Sunday, January 13, 2008

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

First of all Friday.......did you see the episode of Moonlight? Wow! again....Wow! Love it. My friend Kylene called me afterwards. I knew what that phone call was about! We talked for a long time about where the show was going and how hot we think Mick ST. John is! The next day I talked to Laura. Pretty much the same conversation except we spent the evening sending you tubes back in forth. Trying to out do the other. She sent me a "Im to sexy" one, after I had sent her the "naughty boy" one. Then we found a Hey Micky, and a "Im bringing sexy back" video. Seriously , we have nothing better to do........I wish I could post them all here for your enjoyment and some day I will get to it. I will try to put them at the bottom of the page. So scroll down, maybe I got it done!

Saturday was the bridal shower of a friend. And it went over well, took forever to open gifts, but afterwards we had a good time. Goofing around making pics. I love this girl, I tell ya. She has been a saving grace here. Here is a pic of us at the shower. The Bride(jess), me, and Beth. Now I got some really funny pics of her with bows on her head and stuff, but I am not sure we would like me to post that for the world. I am sure next weekend will be some even better pics at the bachelorette party! Can not wait!

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