phoenix, AZ.  I was with my aunt and some of her friends.  Just so happen that Three Dog Night was playing.....small venue.  We pushed our way to the front and passed beers and joints around.  It was crazy awesome.  I was like 16.  Man but I knew them.  I loved the band and damn...."Have you ever been to Spain?"

In Oklahoma......Not Arizona.....What does it matter.....What does it matter........

7. The song on my iPod that's getting the most play these days is ....Where is my ipod?

Okay well this Arizona girl is signing off for the night......but I got sweet sounds of Shambala in my head..

"Wash away my troubles, Wash a way my pain"

T is for ..............

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, trailers, tincups, taco salad............ I really could go on, its a "T" kind of day. Lights keep flickering, so I am unplugging and relying on the battery.  Which never lasts long enough but we shall see.  Thunderstorms are heading this way.....apparently an entire night of them and tomorrow.  Tornadoes could be a possibility.  Hmmm..... Terrific! 

So let me fill you in on some humor from the day.  I hope you might.  Steriod boy (thats what I am calling him~ read previous post) and I headed to the school to pick up the others, and to grab some stuff from his classroom.  He needed his book for the book report.  Duh!  Not sure what these kids are thinking sometimes.  He was already getting "crazy" from the steriods....he is on alot! I looked at him as he rocked back and forth in the seat... "babe...are you feeling jittery"....R looks at me and says " I am not sure what jittery means but yeah I think I am"......I stifle the urge to laugh out loud. We get the other kids and head home.  Half way there the National Weather Radio goes off.......shhh....I tell the kids.  Well for some reason the siren goes off for an ridiculously long time......during which R...steriod boy.....has not stopped rocking......when he (jokingly) started yelling...."we are all going to die!"  I swear to god, I almost hit the mailbox.  Tears you guys were streaming down my face I was laughing so hard.  The other kids started laughing too after they got over the shock of him screaming this.  My phone rings......its J's sister in law.....I can't talk because I am laughing so hard......" What is going on?"  I tell her.....she is laughing.  Her son is going on steriods tomorrow for a different kind of infection.  We think we should lock them in a room with nothing but cushions, but thats beside the point.  So after we get done laughing she asks if I heard the warnings.....I said not much of them.  You would think we are all going to fly away like Dorothy and Toto("t" is so easy), she says yeah....but we do live in Tin Cans!  Which starts another bout of laughing that just will not quit.  See we both live in Trailers.....this is not something I am proud of.  Its a fact but a very temporary fact.  J and I are planning to build.....we are looking for land now.  Temporary.  Still its a fact now. She does too and we often make pokes at our own living situations.  Hey...if you can not laugh at yourself.....
Well like I said we were rolling over the Tin Can punch and I said....well we should cook out and watch the tin cans fly around.  Steriod boys can chase them.  Instead though I made Taco Salad....I am hoping to find something to fill Steriod boy.  He has eaten 5 ice cream sandwiches, 15 popsicles, Taco Salad, a Sandwich, Countless bags of chewys.......not sure what else he has snuck by me. 

Ooohhhh Cubs game.....I am easily distracted.  Theriot is playing....Gag.........on a side note I miss Moises Alou and Nomar many others I miss.

So lazy night here.......Steriod boy is going crazy in the living room, J has PMS(I swear it), K is tired and fussy.....I am hiding in the bedroom.  Thank god for the Cubs.  Is that a train?  Take cover!!!!........I am totally kidding.  Tornado humor.  Its not funny really.  Im in a trailer for god's sake.  Where would I go?  The I saw the movie Twister. kinda of funny to get to use that line "We've got cows....."  It could totally happen around here.  Well rough night ahead...Stay safe out there ( I totally almost just said "stay classy San Diego")

Clause statement......
I am in no way making fun of those who choose to live in trailers, have lived in trailers or in the market to buy a trailer.  I am also in no way making light of the seriousness of tornadoes and the destruction that they can cause anywhere and most importantly the seriousness that they seem to cause to trailers in Alabama. 

I also do not wish any cow harm or wish to see one fly through the air just so I can use a punch line from a movie. 

I am sure there are some other clauses I should put in here but ......nah......I shoot from the hip.....thats me!

Well it was not good news......

Wow!  I just got home and its totally awesome to have so many new followers!

Thank you , thank you.....
it will take some time but I will get around to everyone's blog that stopped by today!

Well Rye and I made it over to the doctor.  It is an hour away (country people.....don't forget how in the country I am......I never forget.... )
Thank God for good friends with good directions. 
Mapquest you sucked my left toe today and pretty much everyday......
Birthday is this summer....Garmen?  Anyone?
Well needless to say I never would have made it on time and pretty sure my car would have been upside down and in a tunnel if I had followed Mapquest. 
but running late due to friend got me there just in time.  Bless you chica!
New paperwork...Gag
I am an ex military would think I would be used to this!
Sorry I did not arrive early to do paperwork....
ahem....I have had the flu....don't make me breathe on you....

Okay fast forward.  Great doc.....I like.
Ears clear, nose clear, throat clear.
Eyes ......all that bloodshottedness (definetly not a word)
Lets listen to your lungs.......I the mom of asthma child cringes.......
Oooh....thats not a good sound.......ohhhhhhh.....thats a really bad sound..
Well shit
"Well mom, Your sons lungs are completely infected and asthma flair up is up there on the scale"......
cringe more because I did not bring him sooner....
"No need to do xrays....I can hear it......and all the meds he will be on will knock out the pnemonia, bronchitis.....really insert any infection here___________"

I am the worst mom on the planet......

I swear J tells me that I would never win a parent of the year award.......neither would he...
I think we are just too laid back....

Rye looks at me and says " Mom its not your fault, God made it like this........and there is no way you could have have been sick too Mom."
He is wise beyond years.

The kid has had asthma for 9 years....he calls it the curse.  He said the curse is back. 
I would agree and with a vengence.

So with 2 pages of scripts ....we head home. 

He tells me on the way home
"Mom....I promise you....I am going to make history some day!"
I say really? What are your plans?

He says "Well, I plan on playing major league baseball....hopefully the Cubs for you and dad.....then I am going to write a book about how asthma never stopped me......I overcame it and went on the the major leagues"

I told him that was a great plan! 
he kinda pulls at my heart strings.....

I have really enjoyed the last few days with him.  Just the two of us and even though we have both been sick we have kinda reconnected.  They just grow up so fast and well I miss him.  You know ?
and his behavior and attitude has been better....
its been the pitts lately.....could of been the lack of oxygen....
Bad mom!......

So here we go....We are home....with antibiotics, steriods, inhalers.....yada, yada, yada......
Good thing there is rain this weekend....
because he can't be outside....
but with the dosage of steriods he is on....this could mean loads of fun for me and J......

Well again....thank you thank you to new and old followers....
I love reading your comments.....and promise to work my way around today soon. 

Going to be inside this weekend .....mainly do to the rain everyone seems to be freaking out about....
but also because Rye has book report.....oh I have 1 week to finish all assignments before finals...

Did I mention a research paper I have yet to start on......
Procrastination is an art.......I am the artist.
Got to get cranking!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Playing along today with

Friday Follow


The Girl Creative

and putting all this all together Thursday night because.....
We are finally headed to the doctor this Friday AM. 
Rye has to be checked....
I am better.....not perfect but better. 

a little about case you want to follow.
and for the record.....
I follow blogs I am really only going to read......
to many times there is this follow you if you follow me.....
Well I have hundreds of blogs in my google reader on any given day and I want to keep it full of the ones
I actually want to read.  You understand. 

If you want to read mine and want to follow fantastic. why follow me.

Well I blog a little about everything.
I try to reason with..... 
Family, kids, country life, school, divorce, boyfriends, and trips!  

I  am a city girl, living in the country, just looking for the beach.

I participate in  a few meme's....
Sometimes I get really deep..

Most of the time, not so much.

I post a few pics, a few recipes....and I used to post a ton of crafts and scrapbooking stuff. I say used to because life has changed and I just do not have time to do it much anymore....but would like too.

I love blogs that entertain, make me laugh, are crafty......
I enjoy these Friday Follows because I get to come across some great blogs.

Thursday 13 .......and the letter S

1. Sick of being sick.......feel like I have waisted a week.  Now the boy is sick....k is coughing too.

2. Stay out of my business....this is what I would really like to say to the neighbors.....

3. is the story....We live on a hill with J's family members all around.  Nosey family members.  A certain person who claimed my kid said something to her grandkid....and wanted to know if it came from me.  I told her I was sick and would get it taken care of. 

*All I said was that the kid could not come to my house with a dead bird(remember country, or bring bb gun or body slam my daughter......*

AND  Somehow my kids said that I did not want him at my house.........Okay seriously now the entire family knows and I am the bitch girl J is dating............


I am such a mean mom....I swear.  God forbid I don't want dead birds and guns and body slamming going on....

4.  sandwiches....its what we have all been eating this week....sorry guys.

5. sweep......I managed to sweep one room today....then I got sick and had to lay back down.

6. So .....I don't get the cartoons today....

7. Soda.....I have drank way to much lately.  Diet.  but still.

8. Start over.....I guess thats what I will be doing with the Insanity videos after being sick all week.

9. Waiting on UPS.....because amazon is Sending K.....Full House Season 1 and 2.  She is addicted.  And it only comes on certain times a day.....So we decided to order it for her.

10. Stepped on a fising hook last night.  Life with boys.  Glad I am up to date on tetnus. 

11.  I am really stretching here with 13 things starting with S.  What can I say my info is limited....I have not moved out of this room much. 

12.  Sun.....I miss it. 

13.  Stay tuned, I will get that R post out soon. 


I think I will play Thursday Thunks today as well...

My oldest demon (aka Demon #1) is in Oklahoma! The musical this weekend. Yep, my kid is a drama geek. Have you ever been in a play or musical? Were you in the drama club in high school?  No drama club...but yes I was in some city productions.  Annie when I was younger....It ran for a few weeks.  From there I went on to do a few more with the same company.  Then I lost my nerve.  Not sure why. 

You are walking down the road and the cops fly by you and stop at the house just a little ways down the street. It's the way you were going to go... do you take a detour to avoid it or do you just keep walking because, hey - you had the idea first! or do you walk by out of complete curiosity?

I walk by completely out of curiosity.  What?

I drop a green crayon from the roof and Kimber drops a yellow one - which one will grow wings and fly before it hits the ground? The red one I drop off the roof.  I don't know red is my favorite crayon....not color but favorite crayon. 

What is the first section of the grocery store you go to? And I know that sentence doesn't sound right, but I don't care. The back and work my way up.  Which is stupid since that is the dairy stuff. 

Do you like questions that have a yes or no answer or do you like to actually think for yourself and come up with something original? I like something original.

The wall directly in front of you... whats on it?  Two closet, one bathroom.  Also my antique chest with a flat screen tv on it.  And the wall is black.....did I mention that our bedroom is black.  No I did not do it, like this when I moved in.  But you know I kinda like it. 

Sea salt? Yes

420. You know what it is. It's a time, it's a day, it's a way of life. Did you celebrate yesterday? Nope....I was sick in bed.  But there was a time in my life.........

Can you read a tape measure? yes

The city/town/village that you live in... it's population is.....???? Can not be much.

If a laptop fell out of the sky do you think you could catch it? And if you did, do you think it's Finders Keepers? Yes I would catch it and yes it would be mine

Driving down the highway, driving down the interstate, driving down a dirt road that you are sure goes absolutely nowhere... whats the longest distance you have ever driven in one trip? I have driven from Alabama to Arizona and vice versa more times in this life I can count.  Also Alabama to Canada.  Not sure which is longer. 

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Alot.....I suck until the center.  No biting.  Wait that sounds kinda sick.

Happy Earth Day

a little girlfriend of a Logger Humor....

Here is this better?

I love these pictures......very pretty.

I am not the greenest person in the world. I mean a constant conversation in our home is the cutting of thousands of acres of trees.....
Yes....I do cringe most of the time......

What am I doing for Earth Day?
Well still not alot..

I am not driving anywhere....

Sick in bed...though I am up doing a few things...
I have company....
Sore throat, fever, cough.....and Asthma flairing.  I am going to try to get him to the doctor.....but I still feel like ass and have fever.  So its probably not going to happen today.  I have meds and they are maintaining for no comments about how I am a bad mom..

We are chilling in bed watching tv....eating popsicles. 

Kinda nice. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Waiting Sucks...

Sick today...and all week
Think its the Flu
Maybe a sore throat now.
If you have ever had know what I mean. 
My world has been spinning for two days. 
Of course I have been lying in bed....
This is not easy for permission post...

Well hell, I had no choice.

I have not been online much either(because of the spinning)
No posts.... not post it note Tuesday, No Pour it out Wednesday.....nothing. 

I really do need to get that R post out there.  I am going to do it on my son....but looking for pics right now
well its to much.

In the last two days I have slept and watched tv.  Not alot of studying unfortunately. 

I remember why I do not watch daytime tv.
Because it sucks. 

I did watch a disapointing Cubs game.......
*sticking my tongue out at you boys*

I should say that there are a few things I have been laying on my mind....
heavy things.....

like this

Its coming.....May 4th.
and I really love this series...

Which I have so mentioned before.
so go get hooked.
Next...and while we are on the subject

I have got J hooked on the show.  We watch like every Sunday night, they are showing season 2 ...
then there is talk of some mini episodes until season 3 starts.....Be still my heart.

Which starts June 13th

so to entice episodes start May 2

 and I die...
really I die

I am trying to make myself feel better.....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Q is for Quotes

and here are a few of mine.  Many I have repeated here often.

 I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself
~DH Lawrence

When love is not madness, it is not love.
 ~Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Sex on television can't hurt you unless you fall off.
 ~Author Unknown

You can not go back and make a brand new Start,
 but you can start now and make a brand new Ending!

Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

Monday, April 19, 2010

P is for permission....

It is very hard to give oneself permission. Permission to have a day off, an easy day, or a skipping of a workout.  It for me at least and  I think it is for many women and mothers.  Today I woke up after only a few hours  of sleep and I was just non functional.  Exhausted.  It was a busy...yet fun weekend.  With a total of 9 hours asleep, I did not greet Monday very well.  Yes the lack of sleep was my own doing(well at least Sat).  Except for last night.  I could not rest to save my life.  It was one of those nights where I laid awake, tossing and turning....envious of the slumber that J was getting beside me.  So this morning I slept.  I took the kids to school and when I returned I fell into bed until 11.  This is something I rarely do and I always feel guilty when it does happen.  I awoke....feeling groggy and not rested still but with a mountain of laundry to climb, dishes to be washed and groceries to be bought I had to get my butt in gear.  I accomplished my tasks but on the inside I was scolding myself.  I had not worked out and not finished any school work. I hate this internal battle that I have on most days.  Its probably a little obsessive compulsive behavior.  The truth is I never give myself permission to let up and most days I expect nothing more than being Superwoman.  None of us are and it is okay if everything does not get finished.  It is okay if there is a dish left in the sink or the kids bedrooms stay a pig sty on days like this.  Lets face it, the world does not come to an end.  It is okay to give ourselves permission to take the day off.  Its okay to take the Summer off from school, something I am trying to convince myself of now.  Its okay I did not get insane today with a workout.  I will not give myself permission to slack tomorrow....but today I am not sure I would make it through. 

So tell it just me?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

O is for.......Outrageous

Good Sunday morning......I am catching up today.  Yesterday I did not so much as look at my laptop and that is a great feeling.  I love going unplugged.....for a day.  We have had a pretty busy weekend.  Baseball started our Friday night out.  Rye had a late game and he had a rough time again.  The guy is going to get it.  I know it.  The first time he hits will be on. He did have an extremely bad call and the crowd was roaring over it.  Don't blame the ump he was too busy turning around flirting in the stands or tossing his hair.  Ass. This is after he called J's nephew out after he got tagged on home.  Oh....he got tagged because a kid slapped him in the face with his glove.  Causing said sweet newphew to fall to the ground in pain.  Ass of an umpire.  The boys got through the game.  There were some positives, the coach decided to put Rye on 3rd for this game and he caught a line drive to get out of the inning.  We all really tried to focus on that with him.....but he was not having it.  He wants his hit. 
On a side ex came to the game and I am so glad he got to see a ball game of Ryes.  He does not get to see much because of the distance.  The kids left with him for the weekend and J and I left feeling kinda down.  His son left too to go on a family trip.  I asked J..."does it ever feel less like a sucker punch when the kids leave."  He said it gets better but never goes away.  Its crazy they are only gone 2 weekends out of the month.....but I always feel a little sad when they go. 

Saturday was a georgeous day to wake up to.  J had some errands to run and I was feeling an actual run.  I called up my friend Ky and we set out.  We did a little walk/running but it felt great.  The insanity videos definetly have me in better shape and running felt amazing yesterday......then it got blazing hot.  Its inching closer to 90's here everyday.  Later on that afternoon J and I headed over to the crawfish festival and bike rally.  We milled around a bit and hung out at the sheriff station.  Why?  I don't know....friends of J's.  Odd.  I think J picked up on my boredom and we headed over to the Bike Rally.  I was told " I should see it once, but once you do you never have to see it again."  Okay.  Intriguing. We pulled in, paid an Outrageous entry fee and then went in to devirginize me on the whole Bike Rally scene.  First of all I love them. Always have....and to hear J talk about getting one..  Yes sir!  Well we walked around a bit.....its still during the day so its pretty tame.
  Outrageous things I saw........

Warning...these outrageous things contain some material that may not be appropritate for young children and people who are offended easily.......and small dogs.

1. I saw a girl naked.  I am not kidding you guys.  Naked.  She was walking around with no clothes on holding her man's hand who thankfully had on all of his clothes. 
These things are like a train don't want to look.....but you cant pull your eyes away.
And by the way.....she was a "true" blonde........

2.  Girls riding on the back of Bikes.....topless.  Girls of all sizes, breasts, bodies, and ....ahem..nipples......not ashamed....
Oh to be so free!

3.  I saw a bunch of guys in a keg throwing contest.  What else do you do at a bike rally?

4. I saw chaps.......with nothing underneath and I saw chaps with just panties underneath.....panties that said hot booty......I wish that were true.

5.  I saw girls walking around shirtless....and their whole frontside was painted.......One girl had spongebob painted.  That was pretty cool. 

6. We met this guy who offered us a matress if we got drunk enough later and needed a place to crash......genuinely nice guy.....but I have no words.

7. I was offered beads.......You know what that means.  I was not showing mine to anyone....there was enough out there for free.  Mardi Gras.....hmpf......its got nothing on this place.

8. I saw a group of people messing around in the big open events area.....I turned my head......J said..."I guess you saw that", I said "what".......that girl was giving him a blowjob.  Wow.......
Apparently this is par for the course and J said it was still pretty gets really wild at night. Gulp

9. I saw a girl that looked like she belonged at Woodstock.  Baggy bathing suit hanging down so low you could see crack and painting and tatoo's all over.  Hair long and flowing.  I think thats pretty cool.......except for the whole butt crack thing. 

10.  I definetly saw some asses I wish I had......P90X asses....and I saw some boobes I am glad I don't have.  I have come to the conclusion I am pretty normal looking.......even if they do fall to the side when I lay down. 

So that was during the day.  We went home, changed into jeans, got some plans for the night......then headed back to meet up with some friends of J's.  We spent the next hour or so walking around the camps.  See the rally was rows and rows of campers.  Everyone camps out there all weekend.  Then there is an events stage, band, and vendors area.  Its more fun to hang around the camp area because everyone is sitting around fires, talking, drinking, smoking, apparently having sex.........

So a group of us walked around....talked to folks, drank some jello shots.....people are so nice there.  So willing to share.
I saw more of what  was seen in the daytime.
But here are some outrageous things from the night!

1. Girls in Catholic school girl.  I though J was going to die.......he begged me to get one of those skirts.....Men.

2.  I saw girls naked.......but since it was a little chilly they put on a fish net shirt.  If you could call it that. 

3. More chaps with asses and koochies(I am sorry, there has got to be a better word) hanging out....but because it was night....they added flashing bunny ears.  Its all about assessories. 

4.  Stripper poles....

I will give you a minute

Yeah, not kidding.  Apparently you can fasten a stripper pole to any camper these days.  Costs extra but think about what you could do with it. 

Yep.....stripper poles with strippers....and a big crowd watching.  We were in that crowd....don't know why.
J inched up closer ......I guess he thought I needed a better view. 
I will say this.....she had to at least be 45.... Well done girl. 
Then a guy got up there to strip and why is it everyone wants to walk away when that happens.  Hello! 

  Strippers gone wild....coming to a Campsite near you!

Well I have seen it all....and it was pretty awesome! 
 I am getting to old to roll into the house in the wee hours of the morning.  Nah! 
Never to old for that. 

I can say I took some pictures.  4 exactly. I am pretty lame.  Sorry....I could not bring myself to work the camera when outrageous things appeared before me.  So here is what I got.  The rest you will just have to use your imagination. 

Thats right ladies.....Sho Yo Tits

Me and J (those beads were given to me....I did not Sho My Tits!)

Over and Out!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday fill ins and the letter N.....

1. I'd like nothing more than this semester to be behind me.........just a few more weeks!

2. One of my most favorite romantic memories is kissing in the pouring rain up against a certain someone's truck.

3. Last night, I had chicken,salad, and baked potatoe for dinner.

4. Sorry for the inconvience but I can only please one person is not your day....tomorrow does not look promising either.

5. Can we stop the insanity now? No....because its working.

6. One of my worst temptations is candy; pretty much all of it is hard to resist!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to my son's baseball game, tomorrow my plans include spending time with J and going to bike rally and crawfish festival and Sunday, I want to relax until its time to go get kiddos.

The letter N....
No joke, Numbers, Needless to say, Nevermind, and Not my fault.

No joke, I am so excited its the weekend.  Number one because its been a long week.  Number 2 because I am exhausted from this long week.  Number 3 because I only have one more Insane workout and then a day off....yeah! Number 4 because I feel like I have not seen J all week and I need some J and me time! Needless to say that this has been a trying week.  It always is when schedules change.  Ball games started, J's work picked up, school is winding down form me......Nevermind the workout regime I decided to start. 

With a week like this one.......I have come up with some Not My Faults.....I will add them here.

1. Its not my fault that you can not find your other black baseball sock.....You bring me the laundry , I wash it, you put it away.  Be responsible.....this is not my fault.

2. Its not my fault that you did not get to eat breakfast.....I got you up, got you in the shower, if you decide to play in your room until 2 minutes before its time to go.....its not my fault.  You know where the kitchen is. 

3. Its not my fault that you can not find your shoes........Everything has a place and all you got to do is put it there.  Not my fault.

4. Not my fault I forgot to get drinks at the store........My body and brain have been sucked dry by late nights and insanity videos. .....I got everything else on the list. 

That may be all......maybe.  Life feels insane right now and each night J and I fall into bed, asleep before we hit the pillows.   Of course thats life with kids in activities, my school is close to finals and the end of the school year for the kiddos.  I am doing everything I can just to make it through all the laundry, get homework finished, and feed the kids.......but my workouts are helping. I love the  feeling of exhaustion from them and I can go on with my day with a clearer head.   I am feeling the running fever as well....just trying to get past this initial soreness. Big race coming old nemesis.   I don't have the energy or the time to train anyone else right now.  I know that there are a few people that would like me to help in this department, but I don't have it right now. Nothing selfish just not enough hours in the day and sometimes you got to just get in a better place before you can help someone else. 

Now I am off to read some Carpe Diem Poems and write a paper.......

Carpe Diem.....Sieze the Day!

Friday follow

Friday Follow

Welcome Friday Followers!

and new this week...I am linking up over here as well....

The Trendy Treehouse

Its Friday again.....and I have never been so glad! 
Last night was another LATE night at the ballpark....
and this house is feeling it.
I just love mornings after my 11,9,and 6 year olds
do not get into bed before 10:45.
I ask again....What is the school thinking!?
J and I are feeling it too.
We have been falling into bed asleep before head hits pillow...
this makes for a very cranky logger at 4:30 in the morning.

Today is the 5th day of INSANITY workouts.  I am hiding out in bed
for at least another hour before heading over to do it. 
I dread it.
its working.
Of course......Im hungry because my metabolism is way up and yesterday
I managed to eat a bag of chips, some cookies, and dehydrated pineapples.
This is not me because......I am a salad tossing, edamame popping, egg whites only please kinda girl.
I guess we all have our moments.

We are headed back to the ball park tonight.  R has a late game....but his dad is coming and the kids are going with him this weekend.  A much needed break for me and they have definetly been missing him.  Actually its their last weekend before he leaves for like 5 weeks(military).

J and I are looking forward to spending time together this weekend and making it over to the Bike Rally and Crawfish festival. Should be very interesting. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday 13 and the letter M.......

Thursday 13

1. Make me get out of bed......just make me.  I am so tired this week and still sore.  Better today.  but still sore.

2. Move my ass.  Okay , I really need to get is just a stretching video for Insanity. 

3. Muffins.....How do the boys reason that they get 4 muffins a piece, leaving K only 1.  I don't get their math. 

4. Speaking of Math.....I like this. New Math

5. More Little league tonight. Hope we can get someone to ...I don't know....keep score.

6. Making a list for the grocery store....because I have been to sore to go all week.  Sad.

7.  Because I am pretty sure J does not want to Make do with what we have .....another night. 

8. I really would like to declare this ......lay in bed and watch Movies Day.

9. Of course those classes are not going to finish up by themselves and my teachers are making plans for finals.  Maybe I should make plans for finals. 

10. Mullet Toss in Gulf Shores is coming up.  This sounds like an adventure.  A redneck adventure....but hey it gets me to the beach.

11. First I am going to make an appearance at the Bike Rally and Crawfish Festival this weekend. Many drunk half naked people on Bikes..............Fun.

12. I am registering for Summer classes and of all the classes I need I could not get into my Math class.  Grrr.....I am so behind in this area!

13. Mark my words, if my car gets hit by a baseball one more time, this mama is going to throw a fit. 

There you have it.....13 Random M things.  Mostly.  I was stretching a little. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

L is for.....

Lord love a duck, little league is going to make me lose it and if that does not work losing weight with the Insanity videos will. 

First let me just tell you about the Insanity videos.  Its day 3.  I feel lousy.  I can not move.  My eyebrows hurt.  I have the kind of pain that hurts to sit down to pee.....can I get an amen.  Im holding on to the wall trying to go as slow as possible.  Anyway....hears hoping tomorrow is better.  On a positive note I think I have lost some weight this week.....of course it could be because I could not lift fork to mouth.  Maybe.

Next subject is little league.  I love baseball you guys.  I love watching my kids play. H is not in to it.  He does not like it and I have no idea why he played.  His sport is football!   R....this is his sport.  He LOVES it.  He wants it.  He is new here and had some nerves getting started but he is fitting right in.  R has played 3rd base for awhile now but the coach here has put him on second.  Well with second comes a whole new set of rules.  Tag the base, tag the player.......its all been a little confusing for him.  He is getting it though. Im proud.  Games started this past week and while he has been making some amazing catches and great plays, his hitting has been ......lacking.  I mean he has a hole in his swing, and the poor guy is taking it hard.  Slaming bats and hats hard.  It does not help that his coach is the type the yells, puts the kids down, and quite frankly has them all pent up they can't play.  Loser.  Sorry...that was rude, but mama bear is coming out in me.  

So we are sitting at the game last night.  J and I are laid back in lounge chairs and K is playing in the dirt....lovely.  I am so frustrated because the ump is blind or stupid and there are kids running the scoreboard.  I am losing it.  I am not the kind of parents who screams and hollers.....I just silently curse under my breath.  J is totally making fun of me.  He said "I thought you were not the kind of parent who gets all intense".  I told him I was not but I don't sit here and  not say anything.  Besides he was the only one who could here what I was saying.  I just think that with this age group we could at least get a decent scoreboard runner.  I mean if my kid is taking the game serious and getting yelled at by coaches.....then lets get all aspects of the game working right.    

Well game 2....H's game.  It is a school night so lets get this going people.  Nope.  We started at 8pm.  
30 minutes  Late. 
H's poor team has lost control and were losing 15 to 1.  We had only gone through 4 innings and its 930.  On a school night.  These kids were tired.  No one could even throw the ball anymore. In the last inning the poor pitcher walked 8 players.  H was picking grass in the outfield and the scoreboard said 56 to 1.  Obviously the geniuses running the board.  Looks like next week we will be traveling out of town for  a game....going to be an even later night. 

This just all seems so unorganized to me or maybe I am in a bad mood from the soreness.   

K is for......

I just could not think of anything to write about for K.  So I will write about my daughter......Kendal. 

I did a photo shoot with her a couple weeks ago....

 Little Miss Magic....I will add a little more here. her mother made over.
I am not just saying that .....she really is. 

K has a thousand nicknames....
We call her K, Lucy, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Lulu, Kitkat, Karebear, Kacy but mostly K.K.

K is the kind of girl who gets under your skin. She draws you in and wraps you around her little finger.  The first time I layed eyes on her I though this girl is going to drive me wild.  She does do that but I love it.  I enjoy every minute of it even when I am fussing with her to get out of bed(not a morning person), or arguing with her over her hair.  For those who need only brush the ringlets when they are wet.....then you let air dry.  This gives goldilocks her curls. 
She is 6 going on 16........boys watch out and for the record J says she is not dating until she is 30.
Or after her doctorate degree....
She says she will be a dentist oh and a singer/dancer.  

She does not listen........its her way or the hiway.

and when she realizes that its mamas way......she pouts.

She loves her brother so much its crazy.  She calls him bubby and he is hers.  We are still trying to sell her on her new brother H.  She is not sold yet but she has her moments. Just yesterday she said... " You can not fix a Hou with a Kendal".  
 Like I always say.....To Alpha's don't ever get it right.  Ask J and I how we know! 

she has the biggest heart.....and she will give it away freely.

She wears heels better than I do! Not that she needs them......She is roughly 4'9.......she looks like an 8 year old now and people ask me constantly....."is she really only in kindergarten".........yep.....I have my hands full.

and she is an excellent dancer and she loves her friends

She is our Christmas baby and ever since I got her for a present adds up.  Every year she takes a pic in this stocking because that is what the nurses gave her to me in. 

This year she got a foot in.  How in the world is she 6?

She thinks she's all that.

and she is.

My mother once said to me that I needed to get a handle on her.  That she was just so fussy and complained that she was too hard headed and not easy to get along with.  My mom said that I was the same way and that that was not good and she tried hard to change it.
  Well if that doesnt sum of my relationship with my mother. 

 The thought I have is this. 
There is nothing to change about her. 
She is great.
I can see her true heart even when its got a scowl on her face.
 Don't change Kendal. 
 Be you. 
 It is okay. 
I am going to love you anyway.

I understand K, because I see so much of myself.  I see the same attitude, fears, dreams.  I just want to build her up, not change her. 

I know this
K is the kind of girl who will go after whatever she wants
She will not take No for an answer.
She will break rules
go on a thousand adventures
and be great

She will never settle
and she will still be wrapping people around her finger
years from now.

and I think that is pretty special...........

xoxoxoxo........I love you KitKat