Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Ramblings

I am bored. So here I sit, rambling. The kids are asleep, DH is at work, the fire is roaring, and Steven Tyler is singing to me. Love it. I am pretty content right now. Yeah there is all kinds of drama that I refuse to speak of but I am pretty content. Happy even. A little sore. 1/2 marathon training completely floods my thoughts and I wake up daily to check the torture schedule. I call it torture, but you know I love it. Can't get enough. I do look forward to those cross train days though. I had one today, but I pushed to hard and then got on the treadmill to log a few extra. Should have never done that. Ended up needing tylenol and a nap afterward! So thats what I did today. Worked out , napped, then went to my dance classes. They went well today. I introduced the kiddos to their recital music. I feel a little overwhelmed right now. Trying to think about choregraphing 10 dances is crazy, not to mention I still have to finish the Winterguard routine. Our first competition is SAturday and I am so excited! They will put on their show as is. We don't even have costumes in yet. We did do hair and make up Monday. Looks like I will be french braiding a ton of hair in the next few weeks. But they will be beautiful! I love these girls! I never thought that working with teens would be my thing but apparently it is! Of course my studio work is very rewarding as well. I love teaching the kids new things and watching them grow as a performer. Thats what it is all about. Doing something you love. I have that finally. Now to figure the rest of life out!

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