Friday, January 29, 2010

I Cant got to bed in the PM hour of 8 and I am not a morning person!

One thing I am having a hard time adjusting to is...."early to bed, early to rise"......Well I am okay with the rise but the chick can not handle going to bed at like 8:30pm.  Its unnatural to simply does not work.  Last night I went to bed at 8:45pm because J had come to bed and instead of getting up with laptop in hand and going to the kitchen , I shut it down and passed out.  yes.....I was tired.....Until the late(early) hour of 1:30am. I laid there, tossed and turned, listened to J breathe, and finally got up with laptop and pillow and headed for the recliner.  Which is where I sat and watched TV and surfed the net.  Oh the things you learn in the wee small hours of the morning.  Like while learning about Windows 7 (its what I am running but found a cool website that gives tips and info), I watched the end of the first episode of Spartacus. Check it out here Which was excellent!

I love the guy who plays Batiatus....His name is John Hannah. He has been one of my favorite actors for some time. I fell in love with him in Sliding Doors. Its a Independent film with Gweneth Paltrow and him. YUM-MY!!
Now Batiatus was a citizen who owned Spartacus as well as many other slaves and trained them at his gladitorial school in Capua which apparently is near Mt. Vesuvius. Which I am proud to say I have actually stood in awe of. Beautiuful volcano...which we discussed in full detail during our train ride from Naples to Sorrento. How would these people get out of here quick enough? Its not the fastest place in the world to move around in. The destruction of this mountain is crazy awesome. One word....Pompeii. See I feel as if I am coming full circle. I am in my second semester of Western Civ., I am loving my World Lit. class and it all ties in to so much of my trip to Italy. I can not wait to go back , I feel I will be so much more informed. Love much I will add some pictures for you to enjoy.

This is pompeii's arena/amphetheatre.It was not destroyed in the great explosion of AD 79.  In fact in those archways is where many people were found.  They had run to the arena to find shelter.  This arena is old people... This predates the Colloseum!  And its still there just waiting to be seen.  Unbelievable.  I have to note that in the shade of a pine tree by the arena we sat and ate Peanut Butter and jam sandwhiches and chips.  The things you remember.  I also have a really embarrassing story of running through the cobblestone roads of pompeii in desperate search for a bathroom.  Pompeii is big people.  Huge!!!!!  And it was no easy feat finding the front entrance bathrooms.  Word to the wise pee before you go in and don't drink alot!  I mad it barely!  There is a reason why they give you maps of the place....its a maze! There are so many intricate details of Pompeii, it would take me forever to show you.  I hope to get all my pics and thoughts together eventually on this trip and do exactly that!   

By the way Pompeii in case you did not know was a very forward society.  Way ahead of their time.  The architecture, artwork and basic setups of their homes was absolutely amazing.  They had kitchens with basically stoves.  I have pics of these and when I get around to it I will have to post.  I was in awe of this society.  And amazingly enough so well preserved.  It can definetly be said that out of the ashes comes knowledge.                                                              
Isn't she a massive mountain that Vesuvius?  Breathtaking and Terrifying!  And a little trivia for you....Vesuvius means "Mountain of Smoke" or "unextinguished". 

Here I have completely gone off on subject with a history lesson.  As I was saying, I am up its 2 in the AM and I am watching tv.....After Spartacus I watched Amazing Wedding Cakes(cause there was nothing else on) but it was actually pretty good. Some amazing talent going on out there. With heavy eyelids I crawled back to bed around 3 and passed out. Of course I was up at 5:45. 3 kids, 3 showers and 1 pot of coffee takes a while. See I can handle the getting up early, just do not expect me to be nice. You don't expect nice, we don't have a problem. Its simple. My kids know this. Other people in the house have not caught on to this. I will be up every day, but a morning person I am not. My kids, well they don't have as much "ill" going on in them in the mornings.  Maybe K.K.  but as we all know she is my twin.  They all get up, get their showers and usually join me at the kitchen table for breakfast.  Breakfast in which they usually fix for themselves.  Now do not go all crazy on me.  Im not a bad mom, I just believe in making my kids self sufficient.  Since they were old enough to pour milk they have been making their own cereal.  Now every now in then I get a wild hair and burst of AM energy and make pancakes, eggs, or muffins, but lets face it there is plenty of breakfast alternatives that keep me from doing this in my "ill" state.  Then they entertain me and usually talk my ear off.  I like this.  Its a great time.  Like their heads are all full from a night of dreaming. Then again sometimes they are just goofy!
Where is your belt, boy?!  We are so not used to this school uniform thing.  grrrrr.......And K.K. with those long curls.  She takes her shower first because it takes so long for them to dry.  Yes, I send her with damp hair.   Its just the way her hair works best!  And accessorize, girl accessorize! I will not even mention to her the brown shoes with the black headband.  I feel its important for them to express themselves any way they can. 

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