Monday, January 12, 2009

A day in the life

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I was trying hard to keep up with the 12 of 12 challenge today. I forgot to take pictures. I was so crazy busy! Which was good for the challenge. I was also sick. A mean chest cold, and I am heading to bed very soon. Not before I post this. I never said I would scrapbook them, yet, but with a little help from Piccasa I can get the challenge finished and have something pretty cool to look back on. So here it is. From left to right, top to bottom , you follow. And no the pics are not in order, I was not that organized! So my story will be chopped up. Still , you follow.

I woke up today not feeling good but new I could not afford a lounge day. I took Ryley to school, came home, showered, got K dressed and headed to.....
(picture #1) The Board of Education, to get fingerprinted for becoming a Substitute teacher. Had my packet all ready! I totally procrastinated on this and then the holidays happened. So here I was today finally getting it done. Have you ever done this? Its god awful stuff to have to get off your skin. Yuck. I felt like I stayed at the sink a half an hour scrubbing. Oh well, its done. Now I can move on , get my packet, and start excepting teaching jobs. But I swear I am only taking the high school ones. Well we will see.

Monday Winterguard practice. I feel as though we are making progress. We had lots to talk about today. Our first competition is Jan. 24th. Totally excited, but we are calling for extra practices.

Conversation Hearts. Need I say more?
Actually I guess I can. I bought these to give to my winterguard. K passed them out. Really I just wanted them for myself. I think I overdosed on them though. I am going into a sugar coma.

Doctors excuse for Ryley. R had some screaming ear pain last night so I got him an appointment. DH came home early from work(thank goodness) and took him so I would not be late for practice. K and I went to walmart for a few things and Hibbitts for Ryley a cheerleading outfit. Yes , my son is a cheerleader. Yes he is really good, thank you very much.

Mac....simply being Mac

R and K curled up...falling asleep to a movie

Yeah, the good news is my treadmill came in. The bad news is Chris had to put it together tonight! Well, he is going out of town for two weeks. I will need it! I did not get my run in today. Showed up at the gym without my running shoes, so I had to cross train. It was too cold for me tonight and oh yeah, I am sick! But the treadmill will get broken in tommorrow. If the pictures don't fall off the walls. I should have thought about this better, since it does not fit in the building out back!

K, not going to sleep but walking around the house. She found her puppy she got at McDonalds today. I got a happy meal on the run because it got to be 2pm and I realized I had not fixed lunch. Whoops!

My training schedule shot for the day , not only because of the shoe incident but the cold! Back at it tommorrow.

My calendar. Way too full for the rest of the month, especially with DH leaving for two weeks to California.

Body Glitter for my girls on Winterguard, and fancy shower gel for me. Its the little things.

Just me, totally not feeling good, but still very productive today. It was also a ladybug hair day. Thats because I can't stand to dry my hair when I am sick.

All right! I am done. Goodnight!

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