Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pic for the day

K.K. taking a picture. Verdict is still out on this kid camera. How the heck do I get the pics on the computer? EVery time I try to upload it says there are no pics! One day I will figure it out. Like every other electronic in my house.....If I only had time to read the manual that go with them. We all cleaned the house today really really good. Then the kids played Wii while I scrapbooked. I like the Wii, except I am not liking my son's atitude when he does not get to play it. I believe that until I can work on a reward system for it. It will be restricted for the weekends. End of story! I am tired of fighting over it. With school back in session for everyone this week(yeah!) then there will be even less time for it during the week. I actually think that this will be a fun family system once Chris gets home. Right now, I can not get into it to much. It takes to long for them to talk about how to play and what is going on. Rye is constantly calling me into the room to read the screen. NO thanks!

Well January 6th the dreaded 1 year mark came and went. And now it is just getting through the next few months and this will all be over. Tommorrow is back to the gym. I only have 3 months to look really good for the return!!!!

I will end this week with my weekly blog challenge.

What made me happy this week:

  • Moonlight tshirts from my friend Laura
  • A box of books and a writing challenge from my friend Kylene(We had challenged each other to write things in each other we liked) It was a great gift to get hers in writing(I had sent an email!)
  • The knowledge that I have great friends that interest , challenge , and love me!
  • A year down, and the excitement of this deployment being almost over!
  • Challenging myself to do layouts everyday.
  • Scrapbooking on QVC-definetly makes me happy!

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