Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ti voglio bene

I once babysat for this family when I was around 14 or 15. I wondered around the house like all babysitters do (this is a reminder to put away all items you would hate for the teen from your church to see), and I wandered into the master bedroom. Now before your jaw drops, it was not like I was snooping in drawers or anything I was just checking out the house. It was a huge house and well I have always loved houses.  I found something amazing  that day and it got to me. It made a  impression on me that I never have shook. 15 or so years later I apparently still have not forgot. Walking into the master bathroom I found the biggest display of affection(or so my young teen heart thought). Words, notes, quotes, and drawings in red lipstick all over the mirror. His writing, her writing- days worth of "I love you's." In this pristine bathroom with not so much as a towel out of place was this massive mess of love. Can you imagine what each one of them felt when they say a new scribble?  On the counter sat the tube of lipstick. I remember picking it up just so I could see what the name was. I wish I could remember it , I am sure it was red passion!  While I do not remember the name or brand I remember the mirror. I backed out of the bathroom , squashing my urge to try my hand at lipstick art that day. I simply tucked that memory away for safe keeping. There would come a day that I too would write sweet nothings on the mirror. I just had to remember to do it. See there was so much I observed from couples growing up that I babysat for. I remember the way they talked to each other, touched, or even kissed. I remember the way they treated the kids, the rituals they had. These are the things that no one knows about. These are the intimate details of lives that no one sees and we take so much for granted. My kids mostly stay with family now if I need a babysitter but I do wonder what one would observe from my life. I have my own little idiosyncrasies but one thing is for that I never did forget about the lipstick.


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