Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sun up , Sun down

I could get used to this......

Sunsets "round here" are breathtaking. And so quiet. Its hard to get used to quiet. But oh I will.

The kids come in and tell me they are going to take care of the horses around 5, almost every evening. I really love seeing the horses. I can not wait for it to warm up so I can ride. i really want to ride. K and R are excited to do it too. There are also two babies expected this summer. Definetly something to look forward too. I usually follow them outside and zoom in across the field. I need to follow them over there to get some better shots.

Thats the sunsets.......

This is the sunrises.

Well at least this morning. Red sky in the morning....sailors warning. Well we were expecting snow. No such luck. Rain , yes. School canceled for the rest of the week, yes. I am hoping for some great ice shots tomorrow. We shall see.

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