Friday, August 14, 2009

So many reasons why I have not been here......

Oh, how I miss you blog. How I miss the computer. I feel so out of touch. There are so many reasons I have been MIA.

1. I moved. I have my own apartment. No internet set up yet. Fingers crossed it will be Monday.

2. I am in the middle of a divorce. Yes, I just said that. No , I am not ashamed to just lay it out there. Sick of skirting around the issue anyway. Whats a blog if you can not be open and honest.

3. School started this week. My baby started Kindergarten and the oldest started 3rd.

4. Band season is upon us. Its been a crazy month already. 1st game is in 2 weeks and the band is behind. Not the Danceline so much but we are all definetly feeling the pressure.

5. The dance studio has been closed for 2 weeks. And its been a two weeks of cleaning, remodeling, painting, and rearranging. I am so excited for the changes. My classes are full and I am ecstatic to get started.

6. Oh yeah, school starts for me next week and I have been doing everything to get ready and not freak myself out over it all.

So thats where I am. I have so many balls up in the air, I just can not add another. So all the little things go. Computer being one. I have barely even picked up my camera! Well I did grab a first day of school pic, but thats about it. No picture posts for me lately. Worry not though. I will settle down. I will find some peace and get into the swing of things. I am busy, but I like busy. I have been told that I stay too busy though. Maybe I just need to schedule in some downtime. Like laying on the couch watching tv(what's that??) on a Sunday afternoon. :)

Catch on the flip side......of all this craziness.......

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The Bumbles said...

Why do we never schedule downtime when we schedule everything else? Good luck in your real world ventures and look forward to reading updates about them when the time is right to share them.