Sunday, July 05, 2009

“That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.”~ Henry David Thoreau

"In the woods we return to reason and faith"~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Great quotes for today's adventure.

Adventure: Fall Creek Falls State Park:

Location: Middle Tennessee, Mount Olive

When: July 5th, 2009
Who: Me, Chris, Ryley, Kendal, and Dad
Why: Why not?
That and a little spontaneity is good for the soul. I am sure that my family would say I have alot of that. Well someone has too! I really wanted to get out and be in nature today. Road Trip, hike, listen to the kids whine, you know something new(that was sarcasm). Dad always harps on going to Fall Creek Falls(ever since we were little) so he was very game to go. It was only about 125 miles. Not bad for a road trip. So we threw what we needed in the back of the X and headed out. We made it up there about 1pm. Had some lunch. Took off to find the falls.

This was the view

Very cool tree and its insides

me at one of the overlooks

Dad and Rye on the wiggly bridge(according to K)

K wanted to be carried , somehow this seemed more dangerous to me

Water break

Kids on a not wiggley bridge

K on a huge rock

The trail

Love this pic of Rye

Time to cool off. Dad and Ryley walking....not slipping

Me and K on the other side

Me, Dad , and the kids on the wiggley bridge

The drop off

really close to the edge

The Cascades

K finally got brave

Incredible time! I am so glad we went. Even with all of K's whining as we hiked. But she did pretty good for a 5 year old on a 2 mile hike. Once she had her bathing suit she was fine.
After a day like this I am reminded how good it is to just be in nature. To spend time exploring the world around you. Don't get me wrong our trip to the city was fabulous, but this was just as great. Dad said something that made me think too. He said " Some good things really do come out of a recession" I am not political in any kind of way and I try hard not to think about all the world is coming to, but we all feel it. We all know what is going on. We all feel the money crunch. We all worry. So what do we do? We seek out alternative ways for our family to enjoy life. Maybe , just maybe we remember that we do not have to spend a dime to have a good time. Maybe we will discover life outside of restaurants. Picnics in the park while watching sunsets. If we had not done that a few weekends ago we never would have discovered cardboard surfing in Chattanooga. I promised Ryley we could go to a water park this summer. I kept that promise. The smile on his face proved it. He said....."those were the best water slides ever!" Somehow I think that Whitewater will not compare. We still may go...maybe, but if we don't, I believe he got what he wanted.

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