Monday, June 08, 2009

Summer is flying

Okay, its been a very busy week. I will back it up to last Friday. Misti and I drove to Gadsden to the Blue Parrot. Great little restaurant/bar on the water. Why? To surprise my old friend Stacey, who I have not seen in for-ev-er! Thank you facebook for putting everyone's life out there so I know where people are and what they are doing. Good thing? hmmmmmm........ Oh well , I DONT CARE! eh hem. like I was saying. We drove over, walked in to hear screams from her! I love surprises. It was kinda cool to introduce old friends with new. We danced and sweated all night thanks to the JAB band! Which were great as always to see. Misti and I ended the night with Huddle House and her snoring on the way home.

Misti & Bry Bry and Stacey

We spent the rest of the weekend laying out at the pool and going to a Baseball game on Sunday. I really don't want to talk much about baseball season since the Cubbies are SUCKING! Come on guys, this was supposed to be OUR year! Okay, I will come see you soon......thats what we need right? Any way. Lookouts games are always great. The kids and I went in the blazing heat. We could barely sit down for burning butts!

Monday rolled around fast and I had a 3 day Danceline camp in West End. Which is west of Middle of NoWhere! 15 girls on a danceline. And very few had any dance training. Ever. There are no words. Day 1 , I walked away feeling defeated, Day 2, I walked away feeling a little more confident. Day 3, I walked away feeling good about what they and I had accomplished. Its amazing to see the progress they made. it will be good to see their fall show and see all the work they ( I hope) do.

Friday I had another dance camp but this time with our FP girls. It was an exhausting day of me leading them in workouts!!! But we had a little fun too. This is going to be a great year and I can not wait! We have got a great group of kids and they are eager to do the best!

My dad came in from Phoenix this week as well. The kids were ecstatic to say the least.
We had 4 ball games, and 5 swim practices. Um.....yes they were exhausted too.

Ryley learned to drive......

K dressed up......

No comments please about how "she is just like her mother"

A nice quiet weekend here at home was good. We did go swimming some but mostly stayed in. Or outside. I got a ton of miles in this weekend and that has me feeling pretty confident. I have some 13.1's on the table and I am feeling pumped.

hmmmm....okay blog updated.

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