Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Take 5 Tuesday

I love all the blog challenges out there. Blogging can be a incredible thing. It helps me vent. It helps me say something, when sometimes there is no one to talk to. It is a creative outlet. Writing is my thing. I guess I follow my dad there. I love documenting my life. Kind of a journal yes, but maybe not quite so detailed. Enough that I can look back and remember things and transfer thoughts and events to scrapbooks. Which by the way I am so far behind. I really miss AZ. There was such an incredible network there. Friends I shared interests with. Girls I got together with and Scrapbooked, shopped, etc. I miss that. I don't feel like I have that here. Well anyway , I said all that to say this. I have been looking for daily challenges for creative writing. I got Monday,Thursday,Friday pretty much covered. I came across Take 5 Tuesday, it has not been updated in awhile but I took some of the questions and I will roll with it.

5 things you’ve read recently
-Dead and Gone- Sookie Stackhouse series
-Runners World May and April
-Jillian Michaels Shred
-before that I tried to read the inbetween Stephanie Plum, and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Both did not hold my interest.
-My scuba manual(okay, I technically have not cracked it, but I am going to....I swear)

Reading has side stepped lately. I have been desperately in want of a new book though. I can not believe I forgot the release of Skin Trade(forgive me Anita). I am so on it soon! Don't think I will find it in this town. Its too......risque! I mean Vampires, Lycanthropes, and one badass woman......and they all have(shhhhhh......) sex! Together! Hush, now ....we are in the bible belt! No fornicating!

5 sites you’ve signed up for(not signed up for lately but added to favorites)
- Dirty Spokes Productions
-Run Georgia
-Silver Comet Races
Thats about it.

5 shows you’ve watched lately
-oh you guys no me. I don't watch the tv. I have watched the entire 1st season of Trueblood though....on dvd.

5 things you want right now
- Skin Trade
-My toes in the sand
-All this school admissions, etc. behind me
- Ben and Jerry's (flavor is totally up in the air)
-A race set on the calendar

5 things on your grocery list
Just took care of that!

5 things that have interested you lately.
-the sun
-laying out in the sun
-running some longer runs
-Jillian Michaels
-Not working

5 things you’ve researched recently.
-races in Alabama
-races in Georgia
-Races in TN
- JSU and Northeast
-algebra(come on Laura, you know it was fun)

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