Saturday, December 27, 2008

I got an idea!!!

Lets totally ignore the fact that I have not blogged since summer. Lets just let it go. In fact lets not even mention it is a few days until the new year and I feel like getting back to it. There is something so refreshing about a new year. If feels you with hope that you will change(which we almost never do), that we can do the impossible(keep up with a gazillion resolutions). Well forget it this year. I am not making any resolutions It just is what it is. I will try to get on here and blog about love, life, and such.....but the truth is I will probably fall short at actually doing it a ton. I will not sign up for anymore scrabooking, card altering, book reading challenges. I will not list anything out. I feel better already. Now lets be serious.

Things I learned in 2008:

1. I really do like living in Alabama, despite what I always thought
2. I am actually able to live by myself, taking care of kids, house etc. No husband needed! (of course he did come back, which we are all thankful for)
3. I like working again, I like to really be busy. And I am totally capable of putting my talents to good use. Such as becoming a dance teacher , and danceline coach for the high school. ( All of these things I absolutely did not blog about)
4. Friends are God's way of apologizing for your family(This is not an original quote, but hey it works for me)
5. It pays to know people in a small town(long story, including a dog, my xterra, and the police all of which I doubt I will blog about)
6. Oh yeah, People in a small town really do know everything about everyone in it. And they know when you do not go to church.......
7. Old houses are great except when they are not. Like when all the furniture leans away from the wall.
8. I am really not a animal person. Despite getting a dog and a cat this year.
9. You should always carry your phone and perhaps pepper spray whenever you run.
10. Not everyone online is an axe murderer and first impressions of people online are usually wrong. I am not a snob Beth! And yes Holly I am pretty funny........
11. Facebook is cool
12. Band Competitions are cool.
13. Vampires are sexy.
14. Twilight is the new Harry Potter
15. Purple is the new pink.
16. I would really be fine going to Europe by myself, especially if you seem to be the only one enjoying it!
17. Rabies shots suck
18. I still enjoy running and it is better to have a running partner
19. I prefer teaching teenagers to preschoolers!
20. Its hard for me to get into books that lack Vampires, or tv for that matter
21. I don't really care about football.
22. The Cubs really do make bad decisions, but I still keep coming back for more. (so would that be something I didnt learn?)
23. Good friends are still good friends no matter the distance or time
24. I hate laundry , but apparently my husband likes it
25. Life is what it is.....there is stuff that needs to change, but until we step up and change it, it will not happen. NO one can change your life for you. Move on, get over it, or change it.

I am sure there are more. And there is alot more I need to add to my blog while I am here updating. But this is enough for now.

Oh also, I am adding a "Blogging without Obligation" logo to my blog. It releases me from anymore apology posts about why I have not blogged in awhile. I feel the stress slipping away already!

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