Sunday, June 08, 2008

No it has not been 2 months since I blogged!!!!!

Okay yes it has......but, I have been really busy. Okay no excuses. Here is my life in a nutshell for the last 2 months........

April came and went, see the last time I posted. May came and with it more adjusting. DH and I have been up and down, right now things are good but sometimes I think we are just trying to not piss each other off. So we smile and nod and keep on trucking. At the beginning of May my good friend Kylene graduated college. DH and I went down to good ole Sweetwater, AL to celebrate with her. We had a great time. I watched my DH get completely drunk and dance with Ky for about 3 hours to some great southern rock. It was fabulous!!!! But seriously I was so proud of her and hope to follow in her foot steps. Another week later Beth had her baby. Baby Owen was born a couple weeks early but he is health and super cute. Yet!!! I do not have baby fever and feel quite fine kissing and hugging on all my friends kids and giving them back when I am through! In fact so much DH is going to get that permanently taken care of(ah hem) next week! Okay next....We had the dance recital. It was exhausting but went off great. The kids did good. I got to direct back stage(they even let me play with walkie talkies) and I did not even fall on my face clogging. All was good. We have had two weeks off from dance but summer classes start back Tuesday. Yeah, I get to teach!! Okay after that the kids got out of school so we had all the end of school programs. Ryley managed to get voted class fav again plus he made A honor roll(insert parental pat on the back here....kidding), and top reader. Memorial weekend DH and I spent two days fishing, hiking, slip and sliding, cooking out, making inadequate bon fires, nearly blowing ourselves up while doing so, and smores making...... etc. with the kids at mom and dads. Then we went to Pam's and cooked out and went swimming. Stacey, Phillip, Brian, and Jennifer were all there. That was the first time they all got to see Chris so it was exciting. The next day, Memorial Day, Chris and I ran the Cotton Row Run in Huntsville. A little tired from a previous day in the sun we started out rough. But I managed to shave almost 12 minutes off my time from last year. Are finish time was 1 hr 6 minutes. Chris could have busted it out and done well but he decided to stay with me even when I had to fight not to puke on the side of the mountain......but hey if you are not puking you are not running fast enough right??? Any way it was great fun and I am pumped and ready to rev up my running for summer and find some more races. Beth may even do a Couch to 5k training with me. Okay any way that finishes off May. We continued on with Baseball season mostly being rained out. Oh well. Before that could even end we started up swim team. Let me just say that.......I really got in over my head with this. Practice every day and meets too. Not to mention all the dance classes we all are doing and teaching. Well we will not be able to complain about being bored this summer! The kids did a week of VBS, and Kendal is going back for more tommorrow. (Its overkill in my opinion but hey I am not going to hold her back). Up next K has swim lessons and oh if we are not busy enough, I stupidly paid for Soccer camp for he is going! We did manage to get away last night though. We went to Decatur and met up with Stacey, Phillip, Brian , and Jen, (Pam-but she left after 5 minutes). Rolling in the Hay was playing. It was like old times. But we were just the old ones. I think we were the people that go to the concert of the bands we listened to way back when. You know what I mean? Don't get me wrong , it was great, but just not the same. So content but a little dissapointed we drove home with our belly's full of 2am waffle house. Hmm....may have to rethink that one again too. Good times, good times.

Does that catch me up? I hope so. I would even add pics but it would take to long and I am tired. So go look at myspace or facebook if you want to see more. Which I promise to add links too. Also I am adding a link to Stacey's blog. Look left--------->

So that feels good , I updated all my "sites" , and here it is almost eleven pm. I should be sleeping but the air condition managed to go out.......again. Damn , cheap, apartments. I am sitting here with my feet up, back door open, and I hope to sucessfully piss off the new people living downstairs. So since it is a hot, humid, southern is a little southern rock, mixed with some just darn good 70's music. I also added a little Mamas and the Papas (because I am missing me some west side right now......cheers Tave-o and Lolo), and for those who have not been enlightened. Miracle ticket is on top....from Rolling in the Hay! Enjoy!!

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