Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer interview with the kids

Interviews with the kids are great , they think it is hilarious and I love to add it to their scrapbooks. Now if you could get me to actually scrapbook.....I know I said I was gonna, Laura!
K is 5 year old girl, and R is 8 year old boy

What is the best thing about Summer?
R-Baseball(I raised him right!)

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
K-Jump on the trampoline
R- Go to the Beach

What has been your favorite thing to play with this Summer?
K- Secret Agent Spies with Bubba
R- My friend J

You only have a month left of Summer, what do you want to do?
K- Pack it all and go to the Beach
R- Play video games *insert mom's sigh here*

What are you looking forward to, with the new school year?
K-I can't wait to meet my new teacher
R-Can't wait to see my friends at school, I hope one of them gets in my class!


The Bumbles said...

Very cute - and what a cool idea. My nieces and nephews and friends' kids are always cracking me up - I tell their parents all the time they should write down the things they say to embarrass them with on their wedding day.

Terry said...

Oh my those were the days .
I miss those sweet little moments .
Thank you for sharing .
Have an awesome rest of the week.
Happy Trails